Waffle House in Marietta

Waffle House - 4797 Canton Rd

Rating: 4.6

4797 Canton Rd, Marietta GA 30066
(770) 924-9199

Everything was delicious good service

Waffle House - 3635 Austell Rd SW

Rating: 4.2

3635 Austell Rd SW, Marietta GA 30008
(770) 438-0881

The server was polite and and pleasant and the cook was spot on

Waffle House - 621 Johnson Ferry Rd

Rating: 4.2

621 Johnson Ferry Rd, Marietta GA 30068
(770) 973-3426

Oh I just luv me some warm fresh raisin toast, scrambled eggs with cheese, Apple butter, crispy bacon, A TALL glass of ice cold O.J.

Waffle House - 1410 Dura Dr SW

Rating: 4.2

1410 Dura Dr SW, Marietta GA 30008
(770) 792-6805

It's Waffle House. Always good, rarely great.

Waffle House - 3441 Ernest W Barrett Pkwy NW

Rating: 4.2

3441 Ernest W Barrett Pkwy NW, Marietta GA 30064
(770) 424-2329

My absolute favorite Waffle House location. All the servers are awesome, friendly, and attentive. Have Keith cook your food... You won't be disappointed. He's the best!

Waffle House - 170 Ernest W Barrett Pkwy NW

Rating: 4

170 Ernest W Barrett Pkwy NW, Marietta GA 30066
(770) 426-5704

Excellent service ! Out of the many waffle houses I have been to this one is by far the friendliest!

Waffle House - 2720 Sandy Plains Rd

Rating: 4

2720 Sandy Plains Rd, Marietta GA 30066
(770) 509-8676

The waiter/cashier was really laid back and chill. She made a couple of jokes and the food was great as usual

Waffle House - 650 Whitlock Ave NW

Rating: 4

650 Whitlock Ave NW, Marietta GA 30064
(678) 354-7741

This is the CLEANEST Waffle House I've ever been too! Got my food super fast and very friendly staff!!!

Waffle House - 920 Cobb Pkwy SE

Rating: 3.8

920 Cobb Pkwy SE, Marietta GA 30060
(770) 429-0043

Good prices and great staff.

Waffle House - 1398 Austell Rd SE

Rating: 3.8

1398 Austell Rd SE, Marietta GA 30008
(770) 590-8810

A great place to eat I only go at night Duwayne is the best cook and AST Manager that could have happened to this location I only go when he is work. Thanks for the great cheese eggs.

Waffle House - 1176 Roswell Rd

Rating: 3.8

1176 Roswell Rd, Marietta GA 30062
(770) 425-6645

Everything is great here.. good people and service.

Waffle House - 2642 Windy Hill Rd SE

Rating: 3.8

2642 Windy Hill Rd SE, Marietta GA 30067
(770) 952-7417

Fast service, good food, and not far from the ball park and our activity in the area. Easy parking or walking distance of hotels.

Waffle House - 1811 Williams Dr

Rating: 3.8

1811 Williams Dr, Marietta GA 30066
(770) 428-2234

Best waffles i have hade cooknmade everything just as requested

Waffle House - 2661 Powder Springs Rd SW

Rating: 3.7

2661 Powder Springs Rd SW, Marietta GA 30064
(770) 439-0586

Always packed but overall good service.

Waffle House - 550 N Greenbriar Pkwy

Rating: 3.7

550 N Greenbriar Pkwy, Marietta GA 30062
(770) 977-4516

Good food. Quick service

Waffle House - 2805 Delk Rd SE

Rating: 3.5

2805 Delk Rd SE, Marietta GA 30067
(770) 933-9349

I was here a few months back. It was my first trip to Georgia and I loved it down there and this spot was good. Their patty melt with hash browns, waffle, and that sweet tea hit the spot

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