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2303 Demere Rd, St Simons
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Reviews for McDonald's

It's hard to expect much from a Mcdonalds but the couple of times I've visited here the staff was very rude. They don't pay much attention to your order and if you go through the drive-thru they move all the cars to parking places to reduce their drive-thru times. The food was old and stale. If you want Mcdonalds I suggest going to the one in Brunswick instead.

rude service,no unsweet tea,tried to get diet coke but was out too. they claim they were out of it behind the counter at drive thru too. bull snot! also was pulling out the driveway and there was a dead black cat all swollen up ready to burst. that sure settled my stomoch,not! oh and french fries were overcooked also. but the chicken nuggets and sandwich were good.

Didn't give us the hash browns we ordered. We ordered like 6 of them. Also no syrup for the hotcakes. After getting home which is only a minute away I couldn't find all of that so went back. They wouldn't take care of anything. Used mob mentality to say they promise we had them. So I had to order all of them again. I don't really care but there is definitely no interest in taking care of the customer.

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About McDonald's

Big Mac, Filet o'Fish, Quarter Pounder, French Fries. Chicken McNuggets. Get the classics from the fast food place that started it all. Get on the Value Menu for cheap eats any time. And now that breakfast is on the menu all day, what's to stop you from having those hotcakes or an Egg McMuffin for lunch? Nothing, that's what! Don't forget a smooth milkshake or famous McDonald's apple pie to really do it up right.