Super Baked Pizza and Wings

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1915 E Victory Dr Suite A, Savannah
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Extremely racist !!! They lied and said they canâ??t deliver to our neighborhood because they were â??robbedâ? we have surveillance all around our neighborhood so how could they? We are the only ones from our neighborhood that orders from here and leave a good tip and always make nice with them .... they clearly stereotyped our neighborhood!!!! Wonder if they wouldâ??ve felt the same way if we were a different race

I just ordered from here, and they didn't put any sauce on my wings I ordered. I called back and told them I wanted the wings I ordered done over and when the delivery guy came over he wanted the previous order of wings back that I have already ate out of. This is slack business , I never knew a place to take back food what A CUSTOMER'S hands and germs have been across. Won't be ordering from here again, I'll stick with STONERS ! That makes me skeptical of their cleanliness.

I been ordering from yall after 3 week since this place been open and having it delivered to me, now you guys say you don't deliver because your drivers has been getting rob .. there's no police report and some area we do have cameras ....... Just say you don't deliver in this area anymore then lying and making it look worst then it is .... But thanks for your service I want be ordering for you guys anymore..ð??

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