Tropical Smoothie Cafe

131 Tormenta Wy, Statesboro
(912) 259-9059

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Judith Jadd

quick and

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Christina Smith

A woman with orange dreadlocks delivered extremely poor customer service by being rude and unprofessional. An online order for was placed for 7:30am pickup. When arriving it was discovered that the store opens at 8:00am, even though the mobile app allowed the 7:30am pickup time. I was told I can’t get a refund and would have to wait until 8am. With a very tight schedule I waited for my order to be prepared. There was a young blonde white woman that gave me my order and she was apologetic about the situation. After getting my order the black woman comes from the back using an aggressive tone and offensive language including calling me out of my name. Our conversation ended with and forth and with her telling me to leave as if I was the aggressor and I was simply explaining why I was displeased with my service and defending myself once I was called out of my name. I was met with the most disheartening customer service experience. Hopefully, there are opportunities for this business to improve customer service with me sharing this unfortunate experience.

Service: 1

Recommended dishes: Acai Bowl

Gideon Harmon

Took 30 minutes for one smoothie. My drink was left at the counter as they continued to put out other orders. By the time i got my drink it was half

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 1

Service: 1

Linda Nelson

This was my first time visiting this location. The food was good, the service was ok, but the service could have been much better. I witnessed a young lady behind the counter carry-on a 5-8 minute personal conversation with a young man in the restaurant while all the other workers were working diligently and non-stop to service the customers, while appearing to ignore the conversation. Since she was behind the counter, she should have been helping to serve the customers. In my opinion and as a business owner for almost 25 years, this was a very unprofessional look for the location and the company. I really wanted to address the situation in that moment but wasn't sure of the response I would receive and did not want to create a scene to make matters worse.

Atmosphere: 3

Food: 5

Service: 4

Heidi Bragg

I didn’t try the food but it says 7am hello it’s 8am now and you’re not open yet?? Y’all need to change the

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 1

Service: 1

Recommended dishes: Turkey & Cheddar Wrap

Debbie Wilkinson

This was a terrible experience. Ordered two smoothies waited over 10 minutes for first one & they proceeded to make other people their smoothies I asked where my other smoothie was and the girl barked at me we have a lot of orders you will have to just wait. Excuse me I don’t think this is how your employee not in uniform should treat people. This wait was 25- 30 minutes for 2 smoothies!

Atmosphere: 1

Service: 1

Jaden Jackson

Hours just need to be changed online. They are opening up an hour after what is said on google and the app. The employees in the morning of December 15th laughed at customers while we were waiting for our meals.

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 2

Service: 1

Nicole Moore

UPDATE -After a month or so, we decided to try this place again, and they have new staff. Our food was great today and so were the smoothies. Hopefully it remains like this.——This place used to be amazing. My husband and I used to come here every week. Sadly, it has gone downhill with the new staff. We stood in restaurant for 30 minutes waiting on a wrap and quesadilla we had ordered online 10-15 minutes before we even arrived. The employee tried to say they were busy, but they only had one other couple in the restaurant and two in the drive thru who arrived after us. The time before that they made it faster, but, the guacamole on the sandwich was so salty it was inedible and the lettuce was brown because it has gone bad. It’s such a shame to see the state this place is in now as it used to be our favorite place to go.

chris fisher

This was the Worst Experience, I have had here. I eat here Multiple times a month and I had a question about change in menu and the Sides vs Premium sides. The Employee and Manager continued to argue with me about the misleading photo attached. The Manager did not even care if my business was lost due to this. I see a 3.1 review on this New business in Statesboro. You have lost my business and a customer by not doing the right thing. This place will not last.

Paloma Martinez

Ya'll need to update your hours. Says open at 7, and I've been waiting for over 30 minutes.

Kimberly Mchugh

Smoothies are the best

Chelsey Jones

I hate to be this person but our food was AWFUL. I went through the drive thru Sunday at like 7:20PM. The girl taking orders (blonde headed) was very kind. She was even nice enough to ask to take my card from me because the drive thru system was down.I ordered a Baja chicken wrap, a Thai chicken wrap with sauce on the side and a paradise point add white chocolate, and a peanut butter crunch flatbread.She had my smoothie ready quick, but my food took forever. I'm not sure why becauseI had to ask for my sides. Unfortunately I missed my side of Thai sauce... so there was none on the wrap either. Then they like ripped our wraps in halfnstead of cutting them. They were barely wrapped in their paper, and were poorly thrown together. The peanut butter flatbread was hard as a rock am inedible. The saving grace was the customer service of that girl and the smoothie. This was really disappointing . Too new of an establishment to go downhill like that already

Dustin Doyle

Waited in the drive thru line for over 30 mins with only 4 cars in front of me. Should have drove 10 mins away, got smoothie kind and still would have gotten home quicker.

Leon Ho

well, the food is usually decent and the smoothies are good - if not overpriced. but i do like the flavors better than Smoothie King any day. as for service, it was decent when they first opened but has gone more and more downhill as the faces continue to change. lately, it's pretty much shove your food or drink in your face with a glare at drive thru , slam the window in your face without a word. imagine the service i would get if i didn't tip. one time i mentioned to include the salsa with the quesadilla and she's like, we always include it and i'm like i promise you, it's not there half the time. she seemed to take offense at my version is actual reality.

Cassie J.

Very clean place. The service was quick and efficient. The smoothie I got (Detox Green) was great.

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