Jin Joo Korean Restaurant

98-020 Kamehameha Hwy # 111, Aiea
(808) 488-3355

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Aloha my people; so I have found a gem. This is a small family run Korean grill that serves fantastic food, from meat jun to Kalbi. One of my favorites is the soups, the kim chee to be specific and the mondoo is unreal good and giant in size. The wait staff was amazing and super nice. It's an old school feel with old school style. They still put out the Korean food accompaniments like tofu, Kim chee, fish cake and more as part of your meal. You have to try it and let me know what you think.Parking: Ample parking in parking lot in front.Wheelchair accessibility: First floor access.

Marc B

Every time we go there the food is good and plentiful. We’re always a party of five but they always find a way to seat us. We’ll keep coming back and so will you! ???

Annie Calvo

Food was delicious & The meat was marinated to perfection. Very affordable and the portions were large.


I was craving Korean BBQ so decided to stopped by around 8:30pm. Right before they closed. I ordered combinations #13 Meat Jun, Chicken and mandoo. I really like how well my chicken was cooked, Meat Jun had a really nice crispy egg battered. Mandoo were nicely filled with meat and deep fried. Not pan fried so it was crispy all around not partial like most place. One of the banchan, side dishes was this stems. I never had it. I asked what it was. Because I really like it. It was garlic stems. ? The way it was prepared in kimchi style was so flavor with a kick of spice. Price was pretty reason like most Korean BBQ place.Parking: Plenty of free parking.

Ray Fujimoto lawler

So ono… great service, reasonably priced and lots of parking…. I was surprised, I frequented when previous owner ran the restaurant. Food is at the same caliber..

Michael H.

I have been looking for a Korean restaurant that makes the long strip of kalbi with the bone at the end ever since I moved back 6 years ago and finally found it at Jin Joo. It tastes like what I remembered and worth the price.

Vincent T.

First time here and it didn't give me a big impression. Had the meat Jun and mandoo plate. The sauce for the meat Jun was ok. The mandoo was wrapped in the Vietnamese rice paper roll making it chewier. I liked it. I have to try other dishes now to give me a more definite conclusion. About this place. On the pricier end though.

Jocelyn L.

Waiter has a bad attitude, I lost my appetite. I will go eat their anymore , service is really bad and disrespectful.

Chris C.

Great food Lots to choose from Both soup and dry plates Able to take leftovers home Everyone goes home with a box of food

Steve T.

Pass by here all the time as I usually stop by the 2 other restaurants between here (Shiro's and Kabuki). Well finally stopped in since I was wanting Korean food and remember Mistah Mean video lol. 2 plates order were lunch plate and meat jun bbq pork combo. Lunch plate, bbq chicken was OK light on flavor but typical boneless skinless thigh as found at most Korean or drive ins. Bbq beef wasn't bad, better flavor. Combo plate meat jun was good like how I get it at Kim Chee restaurants. Batter and inside was ok. Bbq pork was really fatty due to pork belly cut I assume. Ban chans were ok, Kim chee cucumber was getting that fermentation bite. Other were ok like the variety. Overall plates came out quick. It's kind of a fast food restaurant. Similar to the Kim chee Yummy etc restaurants. Oh, Magic sauce they known for is a spicy shoyu dipping sauce not very spicy but good on meat jun and other meats needing a little more flavor.


Great food and great service. Authentic Korean dishes served with complimentary sides. Will definitely come back ?

Beneeta D.

I ordered Jin Joo catering for a party today. The total for 10 people $26 each, was $272- it was supposed to include Kalbi, bbq chicken, bbq beef, meat jun, zucchini jun, various banchan, and their magic sauce . When the food was picked up, the order looked ridiculously small, just a bunch of half pans and some had three items in them (mandoo, meat Jun, squash jun in one tray). The noodles were in a clamshell, and it wasn't at all full. And there was NO rice. They said rice wasn't included, nobody mentioned this when I ordered, and who would think catering from a Korean restaurant wouldn't include rice?! When I called to figure out what was going on with my order (like where all of my food was), they informed me that was the portion for 10 people. They told us that the order was for 10 people, 1 piece Kalbi, 1 piece chicken, 1 piece meat Jun, and 1 Mandoo. The meat Jun wasn't even 10 full pieces, they were cut into thirds. In other words no seconds for anybody. When you order catering, it's not that precise, and had we ordered individual plates would it have been that cheap? And they said we had to ask for rice. Who has ever asked for rice at a Korean restaurant? They just bring it! The food was good but that catering was a cheat. The lady on the phone said she's never heard complaints. Well here's a complaint. Their catering wasn't at all worth it, don't recommend. Go somewhere else where the servings will be enough for people to eat more than one piece of meat.

Elle U.

This is our go to Korean restaurant. Especially when we are craving bbq or Tteokbokki. Theirs is one of the best. Service is always good and the food is unreal. Ample parking, price is competitive and all in all, one of our favorites.

Brandy S.

Food TASTES great but prices have gotten much higher. Also, the taste of the big bone kal bi has changed over the years. It's not as good as it used to be but that's a plus for me because now I don't buy it and I save myself $25. BBQ chicken and spicy squid are my favorites.

Eliza T.

I use to love going here but I ate there recently and a couple of cockroaches popped out of nowhere. We saw the first roach coming from the wooden plate given to us, the other came out of the table and the last one came from a plate they gave us with the kimchi pancake .... It was super unfortunate and I believe the workers were aware of the riches being there because they kept pressing on and allowed other people to still eat there despite us leaving... I loved this place but that was not ok. I hope they get an investigation and clean up their restaurant but the food is good !

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