Shiro's Saimin Haven

98-020 Kamehameha Hwy #109, Aiea
(808) 488-4834

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Jonathan K.

Shiro's is an O'ahu institution with Shiro the founder who's kept it a family run business since 1969 and created a community touching the lives of everyone that got the chance to try the delicious saimin. Walking in has an old time diner feel which makes you feel relaxed and walking through a portal of simpler times. Shiro wrote poems that touched on love, growth, and being the best person you can be by spreading aloha to everyone you meet, just like he did when he would play the ukulele and visit the shop. I always get the dodonpa which is a mix of their favorite 11 toppings including crab, spam, egg, green onions, ham, char siu, shrimp, which all come together in a light dashi broth and chewy noodles that provide the perfect comforting bowl of saimin, a local Hawaii classic!

Eric R.

"You're over me? When were you... under me?" -- Ross (Friends TV show) It's been forever since I had a hot date at Shiro's! This changed stat when I landed in Honolulu and all she wanted was Saimin and her MCM to be there! It's been a minute since I was called MCM, but anyone calling me her "Man Crush Monday" lol deserves to be treated big time the next day! And off we go to the original Shiro's Saimin Haven in Waimalu! Parking is plenty and as we enter the memories come flashing back for me. For her? No, cause Gurl never had! If you've never been think of a diner your parents, or for some grandparents, went to in the 1960-1970's. It's a throwback to simpler times and has Mr. Shiro literally all over the walls, I mean this place has been around since 1969, founded by an eccentric local Japanese man, no one would ever know his backstory of being in a legendary American platoon of WWII! Well unless you read his walls of him telling you so lol! Auntie style greeting, we are handed the menus, now realize many of the aunties here are from the day! They probably served your grandparents, parents, or the last date you were here with. And if you're not familiar with the Saimin combos here good luck lol! The menu is busy with well over sixty combos :3 So if unsure just ask Auntie! That's what we did! My lobster ended up with the Big Brah Large Wun Tun Min with Garnishes + Veges with Saimin. I ended up with Joe's Saimin Delight with Roast Duck, Wun Tun, Vegetables and Garnishes with Saimin! As we laugh at her not being a Saimin virgin anymore! Blame me once again! Shiro always had the idea of glorifying the Saimin, which was seen as just a lowly snack. This is where it all began... he took the Saimin to the next level of being a meal in itself. Shiro was the first to introduce vegetables into the Saimin. The first to introduce chicken, roast duck, roast pork, as well as a trove of other items to the Saimin. He paired the Saimin with a myriad of sides. And our verdict? I won't go as far as unforgettable lol, but hearty, comforting, and how wonderful everything just mingled in melamine bowls! In the end, I highly recommend Shiro's Saimin Haven for those craving Saimin, Hawaii local style bites, or just curious on how the grandparentals lived. Many of these places are disappearing fast and it's important to go now before they all disappear! Bring your kids, your friends, or if lucky to have a MCM like me :D

Jane E.

The food here is Bomb! It's a local spot, tables are separated w/ partitions when we went. The service was great, staff is super friendly, family atmosphere. Ordered saimin and lumpia. It's made to order, we got our order pretty quickly. A tried a few different options over a few visit and they were all to die for. Noodles were delicious, soup was amazing, vegetables, pork, egg - ate everything to the last drop! The smaller serving is more than enough. Definitely keep going there!

Edie S.

We got takeout from here and my daughter picked it up so I can't speak for the decor or interior but the food was really good. We've been having a lot of ramen over the past few years and not saimin and I've forgotten that I like saimin broth so much more. It's way less oily. I got a simple wuntun min with vegetables which bumped the price from really cheap (under $9) to pretty cheap (~$2 more) and it was so good and so much food. Curly noodles, yummy broth, tons of wonbok pieces, a lot of really thinly sliced char siu, spam slices, rolled egg, a bunch of yummy wontons. So good! My hubs got the roast duck saimin and my daughter got the crispy roast pork which they both liked. We'll be baaack!

Emily R.

Pork Belly Saimin The pork belly was a little too crunchy for my liking but the dipping sauce made up for it! The Saimin was so good! So flavorful!! I was visiting my grandpa from California and when he hyped up the Saimin I was not expecting to like it as much as I did! The service could've been a little better they didn't seat us right away, we awkwardly stood there until they asked how many in our party. (With open tables available) We had to ask for our beverages to be refilled but the food definitely made up for it! And it was served very hot!!

Matt R.

Love the diner-feel of this place. Very cozy. Wait staff is friendly. Love the coffee refills. Booths and Japanese style decor really makes this place a special local restaurant. The burgers are GOOD. The Saimin is pretty standard but worth the price. Just the ambience alone will have me coming back time and time again.

Jacy L.

This place is nostalgic of little kid days just a simple restaurant with one specialty. Saimin served in all ways with sides that all people can enjoy. Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, Portuguese, etc. The broth is very simple and not too salty, noodles not to chewy and the garnishes included in a typical saimin. The wontons seem to be made in house. I appreciate the bottles of shoyu and hot mustard left on the table to use as you please. The lumpia is a little bit tiny, and served with a vinegar sauce. Not pictured is the crispy gau gee which seems to be made in house as well. Both the wonton and gau gee had a nice amount of filling inside. The restaurant is filled with nice sayings framed on the wall, and makes for good reminders. We beat the dinner rush luckily, and service was excellent by the sweetest lady. She ran that entire place! I would definitely come back for the comfort food, nostalgia, service, and value of the food.

Paul C.

Hands down the best. Nuff said. Friendly staff good grinds. Absolutely zero complaints

Tammy Kurihara

I had to take my 3rd CT scan this year at Pali Momi today so because i was in my hometown of Aiea, i had to stop by in Waimalu Shiro’s to take out lunch. I was a little concerned because of some recent reviews it received but I’m always one to decide for myself and I hoped my childhood spot wasn’t just a great memory. I was not disappointed. I always got the country fried noodles with teri beef stick and it was delicious!!! Perfect. I also ordered a medium green river drink. Hit the spot!!! Im so so sorry I didn’t take any pics!!! I was starving so I literally was wolfing it down ? but I promise to include pics in about a week because i need to go to Straub this time so I’m coming back here for lunch!!! I will take pics. ??My husband had the double hula cheeseburger and enjoyed it alot. Juicy double patties and tasty he said. He had large fries which were nice and hot. Cooked crispy! Needed Salt though. I think they forgot but forgiveness should be extended more in this world right? EVERYONE makes mistakes. The local girl taking my order was kind and friendly, service was quick. Very happy customer. Will definitely be back! Support our local small businesses!Update: Came Back to pick up lunch to go after Rehab. Still great as ever! Especially the teri beef sticks! Took pics today too. Hope you enjoy your meal here as much as we did.

T L.

Go to spot when in Pearl city. Love everything on the menu but this combo Hits the spot with a large Diet Coke! There is so much that they offer take time to look over the menu and daily specials. Lots of parking and they close late

WhenUinDa5-0 B.

Slow service cuz understaffed Pork adobo fried rice: SALTY Mochiko chicken plate: tiny, burnt pieces of chicken Hawaiian saimin: Laulau dry dry dry Short stack pancakes: waste money Definitely not the same as I remember from small kid time

Denise L.

Visiting from the Mainland so I asked my friend from Honolulu for a local saimin place and this was spot-on! Sooo many options to choose from for saimin. Servers were nice. Food came out fast. Plenty of food to fill you up. Fresh, delicious food. Check out the cost of the meal...not bad! We will definitely return on our next visit!

Max Efhan

I come here for 2 of my Favorite meals! The Roast pork gravy all ova!! Or the Roast beef! Gravy!! All ova!! I come here at least every other week, for the pork, or the beef! But I think they make one the best Roast beef, and Roast pork! Gavy too!! I’ll be back!! My wife usually gets the Saimin combination! Mahalo! Shiros

mija ku

For the last 20 years been enjoying different kind of saimins here. My favorites are Japanese shrimp, Pork adobo & Chicken cutlet Saimins. All saimins are garnishes with won ton,won bok, char siu & spam on top of piping hot rich broth is satisfying & slurpy onolicious! Whichever one selected, the main ingredient comes on the side. Their Hawaiian plate is also tasty. The price is right, service is quick & servers are friendly too.Kid-friendliness: Family oriented & always see children enjoying saimen

William Woollam

I don't eat beef or pork. I place simple order Siamin with chicken. They give me pork all over the place. I pulled the pork and tried.Wow what a waste of money. This taste horrible veggies look old. How this place is still open I have no idea.I will never be coming back to this place. I would rather them heat up a cup of noodle soup and serve that instead of what they served me.Yikes people need to get out more see there is more out there then this.

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