Joy Cup Noodles Mean

1608 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu
(808) 725-2898

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Tes S.

Dan dan with blanket noodles. Yes, the order may take a while because she makes everything fresh...BUT the reviews already state that so...STOP complaining! It is definitely worth the wait. You can not rush perfection. The sauce. Oh my god the sauce. The depth of flavors. The layered profiles of each of the 21 ingredients is mind blowing. It is simple and yet the most complex journey you will ever find yourself. The blanket noodles. Never had anything like it before. The chew and the stretch of it is untouchable. Job well done.


Amazing noodles - got the dan dan @ cold sesame noodles, best we've had.

Lawrence G.

I want to start my review by saying that Lulu, the owner of Joy Cup Noodles Mean, is, perhaps, the sweetest person I've met. Parking is limited due to the busy location in Honolulu, but this was expected as with other businesses around the Kalākaua Ave area. I've visited JCNM several times, and have ALWAYS been impressed by the quality food and service, especially the beef noodles with blanket noodles. JCNM is a small business so please acknowledge that due to limited staff, food takes time to prepare and serve. I always appreciate the time Lulu takes to serve quality food in a timely manner given the staff circumstances. I believe that the prices for food here are reasonable - as I mentioned, the time and quality of the food are outstanding! I hope more individuals visit this place; it is worth visiting. I will visit again to try their potstickers and treat myself with another delicious bowl of beef noodle soup with blanket noodle replacement. Note that an extra charge is added for changing the noodle type for beef noodle soup to blanket noodles, but I do not mind as Lulu custom-makes the blanket noodles herself and that the process takes additional time. For the beef noodle soup, I absolutely love the crunchy peanuts, chewy blanket noodles, flavorful broth, tender cubed beef, sesame seeds, and other yummy vegetables. I usually get the spicy level 3 (you can choose the spice level from 1-10). It is definitely a MUST to order. An additional thank you goes to Amanda and Felix from YouTube for recommending such an amazing place. Again, I would recommend this place to any individual who wants amazing service, delicious food, and an overall good time. Shoutout to Lulu for being amazing as always!

S K.

I got two things: Cucumber Salad and Dan Dan noodles. First, Cucumber Salad had a tangy addicting sauce and was tolerable spice wise. The salad had a sesame paste drizzle on top and very refreshing despite its deep flavors. A great appetizer to your meal and 10/10 would recommend. Next, Dan Dan noodles had lots of mince meat, peanuts, scallions, mushroom, carrots, spices, etc. You could really taste the sesame, so it's something you should consider before ordering (I didn't mind). I've seen some people complain about the noodle being soggy/bloated but I liked my noodles texture. The noodles soaked all the sauces and oils making it even more flavorful. I got a level 2 and if it's your first time I suggest you do the same. The spiciness builds up but it not to the point where it stops you from eating. I loved it personally but the noodles did take some time to make so 9.8/10. The owner was very friendly, funny and made me feel comfortable despite it being my first time ordering Chinese food. I know for a fact this place will be one of my go to places to eat and I encourage all to try. :)

Ju Hyeon Kang

Amazing noodle quality! Lady owner makes all noodles and soups by herself. I choose 5 steps spicy (you can choose the spicy from 1 to 10) for my beef noodle. Soup is not too oily or too fat. I love it! The blanket noodle is so tender and soup is amazing. Don’t miss the ucumber salad. Especially lady is super nice. The small restaurant is so clean. We will visit again and try another menu. Vegetarian soup is available.


Dan Dan noodles are so good! Blanket noodles are also good. Pot stickers were tasty.Food took some time as there was only one person there taking orders and making food but it was well worth it.Food takes time to make and it will take time to take your order if there is only one person there. Don't be in a rush.

Sherry Chen

Super delicious soup base. Homemade noodles.

S T.

We saw the reviews from the you tube video from Amanda and Felix. So we decided to check it out. Couple Lung - very tasty. Sliced beef , sliced cucumber and peanuts in a special sauce. It looks spicy but not spicy at all Cucumber salad - super fresh cucumber I love the (peanut alike) sauce on top of it. Blanket noodle soup - the void led are super fresh. The owner said she makes her own noodle. Beef noodle soup - we got spicy level 5.... Not too spicy at all... super tasteful. We didn't need to add any sauce or spicy sauce to any of the dishes. Super good food!!

Andy V.

Found out about this place after watching Amanda and Felix on YouTube. So glad my family and I got a chance to eat here! The food was absolutely amazing, particularly the dumplings, blanket noodles, and cold noodles. This is a small business so remember to be patient in terms of speed. Everything is pretty much homemade and made to order, which is probably why the food is so good! You're also able to adjust spice level from a scale of 1-10 which I thought was a nice touch for those that can't handle spicy.

Ryne T.

Have you ever heard people say that the "hole in the wall" restaurants are the best? Well, today we found a gem!! We found this place by following Amanda and Felix who are foodies on YouTube. The owner is Lulu, a friendly down to earth lady that cooks a killer meal AND she makes all her own noodles. This place is the real deal!! Chongqing style of noodles and she'll ask you on your level of spice 1-10. Prices are very reasonable. We ordered the Beef Noodle, Blanket Noodle and Potstickers. I had Beef Noodles in Taiwan but Lulu's Beef Noodles was off the chart. Best Beef Noodles I tasted. I added some of Lulu's home made spice that was on the table, that added a little spicy kick. My wife had the Blanket Noodles which has no meat in it. It has a lighter chicken broth that's full of flavor. I think I ate several of my wife's noodles. LOL Potstickers are like Japanese Gyoza, we got them fried. Ten pieces in one order that came with a dipping sauce. So Ono!!! On my return I'm looking at trying the Don Don Noodle, Couples Lung(a beef dish) and Cucumber salad. Parking is slim. You can park in the front or parking in the back. If you park in the back, just beware that someone might park behind you... You can also find parking on the street. We got there about 4pm, right before the dinner crowd, perfect! Support this local restaurant and give yourself a treat. I know after eating here you'll tell your friends of this gem of a place!! I'm excited to return!

Feb W.

*** 4.5 Another day of hangriness (hungry+angry) and at this time off for some noodles even though here in the island it's so warm. Located along Kalakaua Avenue next to Frog House, JCNM offers a casual Chongqing-style noodles (a term given to a variety of noodle dishes originating in Chongqing, China which is known for fiercely spicy & aromatic dish). FOOD. Beef Noodle $13.99 - cubed beef with beef bone soup is heaven! What a wonderful bowl of noodle is this! I am loving how the flavor blend in together thoroughly. The savory from the beef broth & spiciness that kicks in made my palate so happy. The chewy texture from the noodles did hit the spot. They also put peanuts, mushroom, onion leaves, sesame seeds & lettuce on the top. So much flavor in my bowl and it made my tummy so happy. Cucumber Salad $3.99 - is dang my favorite appetizer. They aren't essential when paired to a bowl of noodles but they did enhance the experience. The crisp cucumbers indeed is a classic combination with the spicy noodles. VERDICT. Customer service is a bit slow, and I despise it a lil bit especially when I am starving. So, a piece of advice, before seating in, check if they have enough staff to accommodate their patrons otherwise you'll wait for an extended time than you expected to be served. Also, even if you told them to have no spicy at all, there will still be a kick on your bowl. I mean I can handle it but my stomach can't. Good thing I took my pill before we leave the tiki nest. But other than that, eating here is worth my time. But I can't complain more, this eatery to begin with serving the Chongqing-style cooking. Also, they only accept card with a minimum purchase of $30, so another piece of advice; better bring some cash with you. Without a doubt, I will surely be coming back in here. PS; I forgot to take photo of my cucumber salad, will surely get some shots & upload it the next time around. Mahalo for reading & happy juandering fellow yeeps!

Mishya J.

This was a restaurant that I had dreamed of dining at for months. And finally we had some money in the dining out portion of our budget, and hubby decided to surprise me by ordering from Yelp and picking up at the restaurant. I was so excited.... You would not believe how excited I was to Finally be able to try a restaurant that I had seen on food bloggers. I had seen an episode on YouTube that Felix and Amanda ate there so I ordered the dumplings, the blanket noodles, taco rice, and the cucumber salad. No spice. On Yelp, it said my order would take 45 minutes to an hour to make. Ok. Fine. It's a Friday night and she's the only one working there. What's a little bit of a wait. When hubby got to the restaurant, the lady said she didn't know anything about my order. what!?!?!? You mean to say I waited an hour for no food! The Hangry monster came out and I called Yelp/grub hub.... And they said that the restaurant confirmed the order. , so I said... well my food is not ready, so she called the restaurant, and said, that the food wasn't ready since they no longer served taco rice. They shouldn't have had that option in the menu, if they didn't serve it. That was the only option my husband could eat off the menu. Grub hub settled my order, and 2 hours later I had my food I don't think we'll return since there's no longer options for my husband to eat there. Blanket noodles were totally yummy and the dumplings were my favorite.... But through this confusion, I've learned that if I want to eat there again, I have to dine in and not order take out. Parking is limited as well.

Matthew Wang

Total hole in the wall for Chongqing style noodles. Fresh made thick and thin noodles were the best! Added bonus, karaoke while you eat!!

Franz Bautista

Dan Dan noodles and Beef Noodle Soup. Can't go wrong! Karaoke too!

Melinda Ward-Coker

Great food! Awesome owner! Best of all Support Local

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