Teapresso Bar

510 Piikoi St # 100, Honolulu
(808) 591-1840

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Sharon K.

I went to Teapresso twice in Hawaii, 2 different shoppes, there a a few stores around outside Alo Moana Mall, one time I got 2 bubble Teas and sat in the use the WIFI, customer service is always nice at all of the but the customers are rude. The second time was the one on Piikoi where they always have the free events to give away ube ice cream, I went when they were giving out the honey comb ice cream and it was a lot of fun!

Lauren P.

Teapresso Bar at Piikoi is the best boba place in the world! Not only is everything freshly made to order and non-GMO, but the drinks are so good and the boba is the best!!!!!! Steve, the owner, is awesome and his staff are so friendly and nice! They are also all wearing masks and gloves, sanitizer is available and social distancing is clearly labeled at their store! You can absolutely feel safe while ordering your drinks! The ambiance is amazing too...you literally feel like you are in water! It's beautiful! Thank you Teapresso for your amazing customer service and for your amazing drinks!!!!

Yvonne T.

Update: Steve, the owner, reached out to me the very same night I made this review. He told me what happened and went beyooond to make things right. My dad originally bought just two but Steve told me he'd put aside five for us and when my dad came in he gave us six boba pops replacements for what had happened. I'm truly amazed and very appreciative!! I've been only ordering from this location way before this happened and will still continue to do so :) Thank you so much Steve!! I'm all about supporting a local business during this time but they really jipped me out today. How is one smaller than the other AND charging $5 a piece? Only bought this because it's been hyped up and I wanted to try it but.. now I know

squid T.

I stopped by to support local small business. Sadly I will not be returning because while I was waiting for my drink there, one of their worker had his mask half on (nose and mouth exposed), then he kept on touching the edge of his mask with his hands and did not wash them afterwards. Another one of their delivery person walked in without mask and was in there packing, moving around, going behind counter for a while without any masks!!!!!! Clearly they don't take their hygiene protocols seriously. I just don't feel safe going back. Additional review: Wow I must have hit a nerve since Steve gave such a bitter reply to my post lecturing me on how I should write my OWN yelp review. I stand by my review, and I will write my post how I like, which is on something I really care about (like safety in this case), and on things I either really love or really hate. When we first walked in there were two workers in the small front space, one stood really close to the door to the right of the order counter, one behind the counter. When my friend and I ordered our drinks, we noticed that the worker who was standing near us only has his mask on his chin (nose completely exposed and top of mask touching his bottom lip). He didn't put the mask back on properly until he saw us looking at him. However, after he pulled the mask over his mouth and nose, he didn't wash his hands. At that point we already felt unsafe waiting for our drinks. While we were waiting, the delivery person, who by Steven's own admission was not wearing a mask, came very close to us and other workers inside of the store (definitely not 6 feet). The unmasked delivery person was in there for a while (definitely not in and out) and went behind the counter and was touching a stack of clear plastic boxes without gloves. We all know that Corona virus is spread by droplets even when a person is not symptomatic. So any of these actions could have caused contamination and put us at risk. A business owner's attitude says everything about what the business is about. In a pandemic, that could be a difference between life and death. It is very telling that Steve's focus is not on safety but on defending his actions with laughable comebacks. I would give zero star if I could and I will not be back.

Giau Nguyen

Young teller has a attitude problem.

Jen T.

Came here to buy some brown sugar boba ice pop and left with 11 of them. I was not even offer a bag I was told to go grab my own bag and while walking out teapresso, the popsicle dropped and touch the ground. So if you gonna get some pops make sure you gonna bring a bag or you will struggle with walking out and it will drop everywhere and Especially when this whole Pandemic thing is going around you don't know what touch the floor.

Frannie K.

My go to is the one on Waialae but Piikoi location put too much ice in drinks like too much as five sips and it's gone already.

Jean L.

Today is my birthday, so I decided to treat myself to milk tea. But sad to say, it was a disappointment. I placed an online order to be picked up at 12:15. I got there early, at 12:00, expecting to wait a little. But she immediately brought my order from the back, so I don't know how long it was sitting there before I got there. The lychee slush was not slush anymore, it's was lychee water. I also specified on the order that I didn't want ice in the milk teas. But there was ice and when I told her, she just looked at me and said that all she can do is take the ice out. The reason for no ice is because I was going to save one of the milk teas for tomorrow. I guess that's not happening. I've always liked teapresso, so today was a bit disappointing. After this review, the manager contacted me and redid my order and hand delivered it to my house. Great management! I greatly appreciate it!! Thank you

Brennan T.

Review #6 for 2020. I came here with some friends because I got a BOGO promo through a text message. Good marketing because I wouldn't have gone otherwise since parking is so bad. Boba: 3 stars because the boba was kinda hard. Teapresso milk tea: 4 stars. Good flavor that I enjoyed. Service: 5 stars because the guy that was helping us was really nice and offered his suggestions when I asked. He gave helpful explanations for my questions, and our drinks came out quickly. Parking: 2 stars. Barely any street parking, and there's only a paid lot in the back. You could park across the street at Ala Moana, but you also risk getting in trouble. That averages out to 3.5 stars, but service is super important to me, so I round up to four stars.

Amy H.

Teapresso bar never disappoints! I always get flavored tea with boba. They have samples and today I ordered one of the samples. I had peach cantaloupe tea with boba. The drinks were made fast and so good! The tea is brewed in front of you and it has real fruit bits in it. So nice on a hot day! This Teapresso had the coolest whale and shark mural in the seating area with a real fishing pole. There's also a ton of Polaroid snapshots of people taped to the walls. The staff was knowledgeable and always answer our questions with a smile. My only complaint is that I squeezed my cups too hard and spilled some of my tea, but that's on me lol. I didn't see bathrooms so I can't comment on that, and parking is good around this area - so close to ala Moana center.

Troy E.

I honestly wasn't too impressed with the boba from here. I thought it was a little mushy, although my sister liked it. I also thought the boba to tea ratio was a little off, but maybe I should have just ordered double bubbles. I did like that they had non dairy milk options. I went with the coconut milk and it was really good. I'll definitely give it another shot if I'm in the area again. Parking was pretty easy and I didn't have to wait too long.

Nala Kohler

The people work there seemed unfamiliar with their products. I asked for 2 mason jars for my teas, but only got one.

Shelly L.

Literally my fave! I get the hoji cha matcha latte a few times a week and it is so amazing!! Usually never a line here either.


Good drinks, clean restroom. Loved the coffee.

Kimberly Y.

My friend got the honeydew at a low sweetness level and said it was great! I got the hapa haole (matcha+white chocolate) at "kinda" sweet and it was good!! I have a sweet tooth though so next time I'll order regular sweet. Great service too! Friendly and very helpful when we asked about menu items.

Neel Rastogi

Got the Avocado banana smoothie, which was exactly what the body needed after a night of heavy drinking on NYE. Good taste, refreshing, and it appeared they are open on most holidays too.

Jess C.

Used to love Teapresso but they mix their matcha with jasmine tea. Interestingly enough i love them individually but not together. Also the matcha didn't taste very strong and the boba had a weird flavor. I liked the brown sugar milk tea most with half and half but didn't like it with whole milk. It tasted the same with regular sugar as with brown sugar, and tasted too diluted with whole milk because it was low quality milk. I much prefer the black milk tea from Sharetea. Love the variety of drinks but will go to Mr. Tea next time.

N P.

I think by far the best boba on Oahu. Love all the flavors! Will be back for sure!


Good drinks, clean restroom. Loved the coffee.

Elisabeth H.

Ordered an avocado smoothie. Tasted like ice and milk. I asked how it was made. The young lady sneered and asked, how do you mean? Maybe her face is normally like that? Anyway, after I clarified that I wanted to know what went into the smoothie, she kindly answered my question: avocado, ice, whole milk, cream and condensed milk. In my opinion, there was maybe half an avocado for color and that's about it. Didn't taste like avocado at all. If you're craving an avocado smoothie, I suggest going to Thanh's.

Katie C.

One of my favorite places to get boba. I've never had a problem with parking here and the wait is usually pretty fast. Brown sugar boba is definitely my fave at this place. Boba is the right amount of chewiness and their ingredients are always fresh.

Myning C.

Everything is good ! Actually amazing! My daughters love all their drinks - all kinda of unique flavors like Strawberry Lilikoi with Lychee jelly - Love their original milk tea- its the only one I will drink because it is freshly brewed and tastes fresh! I dont like milk teas that are too milky- this one is just tasty! The boba is also fun to chew on- the owner is very generous and nice- always supporting the community, local schools, and kind to all the teens who love to hang out at Teapresso!

Teresa Gonzalez

Delicious Milk Tea, and affordable.

Ajie P.

This brown sugar milk tea is wonderfully tasty! Steve educated me on how the drinks are made fresh and what ingredients he uses! Good stuff man, congrats!

Mercedes K.

I used to be a regular customer but they gave Insanely bad service, wont be coming here anymore. Never giving another penny! I always enjoyed my drinks here but overtime the owner got prideful and the customer service went down.

Kira Violeta

Delicious Milk Tea, and affordable.

E P.

Ordered through Bite Squad for my office. I saw that this place had good reviews on yelp. My co-worked got their avocado smoothie and enjoyed it. Another got the brown sugar boba milk tea. She said it was tasty but very sweet. My tea tasted over-steeped. It had a very bitter finish. I don't know if I would go back. I like Mr. Tea and Hana Tea. Probably just stick with them.

Joanne Woo

I used to go here when I was still working in the area. They are playing Jazz music, always perfect to work in your computer. Such a great place for bunch or just tea. They have a nice selection of both food and tea, including great bubble tea. There's not much room for a big group, but that makes it perfect for an intimate date or meeting with friends. The menu also changes over time, which I love. There are always wonderful vegetarian options. The only downside, which you can't blame them for, is how popular it is and frequently it is hard to find a seat to enjoy it.

Nick N.

Customer service was great! I think it's the same chain as tea latte in Texas because they all had the same drinks on the menu . I ordered the wintermelon milk tea and they asked for the sweetness level here. At tea latte in Carrollton they don't give you an option for that. But I ordered regular sweetness and it wasn't too sweet at all. Same as Texas !

Kay K.

The first time for Teapresso and Boba delivery! It was came on time and boba is very soft and tasty I'll order them again! Keep it up

Mari N.

Great drinks, service, and they're quick! I ordered black milk tea with boba. I got 50% sweet, and it was very good! The boba was sweet and was a good texture. I will definitely return! :-)

Val H.

We were at the library book sale nearby and after we were done book shopping we were craving for bobba tea and this place popped up as the closest tea place in the area. We lucked out with street parking in the front of the shop on a Sunday afternoon. The servers were very friendly and helpful and answered our questions. We asked what were the popular drinks and she mentioned the avocado smoothie so we both went with that suggestion. The establishment is small but cozy. There is a small popcorn machine to make complimentary popcorn and a selection of card and board games to use while enjoying your drink. Our avocado smoothies were tasty and definitely hit the spot for a very filling summer drink. We will definitely return to try another new drink. There is wide selection of organic teas and drinks to choose from and this is a cozy place to hang out.

Rachael K.

Arguably the best bubble tea place on the island! Everything I've tried here has been good, and I'd say I'm on the pickier end. The boba is fresh and perfectly sweet -- texture is just right too! [DRINKS] There are plenty of options to choose from! And the best part? They use real tea! I tried a sample of the tropic oolong and very much liked it. For my order, I got a milk tea with 50% sweetness and big boba. (tip: I think they only sell one size) The boba seemed fresh -- nice and soft yet with a chewy bite. The boba was sweetened perfectly too! I'll definitely order again -- but maybe with 25% sweetness next time. I'm not too much of a sweet tooth. My sister enjoyed her strawberry slushie, with lychee jelly of course -- she's hooked on that stuff! [ATMOSPHERE] The interior is really open with plenty of seats. There are also seats outside! They provide board games and popcorn to add to the appeal. There is also a wall of Polaroid photos, which I found adorable. The owner is super friendly. He offered me a free strawberry matcha just because! [SERVICE] Everyone here is really sweet and friendly. Drinks come out quickly too! [OVERALL] I gave this place 5/5 for a reason -- this is my go-to spot! I think the workers know me by now ...

Shaina Y.

Cute little coffee shop located across from Ala Moana Center. My boss sent me on a run to Teapresso to fetch him a Vietnamese iced coffee. I decided to get myself a Strawberry Lilikoi lemonade while I was at it. The barista at the counter was very friendly. There was no line, so she was able to take my order right away. She was very thorough and made sure to ask me if I needed any add-ons with each drink. She even made sure I logged onto my Five Stars account so that I could start collecting points. My lemonade was absolutely delicious! Just the right amount of sweetness. Refreshing! What really disappointed me was the excessive amount of ice they put in their drinks! Literally like 80% of the cup was full of just ice!!! I was able to finish my whole drink in 3 sips. Overall, inviting environment, friendly staff, delicious drinks... However, I still felt ripped off. Maybe next time, I will specify to go easy on the ice.

Lauren Gin

The owner was very friendly. Steve made sure that we felt at home. He is very personable. Steve took our order then joined us on the other side of the counter to chat with us about our time in Hawaii. He even gave us other recommendations for food. Drinks were also very good. I got the Rose Green tea and so far, it's the best I've had! If I had more time here, I would definitely come back. Steve said he is opening a location in Cerritos, CA called Cali Tea this summer. He opens the time I visit family, so I will definitely be paying him a visit!

Sophia A.

Okay so I'm a boba addict. I need boba to be soft and not hard and this place is so consistent with their boba it's just an all around 10 from me. If I could suggest anything it would be the green tea kit kat or honeydew! I've also tried something called egg pudding and like surprisingly it's delicious. I think it pairs well with honeydew! All in all if you're near a Teapresso check then our since they have multiple locations! They even have reusable metal boba straws for purchase and mason jars for purchasing and to reuse at their locations.

Lauren H.

Definitely a solid boba option if you are in the ala Moana area. Teapresso is located next to ichiriki, across from the Nijiya Market lot. I ordered the wintermelon milk tea and asked for 25% sweetness. The cashier warned me that the wintermelon tea sweetness could not be adjusted significantly. It was extremely sweet for my liking so I drank half and saved the other half for later. Wintermelon flavor was good, but could be stronger. You are able to add in boba and jellies at an extra cost. I also loved that Teapresso has a variety of games such as mancala and jenga. Makes for a fun place to hang out with friends. Parking: Can be a little challenging. Not sure if they have designated stalls. There are a few street parking stalls in the front.

Bobby M.

Enjoyed a yummy iced Haupia Latte, made with coconut milk instead of whole. This shop is located across Piikoi from Ala Moana shopping center and is a nice oasis from the center's business. However, it has no restrooms. ;(

Nike Zeuzs

Make pretty good milk tea. The smaller size buba is what really get my attention here... the reason why I gave 4 n not 5 Star is because of them being cheap saying if there is no ice, they won’t fill it all the way up. It is just water....

Jacee Y.

My husband and I come here on occasion since it's near Ala Moana Shopping Center and the place we cut our hair is just across the street. I like the wide variety of selection and that they say they brew their tea. We've both tried different things on the menu and we've enjoyed everything we've gotten from here. Just wish there was a better parking situation.