The Shack Kailua

1051 Keolu Dr, Kailua
(808) 261-1191

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Clark Clark

The good: the food was tasty and service friendly.The not so good: $23 for a veggie burger, the patty of which looked like a microwaved item from the frozen food section. For the price I expected something more substantial, like an Impossible burger. Service took a long time, but to be fair I think there were only two servers, both friendly and working hard. Parking is tight - as in the spots seem small even by Hawaiian standards.

Matthew Ricker

Stopped in randomly and had a blast. Sunday night was apparently makeshift karaoke (touch tunes group sing along). Had a ton of fun, bartenders were great and atmosphere was pleasantly unexpected. If I lived here I would be a regular!Food: 3/5


Nice atmosphere with good service. The food was good but the kitchen could have done better at getting the 5 orders out closer together. Three came out at once and the other two dribbled in making an eating disconnect. Variety of choices both food and drink. Ate outside as it was a gorgeous day and we are in Hawaii.

Jack Johnson

It was pretty meh, the waitress was great. Also I think it’s interesting that they they made my wife go get her shirt out of the car even though she was wearing shorts and a swim top? Food was like a 6.5 for the price, cause it sure as hell isn’t worth $20 a plate

Amy A.

I have been craving mozzarella cheese sticks and potato skins and I swear this is the only place that has it anymore. Nowhere has it on island, why Hawaii?! The classics still have a place in our hearts. It was a Sunday football day and I told my husband, let's get wings, mozzarella cheese sticks, and potato skins from somewhere. We looked on Yelp for a long time to find somewhere that sold all 3 items. Finally found it and made the drive all the way from town to Kailua and no regerts haha. My hubby ordered food when we got there and it was ready within less than 20 minutes. It was super busy inside on a Sunday because of football so the fact that the food was ready that fast was amazing. The food was good, no complaints, and satisfied my craving. You can't go wrong with old school sports bar food. The food was hot, tasted good, and all the sauces were included and served on the side (you'd be surprised how big of a feat it is for even higher end restaurants to remember all the containers for each dish nowadays). Husband said service was good and it really must have been because he tipped and unfortunately he doesn't do that as often as he should. Will definitely come back when the craving hits again.

Susan K.

Great food. Good customer service. We are there for a 60th birthday. Nice out door patio

Lilia T.

It's minus 10 stars. They have no customer service. They have bad phone etiquette. Phone goes to voicemail a lot of the time & on the first ring (right now). At times the staff makes their own rules on taking phone order (when it's appropriate for them). They need to step it up "big time!" They need to be re-trained on everything & hopefully new staff will be trained as well. Mahalo!

Jacob Mathers

The Shack was great! There was no wait when we arrived and were seated on the outdoor patio (sun shaded) and were served by Shaunny. She was excellent! Super funny and inviting. The restaurant is known for their burgers so we each gave one a try. Definitely didn’t disappoint! I highly recommend The Shack for your next burger on Oahu.

R&L Holguin

Service was painfully slow and the staff were a bit flighty but thankfully accurate. Took about 30-45min just to order and then another 1hr to get the food. Tables and chairs were a bit sticky but I think it’s the cleaner they use because it didn’t look dirty. Not overly impressed but giving 3 stars for the fact that the food was decent and hot when it came out. Probably won’t return though.

Alison Barnes

We went to dinner on a Friday night, group of 5 included 2 children. No waiting for a table. Service & food was excellent. Burger and chicken sandwiches were large and came with chips or salad; we probably could have split one and been full. Kids menu included things like burger, chicken fingers, hot dog and fries.


This is the quintessential dive bar - in all the good ways. The food was good and the atmosphere was fantastic. And best of all, the waitress, Lillian, was the highlight. It was my birthday and she hunted down candles and was genuinely excited to “do something fun” for my birthday. She was attentive, enthusiastic, and a joy. They ran out of forks when we were there - thankfully we were all having burger and handheld entrees. So deciding who would get the one fork only added to the charm. Highly recommend after a day at the beach.

Meghan E.

Lily is the best bartender ever! She makes the best drinks! She knows exactly what you want based of your personality! Bosha is a gem! This place rocks!!

Briana N.

The best little restaurant. I absolutely love eating here. They food is amazing and the waitress was so nice to us. My family was visiting for the first time and we will definitely be back.

Erik V

The steak was not as well cooked as I asked for yet it lacked any flavor. The rice wasn’t very good but it wasn’t bad. The salad was great in the other hand. My buddy got the burger and fries and said it was good. The fries did taste very good. For this price I would’ve gone anywhere else because the quality of food just wasn’t there unfortunately. The servers did well though and the atmosphere was very welcoming and open.

hope l.

This place is awesome. The food is on point, the drinks are amazing and the staff are all absolutely awesome. I love this place and it is definitely a must if you're in Kailua.

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