Good Burger

350 N Milwaukee St, Boise
(208) 908-0904

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Jason Asher

More than 35 minutes to get chicken fingers and fries. Staff couldn't be less interested in helping you. No line, no other customers, just couldn't get it done. They did like talking to each other though. Worst option in the mall, worst goodburger I've ever been too. Extremely disappointed in service, cleanliness, and quality. The did have time to make their own food though.

marcie foster

Order 2 burgers and fries. Despite have only one order ahead of us, it took over 30 minutes to get our food and watched employee vape while preparing the food. The fries were cold and over done. Burgers were okay. Will not be back anytime soon. My condolences to anyone who orders when there is actually a line.

Aibry Drew

We ordered our food at 2:45 and didn't get it until 3:20. All we ordered was 10 piece nugget, 2 fries and jr cheeseburger with no mustard. When we got our order, fries were missing. After we sat down, we noticed the burger had mustard. 4 people ordered after us and got their food before us. Extremely disappointed, guess we'll find a new favorite store at the mall.

Kris Co

It just wasn’t vibin’ today. Were drugs involved before or during? Not sure, questionable behavior from employees. Hope the franchise can hire AND pay quality help.Pale complexion, excessive sweating, scattered, , both employees very unkempt in appearance and presentation.

Dallin Stout

AVOID. Absolutely the worst burger joint in town. Rude staff that argued and overcharged me and my family for a few overcooked burgers with stale buns. Facilities looked like they hadn't been cleaned in weeks and employees weren't using hair nets or gloves. Will never go to a Good Burger again.

myranda h

i’ve been here a few times on my break and the guys there are always fast and nice! it’s always busy when i go and there’s typically one or two people working and i appreciate them working so fast!! thank you guys!

Nathan DeWalt

Not sure what's going on with this place. When I first arrived the manager was cooking whilst talking on th phone. In between taking orders he sets the phone down, only to return to it when he begins cooking again. There was no other staff to even speak of, even during lunch hour. I'm guessing this place doesn't have very high standards generally. Even the tray my food was on was greasy as if it had not been washed in days. My soft drink was assembled lazily with sticky soda running down the sides. It's a shame I love burgers more than most of the other food options in the food court, otherwise I would not return. Speaking of which, the food is the only redeeming quality of this place, hence the 2 star rating instead of a 1. Just a lazy, unprofessional environment with the energy of an employee that hates his life and job.

frank neilsen

Just went here and the food was ok but the tray that the food came on wasn't clean..I understand having gloves on but watching the person go from taking cash to getting me a drink then touching food and going back to take an order to just repeat thewhole process over again without changing his gloves is absolutely ???????

billie bankston

Everything we wanted they didn't have most of the ingredients. Told after ordering spinach/balsamic burger that they didn't have goat cheese cucumbers or spinach. All items we wanted to order had missing ingredients. Cheese was with pepper jack and and spinach with regular lettuce that was browning. Bun was soggy from the balsamic and meat patty so broken up it was falling apart. Was out of state and aHappened on this place that my daughter had seen and wanted to try but was very disappointed and irritated. On top of the food issues the service was awful. Only one person working while ordering he was complaining because he was supposed to be off. Two others showed up and they all bickered between each other while sliding around the greasy floor. Within an hour of eating both my daughter and I were nauseous. Only good thing I can say is that the fries were good.

Jeanette Tracy

The young man who works here is always extremely friendly, goes out of his way in all aspects and is working alone everytime we come here. I like his personality and customer service. The food is great and never fails to satisfy.

Jon Rodriguez

Order a Nick Burger that comes with avocados and the main issue is they were black and brown. I brought it up to them and one fought by googling it saying they are fine because they had been sitting out for 1-2 days and that's what color they turn into when being oxidized. So they could be old and toxic or they could be just old. The fact is, they should be green and yellow, not black and brown. Terrible experience and loss of appetite. I appreciate them comping the meal but I expect fresh food when going to a restaurant, not something that has been sitting out for a couple days. I also do remember seeing the gentleman who helped us drop frys in fryer with no gloves, touched them freely and then came to take our order without washing his hands. We then have to touch the same screen when paying. Then proceeds to help with the food. Not very sanitary. They were great pre-pandemic, but they have been slipping hard these last couple years.

Anna Ruth

Good food, but very expensive for what you get. Paid $38 for two meals and a kid’s meal.Long wait times and forgot my drinks when my number was called, even though they were not busy.

Matthhhuuuxv W.

Came to food court for some lunch. I've never tried good burger, thought I'd give it a try. Watched girl making my burger wipe her hand inside the trash can with gloves on and continue to make my burger. Guy taking orders and running cash register going from touching money to grabbing handfuls of frozen food with no gloves to deep fryer. Got grossed out and went to pizza instead. Waste of $25

Alison and Pat Suppes

Basic burger with fries. In a food court. Don't set your expectations too high and you will enjoy. Food court had a variety of places, perfect if the gang does not agree on what to have for lunch.

Jeff Rigby

Decided to try Good Burger today with the family. The fries are delicious!! Great cut and nice and crispy. I also got the Good Burger and I would suggest it be renamed to the Okay Burger. When I don’t finish a burger it was definitely just okay. Fries are worth the price but would think twice about getting the burger again.

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