Taste Asian Fusion Bistro

1473 S Five Mile Rd, Boise
(208) 202-2912

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Ed M.

Very good food and service. I recommend the Poke Nachos, Avocado Tacos, Coconut Rice and Black Pepper Ginger Beef. There are many other good dishes.

Crystal Stovall

We went for a GNO. They did not disappoint. It was my first time there. I had dumplings, pot stickers, edamame for appetizers. Then we split the Korean tacos. So yummy! The drinks were made fresh and so flavorful! My favorite was the Rose Martini. We’ll go back soon. Looking forward to their Happy Hour!

Seth B.

Hidden gem with incredible food and professional bar. For sure the best Asian cuisine we've had in the Boise area. The Thai tea is amazing. Everything on the menu is spectacular, especially the kao soi, panang curry, and the fried rice. We will be returning here on a regular basis.

Jon C.

I've been hesitant to leave a review in fear of this place getting too popular. All I can say is, this place is an absolute GEM! Incredible food, delicious drinks, great service literally every time we come (which is now very frequent) as we live within walking distance. Probably my new favorite spot in the valley. Enjoy!

Jake N.

Best pad Thai in Boise. The service is always great and they have a cool bar set up that always encourages great conversation. Can't believe it took me so long to find it.

Robin W.

Welll. Meat lovers, thai basal and won ton soup. If you like Chinese five spice, a lack of fresh ingredients and uncontrollable diarrhea, this is the place for you. Very very disappointed and $100 lighter- didn't even take a second bite of my meat dish and the noodles were served cold. Inexplicably disgusting food.

Fran C.

We've been here twice. The first time was fabulous. Great service, loved their spicy watermelon margarita. So we went again. Got our drinks relatively quickly but the appetizer? We waited. And waited. And quietly asked the server about it. waited some more. Quietly sipped our drinks. Watched as FOUR other tables got their food, even tho they had been seated after us. Asked the server again. Finally got it. No explanation, a slight sorry, but that was it. Yes it was good but the whole thing just sucked. I sent an email explaining what had happened but it was crickets. So I don't know. I'd like to trust this place, but have some thoughts.

P K.

I joined a couple friends for happy hour at Taste Asian Fusion last week and not only was the food and drinks excellent, but the waiter who served us was exemplary. I wish I could remember his name, (Josh, maybe?) because he had such good service skills. We tried practically everything on the happy hour menu and nothing went uneaten! The creamy shrimp was a stand out, but so were the shrimp tacos. Creative, tasty and the price was fantastic. We will definitely go again!


Great hidden Thai place! They have great lunch specials and the food was full of flavor and really good. Authentic Thai food! The service was really good and the inside has a super great atmosphere.Vegetarian options: Lots of dishes to choose from.

Primavera Sarmiento

Great food we cannot rave about this spot enough. The service is kind and attentive and the food, so good. We ordered the a Beef Chow Fun, Shrimp Fried Rice with chicken and beef and no veggies, and Thai Iced Tea. I love the ice the iced tea comes with. Would recommend this spot to anyone. Also the Brussels Sprouts and cream cheese wontons are very good I ate them before remembering to take a picture.

Lynn F.

What a lovey place, kind service, tasty dishes. Have been twice now, no difference in the level of service or quality of food. So far, so good. Last night I ordered the homemade shumai dumplings & seasonal pumkin curry w/ short rib. The shumai was tender and flavorful. The panang curry with the pumpkin pieces, peas and short ribs was silky, deeply flavored and had that hint of heat. I had several different servers, each looking out for the tables of diners. Since I recently moved and I am now only a few minutes away, I feel like I have to come more often. I also think the prices are fitting to the quality of the food. I also noticed they have a happy hour with half priced appetizers.

Jessica L

I went here with 2 girlfriends last night and I was blown away by how delicious everything was. The duck was so moist and tender. The pad thai was lovely. The gin cocktail was refreshing. This was the first time I had Mango sticky rice, and I was so happy with it. It almost had a cake batter kettle corn sort of taste, plus Mango and coconut and sesame and rice. Just delicious and decadent.The service was also impeccable. I have plans to go back with my folks and my spouse.

Tiffany Saunders

This woman owned Asian fusion restaurant made my day! The Cream Cheese Wontons were so delicately done, crispy dough, buttery filling, and the perfect amount of Sweet Chili Sauce. The Shumai were delicious with a house soy based sauce, sausage, and just right. The best Generals Chicken ever! The vegetables were in the sweet spot well cooked without being mushy, the chicken was moist with a crunchy coating, and the sauce "Perfection." We will be back.

Cap H.

Wow, this place is top notch. Everything we tried was excellent. The bartenders knowledge of the menu was impressive. Great experience.


Don't be put off from how it looks outside/ it's location! Inside is clean, cute, and worth it! the staff was friendly, she seemed new, but helpful in getting the answers to our questions. The Korean tacos are the Best! got them for our app, eat it with the jalapeños - it balances them out perfectly. I had the duck and subbed flat noodles for the rice- so good, well cooked, we also got the fried rice and it is Loaded with vegetables and meat, my husband was actually sad there wasn't more rice. The presentation of everything was on point and showed they care. Will come back, oh and the drinks! Very good, was not expecting such fun and delicious options.Parking: In with a bunch of other businesses, so it's a shared parking lot, we didn't have an issue but be aware there might be if the other businesses have a high customer volume.

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