533 Torrence Ave, Calumet City
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Denise Flynn

Re: Awful experience at The Dunkin Donuts on Torrence Calumet City; on 10/31 early Morning shift - breakfast.I was insulted by the "Assistant Manager" - at the store.Why? - Because I asked her a question ❓Manager had announced: "that my order was ready.I asked her if I could have a "plastic bag" & "2 creams".Manager snapped at me,saying: "We don't give plastic bags in this Municipality.You already have a paper bag,so you would need to pay for a bag."I replied that "that is not correct".Manager replied that she is the Manager now, & it doesn't matter what the store did previously.Manager "snarled" at me.She was extremely rude to me.She was also "snapping" at her employees.She used me as a "Training Tool" for her employees.Her employees were also frightened of the Manager.Manager treated me as if I was trying to ask for "free breakfast".She was humiliating.I hope that I never have to go to that Dunkin Donuts again.Another Customer overhead her conversation, and other Customer even tried to correct the manager.2nd Customer felt that I was being mistreated by Manager.This experience is an example of "Elder Abuse". She tried to frighten me.

Adewale D.

Highly pissed, I go get 3 donuts, doors locked, go through drive thru I purchased 3 donuts, all are old, I will definitely be there in the morning. How can you sell this mess. Ughhhhhh

Jenessa A.

These people just don't care. This is raw bacon, talking to them is useless called health dept. everyone who works here is unmotivated and just sad

Yen A.

THE WORST EXPERIENCE! Your employee needs anger management!!! Started my morning happy, invited a baby cousin to dunkin and we were greated by screams from 2 employees (a big white woman with a cut eyebrow & a white older hispanic woman) We walked in with our scooters turned off & parked against the wall. The store was completely empty but we wanted to avoid a safety hazard. We waited a long time to place our orders because the employees were gossiping & I didn't mind because once again the store and drive thru was empty. Then two employees started screaming about the scooter. It bothered me because they could have just asked me nicely, but anyways I was quick to follow their instructions of placing them near a window. As I was walking to do that someone kept repeating the instructions in Spanish as if I don't understand??? Idk but these ladies were so quick to react, they were both like ready to fight us, They literally forced us out and told us to leave. Like WHAT! They were so quick to react and we were cooperating soooooo dramatic. They were screaming that they were going to call the police if we didn't take them outside. Seriously? Screaming? Give me a break, It's not even 10AM I wanted to leave because I feel like I was respectful the whole time and I shouldn't tolerate such childish behavior. BUT my baby cousin wanted Iceed Coffee and I wasn't going to let rude people ruin our morning. They made me and the 12 year old kid walk the drive thru where CARS go to place their orders because that is "much safer" than turned off scooters. The white hispanic lady that kept obnoxiously yelling to take the scooters outside nonstop in Spanish was in the drive thru with her arms crossed, staring at us with a nasty face and attitude. Once again I'm just ignoring this rude passive aggressive behavior. The young hispanic girl who took our order was very nice, knowledgeable, polite. She took our order fast and greated us at the window with a smile, and coffee.. peacefully, drama free!!!! I believe that she should train all of your other employees on how to treat customers. As I was waiting for my coffee the The fat white woman with a cut up eyebrow then decided to come out the drive through window to apologize and said "I wasn't trying to be mean by the way" as she's smiling? So I can tell that she wants to continue raging, so I stay quiet because I don't want to continue to feed her drama. I am here for coffee not drama. And then she said laughing "Dont take it to heart!!" So she's not really apologizing? She's come out the drive thru window to continue gaslighting me, the customer who just wants coffee. Respectfully, you are an unhappy middle aged working at Dunkin, I could never take anything you say to heart. Feel sorry to know that you are cramping up other people's morning too. Take a chill pill

Fatima Mitchell

These Girls here are soo RUDE , they dont care nothing about Customer service. They dint put the lids all the way on Coffee they say smart remarks to other employees not caring if you hear them, also when you ask for a manager or someone over them they Lie, also they dont make your Coffee how you ask them too but will put the stucker on the cup as if they did.That 5am morning crew is Terrible

C Scott

Not sure whose gonna take your order or not..real nasty attitude and long lines don't stop that day..mad at the world person is there..people were making u turns out of the line ikr..if the 2 real nice friendly sisters(twins) are there what a great experience (would give them 4 stars)

Carolyn Bomman

I bought a Medium Coffee and wanted Carmel and Splenda Sugar only. When I taste it it had so much sugar in it that made it taste terrible. Thank God I'm not a Diabetic.

Carolyn Anderson

My experience today at that place was not good. They're very rude. And at that they got my order wrong. So I'm giving them a zero. Yes a zero. I had one star but I'm changing to a zero.

Melissa Rodriguez

They always Fresh coffee fresh donuts and a very clean place also very good customer service will come again.

Destiny R.

I love going to this Dunkin . their very fast , nice staff and always welcome me with a hi I wouldn't go to no other Dunkin for my coffee.

Karen Addison

It's always tasty!! I'm there so much they o my order!! Love that they pay that much attention to their customers!

gina Brajkovich

Ok so they had a promotion buy 3 donuts get 3 free. Obviously because they're trying to get rid of the stale donuts!!!!!! I should have known!!! I also ordered an ice coffee with a shot of espresso I told the girl it literally tasted like water. Instead of fixing it I was charged almost 3$ for another shot. Which then just made it taste like a regular coffee!!! The young lady waiting on me was nice so I tipped her but she was slow, maybe she was new but after everything I almost wanted to take back my tip. And as I was grabbing some napkins and a straw I see 3 gnats. I'm afraid to think where they were coming from!! Will never go back here!!!!

Arturo Rodriguez

I was on this place at 3pm today I ordered coffee and after i drive to the window i wait for 10 minutes the African American ladie' was talking to her friend her friend was in the car by the window, poor service finally i have to back up and left with no coffee do not came back to this please again

Brian R

These ignorant KIDS don’t care about anything they all have attitudes terrible and unpleasant employees I’ll never come back to this place

Carl Jarrett

The young lady forgot to add something to my order which I asked for before I got to the window when I asked she said she didn't hear so she can't add it and told me I was holding up the line when I was asking for a refund she had a attitude about it so I asked for a manager and she told me there no manager I'm the manager but I'm a regular customer and I know the manager please don't waste your time they are very rude

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