7 Best Italian Restaurants in Champaign

“Went with a nice sized group of 10. We were greeted right away. Table was prepped and ready for us in less than 10 minutes. After we all got seated. They took are order. Food came out in a reasonable time frame. We seen the manager keeping track of everything going on in the restaurant including helping in the cooking area. This seemed to be a great team working here. I want to give kudos to the manager who is running this location. It was a good experience for our group.Parking: Parking lot is a little weird set up. We parked in the grocery store parking area and walked over”

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“We stayed in the Champaign area while visiting our granddaughter, grandson in-law and our new baby great granddaughter. My wife and I took them out to eat here before we returned home. Our foodserver was very pleasant and sweet, but she got distracted a few times and we had to remind her that she was supposed to be getting something we asked for.Otherwise it was a pleasant meal. Everyone loved their food.”

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“High quality ingredients and a delightful concept - food that you will undoubtedly enjoy. They offer 4 form factors - pizzas, sandwiches, pasta and salads. You pick the ingredients (a very impressive selection of them) , and it's assembled and baked fresh in front of you. As simple as that.But far from a subway-like concept, the end result is nearly always delightfully tasty (given you pick toppings that go well together of course). Very affordable prices for both the quality and portions as well. An instant recommendation to get a good meal, or bring visitors for quick, high quality food.Vegetarian options: Excellent vegetarian options, possibly one of the best in CU - more than half the list of toppings are vegetarian, so you can craft whatever you desire!Dietary restrictions: They do offer a gluten free pizza base, but unsure about the pasta or sandwich bread.”

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“The place to go for that “romantic little Italian place” vibe. The craft cocktails were lovely, and the food was outstanding. While it is a bit pricey, quality and presentation of the food is impeccable. And the waitstaff was friendly, prompt, and attentive.”

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“A restaurant with a great ambiance. Big enough and spacious to accommodate enough guests. They have limited vegetarian options though in their menu. I ordered Ravioli Quattro Maggi and Fried Ravioli as an appetizer (Lol, both similar dishes but still very different). I also ordered a drink something called Forrgo Morrago (idk exactly) but it seemed fine but nothing very special. While the staff was friendly and welcoming, service was too slow.Vegetarian options: Less vegetarian options, little disappointing.”

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“I really like the pizza but i do have to say it is Neapolitan style so it is more wet and the cheese can slide off. Really good gelato. I like it but its preference. Look at the pizza style before going here! Also be careful with sink because if you turn it too hard it explodes…..Kid-friendliness: No kids menu but casualParking: Across the street”

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“We almost walked out because no one came to seat us after waiting about 10 minutes in the front area, but I am so glad we stayed. I really enjoyed their food! It tasted very similar to the food my family makes. The cheesy garlic bread tasted just like my dad's! The Italian dressing was just like my grandmother's. The ambience was also enjoyable. ??”

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