sushi man

308 E Green St, Champaign
(217) 366-3229

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Amazing sushi / order often!!

Dr. Dane

Best sushi in town for price


Need to get better bags mine broke it was a cheap bag

Shalom Aguirre

I ordered through Uber Eats and OMG I havent even finished I had to take a break to give it five stars because I've been craving sushi that isnt $20 per roll and is actually good and this exceeded that I truly believe I got my money's worth this is the best damn Volcano Roll and Godzilla Roll I've had in a really long time!! I texted all my loved ones about it I am so happy right now? I swear they use something different than other restaurants!


Tiny was a great delivery person!


Food is very good. First time they forgot an time (didn't get my spring rolls) which was a bummer. But the food is very good.

Taylor Blackwell

None of it was good. Low-quality, flavorless fish. Didn't eat most of what I ordered.

Marcus Aurelius

The best and freshest sushi in Champaign-Urbana! The Salmon rolls are my favorite - simple and the fish is so good. I order from here all the time and will continue to do so!

Caturah Lawal

The sushi is good but a little overpriced. The main reason I gave 1 star is because the stores always close and stop taking orders almost an hour before closing time which is ridiculous. I called at 9:19 to the store that doesn’t close until 10pm and was told they aren’t taking anymore orders. If that’s the case they need to change their hours and this is not the first time this has happened. They even lock their doors super early as well. Shouldn’t be acceptable

Emme Calvert

For being in a landlocked state of Illinois and not having easy access to fresh seafood, the fish here tastes super amazing and fresh. I especially loved the spicy yellowtail tuna rolls and recommend them to anyone trying this place out that doesn't want to spend a ton of money. The more expensive rolls are worth getting only if you get AYCE to try them. The only complaint I have is the menu being partially English as I got Futo Maki and didn't know that one of the ingredients had eggs in it, which I'm partially sensitive to. Overall, I recommend this place as a fun restaurant to try with your friends.

Adam Campbell

A relaxed straight forward sushi menu. Clean kitchen with limited seating in the lobby. It’s a far more affordable option for sushi compared to most places.

Dina Leone

Staff was friendly, place is clean, tuna was fresh. Points for using the correct type of rice. It was a very slow night so I got lots of tuna, also a plus. But don't kid yourself that this is anything resembling actual Sushi. I've worked in a Japanese restaurant and eaten some great sushi in my life, so maybe my standardsare too high.


Great--exactly what she wanted


Poor quality food


The sushi chef last night was very generous with fillings, the tempura was spot on, and everything fresh to order

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