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We went in for breakfast sandwiches in the Dunkin Donuts area. Those are my favorite sandwiches naturally and my son's as well and it was his birthday. The one young cashier and I shared some conversation about college and found her to be a wonderful young lady. Very nice time here.

This is WACK!!! Lady was so rude they took for ever to take my order she took for ever I yell out excuse me she yells at me with a mad tone I'll be right with you plus fridge was we grab the ice cream to pay and lady yells at us with a mad attitude where'd you get that and this other person was ordering she yells at them too I recommend for you to go to a different baskin Robbins

The people at this location are very rude. I went to the drive-through to get a warm brownie sundae and a large hot chocolate. My brownie sundae is not supposed to be in a little child container and I'm not paying almost 6 dollars for this little bit a brownie sundae when I asked the ladywhy the cost was more than what I normally pay and that she just snapped with the attitude I don't care for the people here at this location they're very rude they are not full review

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1614 W 59th St, Chicago, IL 60636
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