29 Best Bars near North Utica

Red's City Limits/ Clarks Run Campground Bar • $
2853 IL-178, North Utica

“fun friendly down home atmosphere. !!“

4.6 Superb12 Reviews
Joy and Ed’s Bar and Grill American • $
113 Mill St, North Utica

Customers` Favorites

Tenderloin Sandwich
Chicken Sandwich
Italian Beef
Fried Chicken
Chicken Wrap
Hash Browns
Tater Tots
Bar Chips

“Joy and Ed's Bar and Grill offers friendly and down-to-earth staff, serving fresh, made-to-order food with generous portions. The outdoor dining area is lively and fun in the summer, making it a great spot to relax after a hike at the local state park. Recommended for its welcoming atmosphere and attentive service.“

4.4 Superb54 Reviews
Jack's Place Restaurant & Bar Bar & Grill • $
2643 IL-178, North Utica

Customers` Favorites

Fettuccine Alfredo with Shrimp
Brown Butter Lime Mahi-Mahi
Buttermilk Smashed Red
Fig & Brie Flatbread
Pot Roast Sandwich
Bruschetta Chicken
Pepperoni Pizza
Grilled Salmon
Build a Burger
Cheese Curds

“Jack's Place Restaurant & Bar is known for its friendly and attentive staff. The servers, including Ashanti and Lilly, go above and beyond to ensure a pleasant dining experience. The restaurant is kid-friendly, with a menu tailored to children's tastes. The food is excellent, and the pizza is a popular choice. The staff's prompt and helpful service, as demonstrated by Lilly and Lelly, makes it a great spot for families and individuals alike.“

4.3 Superb84 Reviews
Canal Port Bar & Grill • $
148 Mill St, North Utica

Customers` Favorites

Fish Sandwich and Fries
Rib Eye Steak Sandwich
Turkey Avocado blt
Crab Cake Sandwich
1 2 Pound Burger
Reuben Sandwich
Fried Mushrooms
Chicken Strips
Chicken Oscar
Potato Skins

“Canal Port offers a delightful dining experience with its delicious and fresh food. The Reuben sandwich is praised for its perfectly crispy and flavorful bread, while the fish sandwich and sweet coleslaw are also highly recommended. The restaurant is kid-friendly, with a great kids menu selection. Despite some management issues, the attentive and friendly service ensures a pleasant visit for all.“

3.8 Good97 Reviews
Año Del Gallo Bar • $$
799 IL-71, Oglesby - 2.21 miles

Customers` Favorites

Pork Tacos Steak Tacos
Chorizo Smash Burger

“Año Del Gallo is a unique fusion of an American bar and a Mexican cantina, offering an impressive selection of tequila and mezcales. Despite its unassuming exterior, the interior is cozy and welcoming. The kitchen serves up delicious food, and the staff, including the charismatic bartender KB, provide excellent service. With a menu that reflects its Mexican heritage, Año Del Gallo is a pleasant surprise and a gem hidden in plain sight.“

4.9 Superb57 Reviews
Club 55 Bar • $
1108 1st St, La Salle - 4.24 miles

“Club 55 is the best bar in town with awesome bartenders who always make you feel welcome. The DJs provide great music, and live music and karaoke are featured on Friday and Saturday nights. Don't forget to tip the bartenders and DJs! They offer drink specials and a variety of entertainment options like slots, darts, and bowling. Make sure to check out their lovely back patio bar. Club 55 is LGBTQ-friendly and you can find them on Facebook for updates on events. Remember, it's a cash-only bar with an ATM inside.“

4.9 Superb31 Reviews
The Camden Bar and Lounge Bar • $
126 Marquette St, La Salle - 4.52 miles

“The Camden Bar and Lounge is a welcoming spot for various occasions, offering a nice environment, ample seating, and space to mingle. It attracts both fun-seekers and those desiring a classy experience. The bartenders, including Autumn, are known for their great service. Located in the IL Valley, it boasts reasonable prices and has a reputation for executing events flawlessly under the guidance of owner Gretchen.“

5 Superb10 Reviews
Claudette's Bar • $
253 E Walnut St, Oglesby - 4.02 miles

“Chicken was absolutely fantastic. Great service and great pricing! We will be back!“

5 Superb9 Reviews
The Backstreet (w/Live Gaming) Bar • $
959 9th St, La Salle - 4.32 miles

“The Backstreet (w/Live Gaming) offers an amazing atmosphere with great music, a wide selection of alcohol, and a beautiful back bar. It is the perfect neighborhood spot for a fun and energetic time, especially during Karaoke Thursdays. The owners provide excellent service, making it a unique and must-visit place.“

4.8 Superb18 Reviews
Aces & Eights Bar Bar • $
103 La Salle St, Tonica - 9.13 miles

Customers` Favorites


“Aces & Eights Bar is a must-visit spot with great service and delicious food. The double cheeseburger and fries are a favorite, no condiments needed! The huge sandwiches are a hit, including the tasty pickles and waffle fries. It's perfect for date night with delicious food and drinks, and live music. The grouper dinner, onion rings, and crab rangoon flatbread are highly recommended, with the lobster bisque being the best in the Midwest. A fantastic bar with friendly service and a unique twist on daily specials that will keep you coming back for more.“

4.7 Superb29 Reviews
Corral Inn Tavern Bar • $$
108 4th St, Cedar Point - 8.17 miles

“Everyone says Rips is the best, well....I used to work at Vinnie's and it was the best, Mike's tap in Peru was good too. I'm tellin' ya what...this is some damned fine fried chicken! Batter is thin and perfectly crispy, not overly greasy. Would recommend 10/10“

4.9 Superb9 Reviews
Elle's Tap Bar • $
930 Prospect Ave, Peru - 5.5 miles

“Great time for a short trip or a long trip, very friendly“

5 Superb5 Reviews
Splash N Go Bar • $
1713 Ottawa Ave, Ottawa - 6.99 miles
5 Superb4 Reviews
Kasap's Tavern Bar • $$
430 E Walnut St, Oglesby - 3.89 miles
5 Superb4 Reviews


Morts Bar • $
1349 5th St, La Salle - 4.03 miles

“nice place ,terrific bartender's“

5 Superb4 Reviews


Rephils Bar • $$
535 1st St, La Salle - 4.64 miles

“Best bar I have ever been in! Very laid back atmosphere, engaging and friendly people, with a bartender that is equally friendly, welcoming and hilarious to boot. Makes you feel like you had been coming there and are known for 30 years! Very fun place! Definitely making the 80 mile hike again to come back soon!“

5 Superb3 Reviews
Archway Tap Bar •
730 N Columbia Ave, Oglesby - 3.94 miles
5 Superb2 Reviews
Machelle's Back Street Bar • $$
959 9th St, La Salle - 4.32 miles

“Went in back on December for the first time and I have been coming back ever since. The owners are fantastic and give their customers a great energetic and fun environment! Karaoke Thursdays are the best!“

5 Superb2 Reviews
Aric's Pub Bar • $
1901 Ottawa Ave, Ottawa - 6.92 miles

“Place is unbelievable, great atmosphere. One of the owners known as big D set the mood, class act, best bartender I've ever come across. We shall return, wish I knew this big D's work schedule. Be there every shift, a must go to bar.“

5 Superb2 Reviews
Bait shop the Dugout tavern Bar • $$
1629 Crosat St #1485, La Salle - 4.27 miles
4.6 Superb7 Reviews
White Way Tavern Bar • $$
515 5th St, Peru - 5.4 miles
5 Superb1 Reviews
Sajnaj's Buffet Bar • $
501 5th St, Peru - 5.37 miles
5 Superb1 Reviews
Laura's East End Tap Bar • $$
403 E Walnut St, Oglesby - 3.93 miles

“A great place to sit down relax and have your favorite drink. You can enjoy a game of darts or try your luck on one of there 5 video slots. If you are feeling hungry, ask for one of there my great Eastside or Butch's pizzas. Give it a try!“

4 Good1 Reviews
Doc's Pub Bar • $$
945 1st St, La Salle - 4.34 miles

“I love this bar!! Always a good time!!“

4.3 Superb6 Reviews
Bears Den Bar • $
1607 Ottawa Ave, Ottawa - 7.07 miles

Customers` Favorites

Combo Half Sausage Half Beef Sandwich
Boneless Garlic Chicken Sandwich
Biscuits and Gravy Half Order
Homemade Sausage Sandwich
Hot Italian Beef Sandwich
Rib Eye Sandwich
Hot Peppers
Italian Sub
Onion Rings

“Bears Den is a hidden gem that's worth seeking out. Known for its delicious hot Italian sausage sandwiches and steak sandwiches, this casual eatery is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The friendly and welcoming crowd, along with knowledgeable and personable bartenders, make for a great atmosphere. The menu offers a range of tasty options, including the popular Great Sausage Burger, and generous portions are served at affordable prices.“

4.4 Superb27 Reviews
Koi Sushi & Hibachi Japanese • $$
1519 Water St, Peru - 6.14 miles

Customers` Favorites

Spicy Tuna and Spicy Crab Rolls
Chicken Hibachi with White Rice
Shrimp Hibachi with Fried Rice
Spicy California Rolls
Hibachi Combo
Dinosaur Roll
Pork Dumplings
Crab Rangoon
Spider Roll
Dragon Roll

“Koi Sushi & Hibachi is a restaurant known for its high-quality, reasonably priced food and drinks. The menu offers a variety of options, with standouts including sushi rolls, plum sake, and dinosaur rolls. The staff is friendly, engaging, and attentive, ensuring that glasses remain full. Customers particularly enjoy the delicious and smooth plum sake, which pairs well with the sushi rolls. The restaurant is a great choice for those seeking a pleasant dining experience.“

4.9 Superb74 Reviews
Jake's Pourhouse Bar • $
201 9th St, La Salle - 4.88 miles

Customers` Favorites

Garlic Parmesan Fries
Bacon Cheese Burger
Philly Cheesesteak
Suicide Sandwich
Small French Fry
Boneless Wings
Italian Beef
Cheese Fries
Suiside Sub

“Jake's Pourhouse serves delicious food, including the popular ham and cheese sandwich, Suicide sub, and all-you-can-eat tacos. The battered fries are a highlight. The atmosphere is top-notch, with a clean and renovated local tavern feel. Friendly and attentive servers provide fast service, making it a great spot for a meal out.“

4.3 Superb40 Reviews
Walt's Tavern Bar • $$
1059 9th St, La Salle - 4.25 miles

“Just found out they had the quik chik chicken & my husband was so excited to try something from his childhood once again & I bein a vegetarian i ordered fries & coleslaw & the lady answering the phone was very pleasant & upon walking in the man behind the bar was very nice & I got my order & drove 20 minutes home grabbed my first French fri & omg it was still hot not warm but hot & I can order from places less than a block away from me & fries are warm at best so to drive 20min & have hot fries is awesome time management on the cooks part he or she's a keeper..& now for the chicken my husband loved it not greasy yet juicy and tender& hot which made him glad he got a half over a quarter so he could have awesome left overs & he loved the coleslaw everything about it & I loved the juice its like a sweet kfc juice & lots of it omg so good i can drink it absolutely loved it .the texture is more on the minced side & I prefer more chopped but thats just personal prefance & that delicious juice i didn't really care i ate almost the whole pint in one sitting..We will definitely order this again & the awesome hot food & the very friendly service is the reason why cause the two go together to make a good meal great ..“

3.8 Good5 Reviews
Greg’s Dew Drop Inn LLC Bar • $$$
1202 1st St, La Salle - 4.17 miles

“Very nice relaxing environment. The bartenders are kind and the crowd that goes there regularly are very calm and friendly. I've been there 4 times nothing but good experiences not only from staff but patron alike.“

3.5 Good4 Reviews