Dairy Queen

14460 South La Grange Road, Orland Park
(708) 349-1922

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If I could leave zero stars I would. Inlive 30 minutes from this place and lately everytim I come out thy are not serving food. They should be serving everything. Please close this restaurant if you can not operate it they way it is suppose to be.

Grace Coutts

!!!! DO NOT!!!! DO NOT BUY A CAKE FROM HERE!!!!!!I ordered a cake over the phone 10/9 around 1230pm and I asked for a cookie dough blizzard cake. Lady on the phone said she had an 8 inch available and I asked for writing on it. She said OK it would be ready in 10 minutes. I came by around 830 to pick it up, it's not ready. There's no writing, and they said to come back in 2 days when there's someone to write on it. I could NOT be more upset and dissapointed since the lady on the phone said it'd be ready for me even sooner than I could pick it up and I was excited to have a cake for my special person. It was all messed up, and I was really let down because I was excited to present this cake. Never coming back to this location, and neither should you.

Ann Kennedy

I grabbed a strawberry shake. Have to admit it exceeded my expectations. We always get blizzards, first time shake. Wow

Nick Moore

So it starts off that we couldn't order through the kiosk. Then we get to the window and they take my order, shut the window, then come back and I give them another order, they again shut the window, rinse and repeat. They got good fries, food is so so. Ice cream is always great. Unfortunately, because I've had a couple of issues at this location, I'll be going to another one for better service.

Taylor B

How are you doing in this 90-degree-plus heat we have been experiencing in Chicago recently? When I was growing up in the 1940s and 1950s, summertime always meant Little League and Pony League and American Legion baseball and swimming at the Memorial Park pool and indulging in ice cream at Dairy Queen. Blizzards weren't introduced until 1985 but ice cream and banana splits and chocolate shakes cooled us off. They still do. And Dairy Queen is bigger than ever. The American chain of soft serve ice cream and hot dogs and burgers, which was founded in Joliet, Illinois, in 1940, has grown to 4,550 fast-food restaurants in the United States and 6,800 globally. You don't have to look far to find one in the Chicago area. One is at 14460 South La Grange Road in southwest suburban Orland Park. It's one of my sister's favorite destinations. On a recent visit, we sampled several of DQ's most popular treats--an Oreo blizzard, a peanut butter blizzard, a chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard, two chocolate shakes, a strawberry shake, a banana split with ice cream and sliced banana topped with chocolate sauce, strawberry and pineapple toppings and whipped cream, a breaded Alaskan cod sandwich with lettuce and tartar sauce, a BBQ pork sandwich on a glazed bun and a Flamethrower, a 1/2-pound of beef topped with DQ's fiery Flamethrower sauce, pickles, melted pepper jack cheese, jalapeno bacon, thick-cut tomato and chopped lettuce served on a warm toasted bun. With fries. Like the good old days.

Dianna Chapman

9 cars in line,went pretty fast made it home before it melted, lucky grandpa

Shakah Williams

They had one vegan option. The non dairy dilly bar! It was pretty good.


I looove ice cream!! Dairy Queen has been around as long as I remember and always is a great summer treat! Yummy! This one had very fresh food when we went.

Essential Creations Chicago Sandtricia

The young lady slam the glass door shut without saying thank you or good bye. She was upset I asked for extra napkins. Beware if she is at the window

Robert H

Had to eat my malt with a spoon, which was unfortunate, since I had to drive another half hour to do so.Passenger couldn't order their choice, since the selection was out, so they got a chocolate chip blizzard. The bottom half was solid, unblended vanilla ice cream though.Feel bad for the few employees that were sprinting about trying to get orders filled.

Ali D.

This doesn't even deserve one star i got 6 blizzards and they were all supposed to be chocolate the young woman at the window gave me all vanilla and once I said something about the problem she's got very ignorant and kept cutting me off and screaming at me just to give her the cups. And kept trying to say I never come to this dq when I was trying to use my coupons.This was at 10:00pm.

Lee Arroyo

Listening skills could be better and execution needs work but nice staff


I looove ice cream!! Dairy Queen has been around as long as I remember and always is a great summer treat! Yummy! This one had very fresh food when we went.

Hunter Tuscher

Nice people and they let me bike though the drive thur because the inside was closed fast good Ice cream and nice people.

James Morgan

Excellent staff at this location. Always leave a tip. Food is hot and order is always accurate

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