Papa Joe's Italian Restaurant

14459 South La Grange Road, Orland Park
(708) 403-9099

Recent Reviews

Freda Humble

Papa Joe's is our favorite catering place! We've ordered for several functions this year and created different menus each time. Easy ordering, easy pick up process. Superb quality and very affordable ?

Laurie Cryan

The Friday night piano player is a wonderful touch to this great location. We love going and listening to him play while enjoying a delicious meal!

Janet Swerbenski

We went to see the band Under The Canopy outside it was wonderful the band was Little Giants the staff with superb the food look wonderful but we didn't eat cuz we had plans of doing dinner later will definitely be back keep the good work

Rauf Durosinmi

Starr was an excellent waitress, She was very attentive to all of our needs,

Crystal Perez

This is a really nice family oriented restaurant. The service was great. Our waiter was friendly. The only reason why I didn't give them 5 stars is because the drinks weren't up to my expectations. The food was really good though.

Fredricka Bonner

I have been here a few times this time I came with my family we had the sausage and pepper, we've had the shrimp Caesar salad, pizza,lasagna, and a streak sandwich, and all of it was good. We got so fill. There was a man playing the piano and that made it feel even more cozy for us. The service was very friendly.

Maripat conroy

Couldn't wait to go!! Love their chicken tetrozini. And my son was gonna finally see there huge cheese sticks. No they were half the size they use to be. My tetrozini was awful. Sauce was beige. Portion size much much smaller. Not the same anymore !! My son enjoyed the pizza. Huge disappointment it was. Drove 45 mins to have this place for dinner

Greg Whitt

Carry out pizza is decent two times we have had it, and the staff is nice, but tonight we ordered a chicken Marsala and grilled chicken sandwich and they were both really poorly made. Probably won’t go back.

Jennifer Wilkins

Was there for a baby was good. Service a bit slow...deco very early 80s...restroom w 2 stalls...had a young girl using one of the stalls to carry on an extremely loud and angry phone conversation...for quite some time. 20 min + ...while a line formed waiting to relieve themselves...The outdoor eatery looked more interesting than the indoor.Altho the womens room dilemma still exists..

Rosann Grillo

Very nice atmosphere, but the food was not up to par. Their catering was very good.

D Strand

Delicious calamari, lasagna ans wine. Great folks to allow us to sit and chat and eat casually for hours.

Dana Kotek (Sweetie)

My family and I went here for the luncheon after a funeral recently. No issues w/the service, but I was very displeased with the food. Now, in the past, we used to come here for BOGO pasta on Tuesdays, and we all enjoyed their baked mostaccoli very much. Regular mostaccoli was one thing that was served on our recent trip- I found it to be extremely salty. However, it seemed to be the highlight w/everyone else in my party. Green beans w/almonds were just okay, too much greasy butter. The highlight for me was potatoes that had a gravy and delicious spices. I did not try the chicken, but my family seemed to enjoy that, as well as the cut up Italian sausage and the peppers. I was mainly disappointed in the pasta, I remember it being quite yummy and certainly not that salty. Would I choose to eat here again? No.

William Freeland

My wife and I come up to visit her family frequently and we order from Papa Joe's at least once per visit. Normally we have a very positive experience, however the last two times we ordered it has been the oposite. We ordered 2 large pizzas and two orders of baked mostocholie for a family gathering. Both of the pizza's had their toppings slide off (I only took a picture of the worst one), neither of the baked mostocholies had the top layer if cheese and one had very little sause. In the previous order we had the same issue with the mostocholie (no cheese on top) and one of our pizzas was undercooked and not sliced while the other was overcooked. Both of these orders were placed on a Saturday evening so I am assuming that there was a lot of activity during that time so I could understand this happening once and would probably not thought anything of it but twice in a row is the start of a problem. If volumes are that high have the person taking orders let people know that due to high volumes there may be an extended wait or that some items may not be available for delivery. This would be much more acceptable than paying for food that is incorrectly prepared or damaged in transit. The quality of the food is why we are ordering from Papa Joe's and not Papa John's.

Paul S.

This is our go to pizza stop in Orland Park. Great dine in experience as well. Service is always great, and if you haven't tried it, ask for the pizza to be well done, delicious.

Elizabeth Racinowski

I ordered the lasagna and my fiance ordered the eggplant. Service was good. We didn't wait long for the dinners. But was not impressed with the food. Usually their food is great.

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