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Kino's Coffee Coffee Shops • $
103 N Market St, Paxton

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Breakfast Casserole

“Absolutely love this place! Amazing staff, amazing atmosphere and their food and drinks are completely addicting to the point Kinos has its own line in our budget these days! ? Also their specialty products are unmatched! Christian goodies for everyone! Try the turkey and cheese sandwich with their specialty mustard! Promise you won’t regret it! ?PS don’t forget to check out their little bookshelf full of free books and more right by the door in/out! Picked up an adventure Bible for a special little boy who didn’t have anny Bible in his home and he had read over 80 pages in less than a week at 8! So thankful for Kino’s in a wide range of ways! Only store of any type I’ve ever seen such Glory given to God first and I’m here for it! ? Thanks Kinos for all you do for our little communities around Paxton & I’m sure your impact far surpasses your intentions! ❤️Parking: As long as it’s not 7-7:30am you should be good but even then it’s worth the extra little walk for their espresso & turkey and cheese sandwiches with their specialty mustard. ?Kid-friendliness: Little toys by the register couch area, little games on the tables and so much space to just enjoy a coffee with your mama friends! Mine are all a little too old to want to play with the toys but my best friends little boy LOVES his Kino time! Wheelchair accessibility: Haven’t tried to get a wheelchair in however the doors look plenty wide enough and the entrance is a ramp style entrance so no stairs!“

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