Wm. Van's Coffee House

503 S 7th St, Springfield
(217) 679-4726

Recent Reviews

Daniel Villa, AIA

Good stuff! I’d recommend because the espresso is smooth and the ambience is really good. Also, being right across the street from the Lincoln historic area makes it super convenient for tourists like myself.

Brad Whalen

Best latte in town. Need to try some different options sometime, but when they make my latte that well I dont really need to.

Jeff Mowbray

Quiet, quaint, and enjoyable place to stop for a a coffee. Love the building and the decor. Free wifi and great menu and coffee options. Way better than going to Starbucks.

Lindsay M.

This is one of my favorite places to sit and relax in Springfield. The staff is friendly and the food/drinks are great. I love the smoked salmon on a bagel or the veggie lover breakfast wrap

Manal Alharbi

The service & sandwich was good! Tasty coffee too.

Nathan B.

Great coffeehouse in the shadow of Lincoln's home in Springfield. I was in town for a couple days and wanted to visit a coffee house with a local flavor. Wm. Van's did not disappoint! The history of the town and the building is evident on its walls. Coffee, food, and employees were great too! Highly recommend!

Tylor Stell

This lovely coffee shop provided a great atmosphere to unwind and relax, whilst sipping some tasty coffee and waiting for the next bullet point of the itinerary.

Elizabeth H.

Such a nice atmosphere, I feel like I could come in here and work for hours. It's cozy and hip, and the coffee is great. I didn't get to try food, but everything looks delicious. If I lived in Springfield, this would be my home-base coffee shop. I plan on stopping through whenever I'm in town.

Joshua Lolling

Really great pour over and friendly staff in a super cute shop.

Katie Gunn Drawdy

Friendly staff, nice atmosphere. My drink was great.

Jared E.

Love it! Great staff, fast service, great coffee, great food. I like their bagels and yogurt parfaits because I always go there when I'm in a hurry, but their sit down breakfast is great as well. If you're there in the afternoon, they have great iced tea. If you're working out of the office, it is a good spot to plug in your laptop and work.

Yoon Soo Park

Great place for coffee. If you are visiting Lincoln's historic home, it's just across the street from the visitor center. Great service and ambience.

Mark G.

Nice place with very friendly staff! They have every kind of coffee drink you could ask for. They even have coffee cocktails!!!

jill deslate

Saw this place while we were waiting for our tour at the Lincoln Home. Went to try their coffee and carrot cupcake. Their coffee was okay. The place was creatively done with Abraham's big picture hanging on the wall. The staffs were friendly and helpful. The price for their food and coffees was all right.

C G.

Great little coffee shop near the Lincoln house. Very relaxed comfortable feel in a refurbished home. Got the 4 cheese sandwich and chips with a cup of the local Brazilian roast. Very friendly service

Luke Wahl

Classic atmosphere, friendly staff, lots of home in a coffee shop to enjoy relaxing and trying a properly made brew. We both got quality stuff from the miel and (I forget what I had) but both very tasty. Would definitely come back for more (if I didn't live hours away). There cocktail options were beyond tempting and about got me distracted from my roadtrip enough to sit down for a good while and contemplate the benefits of trading the low taxes of Indiana for the caffeine and alcohol mixes here.

Angeli S

Cozy coffee house. I got this cute latte, around Easter last year.

Luke W.

Classic atmosphere, friendly staff, lots of home in a coffee shop to enjoy relaxing and trying a properly made brew. We both got quality stuff from the miel and (I forget what I had) but both very tasty. Would definitely come back for more (if I didn't live hours away). There cocktail options were beyond tempting and about got me distracted from my roadtrip enough to sit down for a good while and contemplate the benefits of trading the low taxes of Indiana for the caffeine and alcohol mixes here.

Judy L

You order at the counter and wait for your food at a table. Fast service. Friendly staff. Excellent chicken salad sandwich. Good soups and sweets. Located in an old home that has been redecorated for the Coffee House. Highly recommend

Justin Bertoldi

We were there today and have been there many times and like always the service is excellent as is the coffee and food. I have a cinnamon roll and a Carmel latte and it's by far the best in town. Highly recommend.

Tenna G

Great little coffee shop for a great drink and sweet treats! We had two coffee drinks that were great, a Kringle which is always delicious, and a BLT breakfast sandwich. We would definitely stop in again.

Phil Ruhnke

Unlimited cup of coffee for $4.25. Nice selection of baked goods!


Great customer service. The food and coffee are fabulous.

Eric Woods

Great coffee, great atmosphere, and wonderful people!

Karen Miner

Second time there. Love the atmosphere. So laid back. Very nice staff.

Emily G.

The coffee and the atmosphere here are good. Great even. It is part of a larger collaborative in town so it has less of a local feel then some other coffee shops in the area. Everything we had was lovely. A co-worker and I visited twice while in town for a week. We did have some service issues. We went early one morning and were informed they were out of skim milk and only had whole or soy or almond. The barista who rang us up was also a bit put out when we requested an itemized receipt. We stopped by the next day in the afternoon and again were told they still had no skim milk. When I said I did not want a drink without skim, they replied, "oh, there may be some in the store room downstairs." They then went and got the skim milk and made the drink.

Scott Coffman

Nice place to go and chill out (figuratively--it's HOT!). Now serving Redbud Coffee, which is a big plus. Free wi-do with lots of places to plug in.

Paden Morgan

Absolutely love this place! They have the BEST lavender latte! Definitely worth the visit!

david m.

I searched for a coffee shop on a sleepy weekend in Springfield and we found this lovely shop. It's in a refurbished Victorian Home, across the street from the Lincoln Home Visitor Center. The coffee is the real great thing about this place, their blends are delicious. I also ordered their Zucchini Muffin and a Brownie. They very cold and they should not be in their fridge or they should lower the temp of the case. The only other thing that prevents me from giving them 5 stars was the service. The 2 girls were talking very loudly with each other and joking within earshot. When I said hello the one at the register finally got off her chair and started to take care of us. You could see the condiment station needed cleaning along with the bathroom and refilling their water station. We did come back on Sunday and the gentleman working was very helpful and it seemed that the issues from the day before were not there. Overall I'd recommend them for the coffee & location.

Jordan M.

I have no idea how you can call yourself a coffee shop and run out of bagels AND eggs on a Sunday at brunch time. If this has happened more than once, whomever handles inventory should be put on unpaid leave for an indefinite amount of time. I had to get the Turkhammy and it was mostly meat, which I liked.

Larry B.

I work across the street from this coffee house -- I drop in a couple of times each week for a cup of coffee or a sandwich. I like the atmosphere of this little morning must stop -- The staff is always friendly and the coffee is great. Both their breakfast and lunch sandwiches are delicious. The shop has a nice selection of b'fast pastries and sweet snacks in the display case. I love the fact that they serve Italian espresso coffees they way they should be served. A cafe macchiato is a shot of espresso with just enough milk foam to turn it from black to dark brown, that's how they make it at vans! -- It is not some nasty concoction with caramel syrup and enough sugar to give you diabetes in the style of charbucks. I also like the fruit smoothies. They have both the daily local newspaper and the Chicago Tribune, I usually pick up one of those and read the headlines while I'm eating my lunch or waiting on my to go order. It's a chill place to hang out.


A friend of mine and I stopped for an afternoon coffee in this quaint old house turned coffee shop. It was filled with a variety of people, including an actor playing Mrs. Lincoln, on break from the Visitors center across the street. Great coffee and ambiance.

Cass Manansala

this one of my favorite places in the universe.

Brandon Williams

Great tasting coffee for a decent price. The building is next door to the Lincoln Home and in a restored building. Wonderful atmosphere !

Pedro Nieves

Great service great price customer service was outstanding. good morning and a smile goes a long way

Bo Nickels

Phenomenal, AMAZING COFFEE and service! the staff has so much knowledge and always suggest a good drink!

Ian C.

Ran in when I was in town for training for a quick cup of coffee. Place is a really cute old house and gives it a fun and relaxed vibe (wish I had had the time to sit inside and enjoy the ambiance. Prices are a steal and the quality of service and product both can't be beat. Highly recommend if in the area!

Christian Smith

This is the best coffee shop in all of downtown Springfield. I highly recommend this location for anyone traveling through who doesn't want Starbucks quality coffee. This is much better than that! The breakfast menu is out in full force and is a great healthy choice before you go out and visit some of the nearby historical places. I ate here 3 out of 5 of my mornings in Springfield and was not disappointed in anything I got!


Great place for coffee and food. You can sit inside or relax outside. Employees are amazing and so friendly.

Tim K.

My family and I made a spur of the moment Fourth of July trip to Springfield to see the Lincoln home and other historical sites. I was absolutely pleased to find such a great coffee place in proximity to downtown and several sites of interest. They had a great selection of teas for my tea-loving spouse, and excellent espresso-based beverages for me. My kids enjoyed the large, homemade brownies. We ended up visiting them every morning of our stay and would definitely recommend them to anyone visiting Springfield.