Denny's in Evansville

Denny's - 5212 Weston Rd

Rating: 3.5 - 68 Votes

5212 Weston Rd, Evansville IN 47712
(812) 424-4472

The food was delicious. We had the Bourbon Chicken skillet tonight. We often get steak there because their steak actually is usually better than the steakhouse we often go to. The service was great, too. Our waitress was Renee, and she was quite the character. We always seem to have friendly waitresses. The price isn' more

Denny's - North St

Rating: 3.4 - 86 Votes

3901 Hwy 41, North St, Evansville IN 47711
(812) 423-9459

This place has some of the best burgers, they're very juicy and large but not greasy. Great onion rings! The atmosphere was nice, quiet, and warm! I usually freeze at every restaurant I go to, but I actually was able to enjoy eating without shivering and rushing because I'm so cold. They have a good selection on their more

Denny's - 19501 Elpers Rd

Rating: 3.3 - 77 Votes

19501 Elpers Rd, Evansville IN 47725
(812) 867-7156

Food was good and cooked like we ordered it. service was good an friendly. I tried paying for older gentlemens an his wife's meal for his service an just my luck they had already paid. God knows my heart was in good intentions.

Denny's - 351 N Green River Rd

Rating: 2.8 - 72 Votes

351 N Green River Rd, Evansville IN 47715
(812) 473-1063

The food was great and the service was friendly. Only problem we had was my wife ordered the Philly Chicken sandwich but got the Philly Steak sandwich. It was good and she didn't want to wait for them to make another sandwich so she ate it.


Denny's in The Nearby Cities

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