Taco Bell

3902 S Post Rd, Indianapolis
(317) 862-2802

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FilAm Fam Adventures

Typical taco bell. Friendly service.

Brittany O'Neal

This location is aweful! Went to order a bean burrito and they didn't say hi or anything welcoming just "do you have your mask?" How can you eat with a mask? THIS IS A JOKE!!!!!! Goes to show what kind of ignorant people own this place! Well they've lost my business and those before and after me as well. Hope you rethink before eating here and hope they rethink the appalling orders they are trying to force customers to follow in a free country!

Jessica W.

Got a chicken and a steak quesadilla. The chicken quesadilla was burned and almost black on the outside the steak wasn't much better AND had hardly any meat OR cheese in it. I see why all the reviews are negative. DO BETTER.

J Baugh

Not the fastest, but food was tasty and order was correct!

Paige C.

The service is always quick and staff is friendly. But second time that we've been through the drive thru around 9:30 pm and their ice machine is broken so you are served warm drinks and they forgot something in our order. Just annoying paying for warm drinks and paying for items we didn't receive.

Aleksandar Benic

Fast service, food is good. Asked the young man at the window if the straw was in the bag for my Baja Blast, he said it was (didn’t sound sure). I am not enjoying my Baja Blast right now. Could’ve gave me a straw just in case it wasn’t.

shera Myers

I put in an order online. I didn't order a drink just two burritos. I also didn't order any cinnabon delights. When i got to this location the order that the staff were telling me about had a drink and cinnabon delights. I explained that i didn't order that. The lady that was taking my order was audibly upset and rude. I told her maybe i was at the wrong store and i just cancelled my order and just ordered something at the facility. I apologized for the inconvenience/mixup and they were still rude. The woman that took my payment barely said two words and slammed the window closed after handing me my food. This facility needs better customer service. Sometimes mix ups happen. There is no need for rude service because of it.

Amanda Buell

I mean, its Taco Bell. Always decent food, service is hit and miss. I've had occasional trouble as a vegetarian with them giving me the wrong protein, but overall not bad, exactly what you'd expect from fast food. This one tends to be pretty quick at least.

watching you

Today I order 4 hard shell steak taco. Very little in them and the meat was ranched made us both sick right away . I thought it tasted odd but it was spoiled this was about 1030 AN May 7,2020 I would not recommend this Taco bell.board of health needs to be called on food prep or lack of maintaining

Todd Helmold

Taco bell is always good, what is even better is to get extra bean burritos to be heated up for a late night snack mmmm.

Ean Mcelwain

pretty good soap 10/10 taste like strawberrys,

Jesse Holwager

Perhaps a suggestion... If the workers would stop bickering. and goofing off with each other. They might get the food out quicker. Way too many people irritated at how long they were taking

Kenzie W.

My family and I are dining in here we got our food 15 mins after we order. A worker was sneezing while making food. They are also not polite.

Timothy Jenkins

The thing that is different about this taco bell is people work their skill level for sure. Not an insult, btw, if anything, it's a compliment. The employees here all seem to know what's up. They are definitely well managed bc nobody does a job they can't do. Meaning the people running the counter SHOULD be at the counter. The person at drive thru SHOULD be at the drive thru. And so on! This place is the best T.B. I've been to bc nothing ever really gets messed up. Are there mistakes? Probably. Are they probably good teaching tools? Absolutely. Anyway, hopefully someday the Chili Cheese Burrito makes it's way back!

Tam L

Never had any issues here. Tacos are so good, even my 2 year old loves them. Drive through service is usually decent and good quality here, and I've been to many around the nation.

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