Taco Bell

3902 S Post Rd, Indianapolis
(317) 862-2802

Recent Reviews

Nan Van

Yesterday on our first-ever visit to this restaurant, I ordered 3 tacos and a drink; my husband ordered the salad. We ordered inside at the counter but asked for it To Go. It took 20 minutes for 3 tacos and a salad to be handed over the counter to us!!! I've gotten food faster at full-service restaurants. There were a few other customers waiting as well. This makes me hesitant to return.

Alena Van Arendonk

Typical food quality for the chain, but beware the VERY slow service. It took us well over 20 minutes to receive our orders, which only included basic tacos and salads -- nothing that required significant preparation. There was no apparent reason for the delay other than lack of concern on the part of the employees, who wandered casually around behind the counter and seemed put out that customers wanted to order food.

Holly Schrank

Taco shells were fresh not stale...yay!!!

nav purewal

Good place to go for a quick bite.

Brisyn Mcwhirter

I asked for a large mt dew and 3 potato grillers no sour cream as they were instructed they were very welcoming and forth going and they got me through the line fairly quick but got home had sour cream on all 3 of them and realized I received no mt dew. I will never come back to this location.

Dalton Covert

This order in particular was perfect for me. Everything was cooked to order, sauces and all, something that isn't common with Indianapolis fast food.

Melani S.

Quick service, hot food, special order and they we're all done correctly.

Luke Robinson

The manager was unprofessional, and did not care to solve any problem. Filled my freeze up half way and goes we never fill it up any higher. What an absolute joke of a Taco Bell and what an absolute joke of a manager. My 4 year old niece could run the place better than her grumpy self.

Mr. Johnny Doggs

Good service. They messed up on my order but they gladly fixed. Service with a smile.

Kevin Massa

Slooooooow. Glad I don't have to be anywhere. Wished I would've went thru the drive thru. Seems like that's all they care about.

Pam Davidson

Just fast food. Handled rush well. Could have been cleaner.

Chris West

This is the only location I visit because I work thirds and it's usually one of the only places open when I'm headed to work. I won't be going back. This place has gone in the gutter in the last few months. Horrendous customer service. I stopped in tonight and was informed that I was only allowed to order up to 3 items. I went a few days ago and sat I'm the drive thru for close to 20 mins with 1 car ahead of me. When I pulled up to the window I didn't get greeted or even acknowledged. Then after I handed the guy my card he proceeded to stand there talking to a woman in the back for a while then handed me my card and I waited another few minutes for my food. Which was nearly cold.

Ed Popplewell

It was better this time they had the help they need it still had to wait 30 minutes in the drive-through And people behind me Left but they all had a good attitude. Especially shall be and I don't remember the other lady in the drive-through A young black lady they need a raise am I pin

Matt A.

Tends to be fairly slow, but the workers have been friendly. Just takes a while to get your food, especially when dining in.

Jay Lynn

Best taco bell I've gone too!!!

Your Name

This place is filthy on the inside from the doormats which haven't been washed in months to the bathroom with toilet paper all over the floor. If you have to eat here go through the dtive-thru at least then you don't have to look for someone to take your order.

Nathan Lindsey

Great service. Very good workers. Very clean nice and hospitable place. 2 thumbs up!

Andrew Visker

Decent food almost hooked up fat. Much better than the brookville rd tb! It's hit or miss on the speed. Sometimes slow other times not too bad.

Vic A.

Last night they were out of pretty much everything! This business has never stayed consistent since they've open. I'm thinking who ever owns this restaurant doesn't know how to manage the money or how to order ahead so they won't run out.

Kim Banker

Wish they wouldn't have discontinued the gordita's! Chicken gorditas were what I always ordered, now I have no real favorite.


If you are dying for excruciatingly slow service and or your order to be wrong EVERY SINGLE time with either missing or incorrect items, then this taco is the place to be!

Andrea Schember

Seriously slow. If you're in a hurry, choose a different restaurant. 25 minutes to wait for a fast food order is absurd.

James Jones

Great taco bell. Food was good. People were very nice.

Rachel Holton

It's been a month since I've been here and I went to go to the drive-thru tonight at 1:20am, the lights on the inside of the building were on but the outside lights were all off including the main sign and the Drive-Thru which is very unwelcoming. It's really a shame that this is the only fast food restaurant we have open besides McDonald's in our town! This is the third time I've edited this review and the service and the food just has not improved here!

Donna Strong

Would have given ZERO stars if I could have. Stopped to eat but decided to go to bathroom first. Large one-person bathroom with vacant/in use type door lock. Locked door and proceeded to "do my business." Upon finishing, no toilet paper in either side. No paper towels ... only an electronic hand dryer. Yelled to my sister waiting her turn. She told cashier that I needed toilet paper. She told manager who, after 5 minutes, still wasn't responding. Then, gave my sister large roll of toilet paper but they didn't have key to unlock door! Had NO IDEA which key it was. Tried several, after telling them they needed to find one. After about 15 minutes, I said forget it and got up and unlocked it myself. They never apologized or offered anything to us for their lack of organization. While my sister was waiting, this group also had two different customers orders incorrect.


We ordered tacos. One crunchy supreme. One soft supreme. My husband ordered four crunchy. I always order a side of salsa they put with the taco salad. They didnâ??t get my soft taco supreme correct. After I had put my last half of salsa on it is when I discovered they forgot the sour cream & diced tomatoes. My husband took it up front, waited, explained then suggested she just give us some sour cream on the side. She grabbed it out of his hand angrily & threw it in the trash. So, when she sloppy put the new one together & only put a dab of sour cream on one eighth of the taco he told her sheâ??d need to give him another salsa. She told him no. Youâ??ll have to pay for another salsa. He said no because we paid for the salsa that was on it & I explained that to you. Now keep in mind it is only 49¢ BUT they only fill the tiny cup with half. I used half on my crunchy & finished off the other half on the soft taco. She actually went & got the manager whom told him he doesnâ??t do that. My husband explained again how the entire situation should have never happened in the first place. Do you know not one employee apologized for THEM getting the order wrong. Even the manager was so unprofessional he offered no apology. Nothing. Taco Bell needs to improve with customer service especially when they make the mistakes. I hardly think the squaring off with us over salsa was worth losing customers. Behind us we could hear a couple saying they better get our order right or all hell will break loose. The restaurant was okay. Not dirty but definitely not real clean. The restroom was okay as well. Easy access in & out. Disappointed they angrily threw together a sloppy mushy soft taco after they made the mistake. We will not return to this Taco Bell. Find new management & demote him & the taco maker.

Steve Ratterman

Good location with easy access to interstate. Great food and nice atmosphere. Staff is always polite!


Manager was nice. No extra cheese on Mexican Pizza as ordered. It seems no Taco Bell I go to can get my order right. Daughter wants cool ranch tacos meat and cheese, son wants cool ranch supreme no let or tom or the #11, and I get a #4 with two regular cool ranch supremes. I know their is room for error but 3/4 times, two being at a different location.

Evan Titus

I have no idea how this place has more than a 1 star average. I waited 30+ minutes for my food. Efficiency is not important. Itâ??s worth your drive to go to a different Taco Bell. Itâ??ll save you time. The worst run Taco Bell Iâ??ve ever visited. Itâ??s okay though, they gave me an extra cinnamon twist for the wait.

wyatt ferguson

Was pretty busy but they got it done fast 4 stars only because of the cashier.

rhonda chestnut

Service was efficient,food was good. Much better from my last visit.

Joni Curtis

They were very fast at the drive through. Our order was right including my special order of no added onions.

Nikki Massie

I've been here many times, and sometimes the food and drinks are good and sometimes they are not good at all. I think that the food should tast the same evey time you vist but that's not always the case. Sometimes you get good customer service and sometimes you don't. I think alot of restaurants including this one needs to read their reviews and make their stores and employees better.

Amber Trimpl

They were all polite from taking my order in the drive-thru to taking my money and providing my food at the pick up window. I would give 5 stars but sadly almost every time i have to go back in the store and get my cinnamon twist because they forget to give it to me in the Drive-Thru. But in comparison that is quite small compared to how great their customer service is and how nice all their employees are.

Max Ross

I will never go to this location again. Have tried them a few times and their food quality is a â??0â?. The cheese smells like it soured and nothing is made to look appetizing. Crushed chips and bad beef is all you get here

Jonathan Roberts

Not the fastest fast food restaurant, but the restaurant was clean, the employees were nice, and the food was pretty good. The touchscreen was pretty cool.

Q McPeek

The last six reviews Iâ??ve got one star. Is there management that works here that actually pays attention?

Stephanie Schemenaur

Destiny made sure that ALL of my items were in my bags, and were perfect!! She was friendly, delightful, and a pleasure to be helped by! She is the bomb!!! I will continue coming here for my large family's orders, as long as treatment is equal to or better, just like Destiny's!!!ð?? ð???

Brandon Puckett

This may be one of the poorest examples of a business I've dealt with in the past several years. Long wait times, out of main product during peak times, cold food (as in not having been heated up to begin with) etc. I have made the mistake of coming here to inconvenience myself too many times. Minus 5 stars.

Alek D.

Easily the worst Taco Bell in Indiana. You are always guaranteed to wait over 20-30 minutes for your food inside or out and you can almost guarantee your order will be messed up. This Taco Bell has been bad consistently for over 2 years now since I moved to the area. Pretty disappointing that they can't figure it out. Currently leaving the line and just going to Wendy's.