501 State Rd 46, Nashville
(812) 988-4452

Recent Reviews

David Szmuc

When other places nearby that were fancy failed me. McD's to the rescue. I'm loving it!!

Karl Witsman

Very clean and good hamburgers.

Stephen Fox

Pretty good food morning.

James Wilson

I didn’t get a whole lot but seemed like a nice McDonalds and they treated me well.One star off as one of my two pies was about 2 hours past the sell by when they gave it to me. It was still tasty though.

Lori Compton

Good hamburger. Fries ate great when they are warm and fresh. Good iced tea.

Jessica Waters

This is hands-down the best McDonald’s I have ever been to. The food is consistently very good and we always receive great customer service!

Kerri McTarsney

Good luck. Four cars order while “Brittany” says “One moment please”. FIRE BRITTANY. Find someone who can take an order for 1 large Diet Coke.

Ms. Lory

I was pleasantly surprised with the service. The food was hot and fresh and only took a few minutes to get my meal.

Gary Jackman

Good food and fast friendly service no problems

Julie Mills

Clean facility. Very nice staff. It was super busy. The employees worked hard to be efficient. Nice job!

Annette mcpike

Very polite fast on food an very hot

Lacey Voils

This McDonald's is the worst with getting orders correct! Went through yesterday and after we paid looked at our receipt and it was completely wrong! Added extra happy meals and none of our sandwiches were right on the receipt or when we received them. The guy I dealt with afterwards was very kind and fixed it, but things should be right the first time. This happens EVERY TIME I go to Nashville McDonald's. Do better guys ??‍♀️


Got a fresh drink before we got the road

Suraj R

Very clean. Staff were friendly. But Too much waiting though to place orders and to even get the orders as staff were handling both drive thru and dine in orders.

William Brock

Big Mac Assembled with lettuce on bottom, two patties with chess between them and then two buns in top.

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