501 State Rd 46, Nashville
(812) 988-4452

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Nicole Brann

Well it was ok food they got the order right. Their hours suck tho! On our way to southern Indiana with the camper and they closed the lobby at 7!! It’s carry out only so not sure why they would do this. So ordered thru mobile app then had to put in curbside pick up spot...right! Door was not an option

Bryan Hobbs

Waited 15 minutes to get a barely warm and dry burger. it would be a little more understanding if the patty was just cooked. but noooooooooo...... I got a McHockypuck!!!!

Tina Rowing

Started our day with McDonald's took breakfast to Brown county park good food great day

Joo-Yun Kim

I would give 5 for drinks (ice coffee and smoothies) and also for the convenience. As for the cheese burger and chicken nuggets we had, I give 3. So average 4!


Quick and regular MacD. Plenty of parking and drive thru options. Neat and clean.

Melody Lane

Was fast, recieved correct order, people were ok.

Nancy Z.

I was disappointed by my visit to this Mcdonald's drive through. When I drove by to order, the lady who was taking our order sounded like she wasn't paying attention at all, I had to repeat my order more than twice and she stopped talking to me for a good 3 minutes. When I drove up to pay, the worker sounded very annoyed when we tried to confirm our order and waved us off. We were charged for something we didn't even order which enraged me. Even worse, when I received the food they gave me a iced tea when I specifically ordered a coke after we had corrected their mistake. I'm very disappointed and don't recommend coming here for a satisfactory meal.


What can I say, McDonalds is McDonalds...We ate a lot of lunches there and morning coffee for my husband...He likes storng coffee, so he went here every morning, I drank the motels...

Kris and Dawn Sawyer

2 ppl in was me. The guy b4 me wanted his money back for a fish sandwich and a coke. Took way too long! I got my food pretty fast but the nuggets were cold and rubbery. Jeez... i was too far gone to return. For once the fries were good.

pamela mitchell

Clean, sandwiches were freshly made. Go lighter on the salt on the fries. We can always add more. Cant take it off.

Matt H.

My husband came through the drive through I usually get a iced coffee from McDonald's an this is the third time my iced coffee has no flavor an he told to add sugar an it's plan

Carol Larson Hoover

The food wasn’t hot especially the fries

Tracey Renee Cowan Thompson

The food quality at this McDonalds is very good. Fresh, hot and made exactly right. Friendly service. Clean dining area. By far the BEST experience. Will be back on our future visits to the area. Great job. Thank you.

Monica Middleton

Love the SF French vanilla iced coffee. Fast service in the drive thru. ?

Dave Stump

Decent service for a McDonalds

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