Chivo's Pizza

4505 Ameritech Dr #103, South Bend
(574) 273-5000

Recent Reviews

McKenzie Winston

The best pizza I’ve ever had. The staff is amazing, friendly, and efficient! Couldn’t have picked a better place for dinner!

Jamie Stacy

I come here often for the lunch slices, always hot and fresh and delicious ? perfectly crispy and always amazing, friendly staff also ?

Karissa Glowacki

Fell in love with this pizza when they started in St. Joe, MI and now make the drive to South Bend on the regular because it's totally worth it. If you get the breadsticks get the pizza sauce.

Spider-Man 101

Great Pizza, and Offers Delivery Service to my location! Other pizza places can’t deliver to my house.

Craig Sharpe

Medium thin crust one menu says $9.00 (for cheese I assume). Bill was $18+. It's a decent pizza but....come on now.

Mark Albert L.

Large pizzas were rather very price I ordered two different kinds and one was literally unedible because one of the ingredients was extremely salty I believe it was ham. The ham must have been really low quality! For that type of money where I am paying $60 for 2 pizzas I believe I shouldn't be eating such low quality ingredients in this case was ham.


This is some of the best pizza in the South Bend area. We go here at least twice a month. Great pizza and even better cheese bread. I recommend if you want pizza go here!

shamil umer

It’s great please. I ordered veggie pizza by mistake give it to another customer but they apologized me and redo my order for was amazing how they are polite, and they know how to do customer service. I highly recommend this place. Thank you

Bobby Borysiak

Delicious Pizza! Will come back again!!

Gary M.

I tried one of their pizzas about a month ago and the toppings tasted different than before. They seemed like a cheaper version. I thought I'd give it another shot and I called on June 19, 2022 for 45 minutes all you got was a busy signal. I left a message with the business and all they said was we were busy. If you need a good pizzain the area I'd recommend Barnaby''s Or Brunos. after I couldn't get through to the business after 45 minutes I did order pizza from Barnaby's's. When I walked in the place was full with no tables for anyone to sit and your phone was ringing off the hook even in all chaos they were still able to answer your phone and take orders and get pizzas out within 25 minutes

Jennifer Merrill

Chivo’s flavors are one in their own. The sauce recipe is nailed to perfection. The crust is crispy and delicious! I ordered the calzone and eating leftovers today from it. So good! Reheated in the oven and you wouldn’t know it wasn’t straight from the restaurant. Oh and the calzone is huge just fyi. If you order it for yourself, you’ll have leftovers. ?

Stephanie Wilson

Literally the only pizza we willOrder in South Bend! The owner is always kind and I love their social media challenges that get you free pizza! Every time I bring pizza into work everyone gets so excited because they know where it’s coming from! We also order it for family game nights and it’s always a big hit. Our favorite is pepperoni and sausage with extra sauce party cut! Can’t beat it! If you’re a fan of mom and pop establishments and like to keep your dollars local this is the place for you! Wishing them decades of success!

Kathy Meuninck

Absolutely delicious pizza! Probably my most favorite. Staff is friendly and the price of the pizza is consistent with the quality. Looking to going back when I return to town.

Robert Henry

Made the drive from the southside to check out the pizza. Really disappointed. 30 bucks for a very, very undercooked 16" pizza. Super greasy and nearly raw in places. Might have been good if it had another 10 minutes in the oven. This is big no from me. Will stick to The Lauber, Barnaby's, Rocco's and Fromt Street Pizza in Niles.


Really undercooked pizza. Almost raw.

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