Buffalo Wild Wings

12110 S Strang Line Rd, Olathe
(913) 393-0638

Recent Reviews

Debbie G.

Yuck. The food here is nasty, especially the extra-salty inedible sauce. I don't understand why people like this type of food. Wings are mainly fat and bone and typically thrown in the trash. This place extremely overpriced for not much meat. My visit here was my first and last.

Annette Caldwell

We enjoyed our dinner, there were seven of us. The service started out slow but it ended up just fine. Food good, staff friendly, we will return!

S. M.

Ordered takeout today and went inside to pick it up. The cashier was rude! I asked for ranch and she ignored me and walked off, then Just placed my order on the counter without saying “Thanks, have a nice day” not a good customer service etiquette.

Corri J Nance

Great Drinks

Bobby Becker

I ordered online fast service and all but when I got home I found this metal wire in my fries. I love the food and I think that it's metal but I mean come on guys this is a bit much. I was trying contact but it seems that it's closed for the night for the complaints department tonight.5 out of 5 if not for the metal wire 4 out 5.

Gabe Nahirny

Waiter was rude and pushy about wearing a mask, I can't wear one for health reasons. Even after explaining that, the waiter asked for a Medical Card, which is illegal to ask for. Food was decent, but very expensive for what it was.

LaKisha Lee

The food was delicious. Service not so much. We waited about 10 mins before anyone came to the table. We ordered drinks and asked for a menu. Took forever to get the menu. Then we waited 20 mins for her to come get our order. Then we had to ask for drink and boxes and the check. I think she only had 4 tables. She acted like we were not even there. It's a shame she acted like that. We are big tippers cause I worked as a server for many years. She is lucky she even got anything. Again though the food was great.

Kevin Leister

Food was cold and came out at separate times. It was only an order for two people and they came out about 10-15 min apart. Service was nice but management didn’t seem to care about complaints. Neither did the front desk. Won’t go back. There’s better service just about anywhere else. Server was nice and not her fault so only reason 2 instead of 1.

Alec D.

Idk why people are giving this 3 stars. Bdubs is always good. I always come for the wings. I guess a lot of Karens give reviews on this app? Idk. And people work hard here so give them slack geez. There's a pandemic going on. Relax yo

Kayla Jones

you know when you leave your food on the grill for too long and it starts to have that “charcoal” taste? well i ordered the one thing on the menu that cannot be messed up but instead it tasted just like charcoal grill rocks. :)

Andrew Spellman

Why do I feel like this place is such a rip off? Is it because you pay $80 to feed your family spicy chicken nuggets? They are okay, but it's hard to justify they cost for what you are getting.

Karen Blakley

I ordered the street tacos. A little spicy for me. Loved the cheese curds.

Haidyn Hrabe

My boyfriend and I had Jackson as our server and he was by far the best server we’ve ever had. Such a nice guy and very organized with his timely manner. You don’t come across people that genuine very often. Thank you Jackson for being such an outstanding human being!

Rayden Wood

I visit this spot a lot since I work in the area. I have to say the service is always fantastic and they keep the spot neat all the time. Pricing is fair and they serve big portions.

Jason Martin

Bought 15 wings with honey bbq, tai curry and dessert heat and all the wings had the smallest amount of sauces. It was basically eating plan wings. This is the second time this happened so I guess I’ll be going to Slim chickens instead. I have pictures to show only if I could post them but not a place for pictures

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