Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

1720 SW Wanamaker Rd, Topeka
(785) 273-0300

Recent Reviews

Terry T.

The food is good but nothing special. The restaurant is older but clean. They are following social distancing and wearing masks. The wait staff is a tad disorganized. The biggest issue is the menu is such small print you can't read it. I have 20/20 vision and couldn't read it. All in all an adequate place to stop and eat but don't expect fast service.

Jeanne McLaren

The server was really nice and didn't have to wait long for our order.

Val Gretta

Get the Grandma's Omelette w/ hollandaise sauce. Omelette will change forever.

James Wood

Great choice any time of day. Perfectly prepared every time.

Jeremiah S.

Stopped and had a wonderful breakfast this morning service was great ordered a second set of bacon and toast because I could not get enough here it was so delicious and tasty and wonderful

Walter Miller

Great food, friendly waitress, good physical separation of customers, good mask usage.

John T.

This is one of the better meals that we have had at Perkins in a while. The Quantity and Quality of food was good and hot. It does not deserve a 5, but it does not deserve a 4. If I could give it, it would be 4 and a 1/2. Overall, the restaurant was clean, but we had to ask the server to wash the table

Louis Thompson

The owner is incredibly rude. the food is fairly average, however, the pie is fine. we ordered omelettes and they came cold and with a single hair strand in it. we asked for a new one, and were told that they would have to charge us for it.

Heidi T.

Even w all the COVID stuff going on - the staff was nice, happy, and the food was good. Our family is a fan of Perkins so it was easy to pick this place for breakfast. Bathrooms where clean.

Jacky Mitchell

Great friendly service!! Delicious food!!!

Amber Peck

Delicious food! Servers are very courteous and mindful. Definitely reccomend! The only issue I had was that my eggs seemed like they may have been past their date.

Anna Short

We had Cindy as our waitress and she was wonderful and funny. Good service all the way around. Food came out great and in a timely manner. Definitely recommend for breakfast.


Had to send my meal back because it was cold. But the lemon meringue pie was the best I have eaten in a long time. 5 stars for the pie 3 for the meal

Hal Richardson

No oatmeal? For cryin out loud. Waitress said Domingo would go buy instant oats on his way home. Got our eggs and found a very long hair in our food. Seems Domingo forgot his hairnet too!

Jaye Parkerson

I want to thank Perkins once again. For Easter we would always go to your restaurant when my Mom was alive because she loved the sweets. After she passed we could have gone elsewhere but we still came back to Perkins. The food was always great and the service even better. Yesterday on Easter my daughter ordered from there to go in honor of my Mom. She said she was the only car in the parking lot and she could see maybe 3 employees only. She said they were so happy to see her and were so nice in getting her the food she ordered. You see Perkins even in a troubled time you are a beacon of hope. I'm applaud your business and even more your caring staff. I hope to sit inside again someday soon.

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