Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

995 East 61st St N, Wichita
(316) 744-8080

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Dale S. Le Bar

Our waitress Madison was awesome. Ask for her! Food was great. Fried chicken had great flavor. The Chicken and Dumplings are my favorite. I also recommend the Blood Orange soda.

Paul Beaman

I think the good old Cracker Barrel is back. After having a few bad experiences with getting the wrong orders at our table, although the wrong orders were very delicious, and a looong wait for our food one visit, we got some great service Sunday evening 8/25/19. As usual we were seated pretty quickly and at a good table. Our waitress Ashley was great. She took our orders and at the same time made good suggestions for things to go with it. I’m still not crazy about different people delivering the orders because it seems like that where some of the order mistakes are made. However, Ashley was good about double checking with us immediately after it was delivered. I ordered an extra ranch dressing for my salad and she saw that I got it. We like the way that she kept an eye on our table for anything we needed but without constantly hovering. I’d have to say that Ashley restored our faith in CB Park City. I’m hoping that CB will do what it takes to take care of and to keep more help like her. Nice job Cracker Barrel Park City

Matt Baker

So this is my first time at a Cracker Barrel in 6 years. I moved to Wichita in the beginning of the summer of 2019 and had some family in town so we decided to go to Cracker Barrel in park city for dinner. Walking in we were great by a really nice Retail lady and were able to get sat instantly by our host. Our server Dan took care of us really well!! Never had to ask for drink refills, He came and checked on us very regularly, and our food came out really quick. He already had ketchup with him so we didn’t have to ask like I usually do when I go anywhere to eat. Over all a great time. Walking out back into retail there was a small line at the cash registers but as soon as we got up there there was another cashier coming up to help the gentleman up there and the line moved by real quick. After paying we walked around the store for a bit and as we were getting ready to leave we walked outside to say our goodbyes and out front there is a Cracker Barrel employee named Bryant out in the front handicap parking spaces helping this older couple change a flat tire!! Same gentlemen that was up at the register. Now that’s what I call the BEST!! Guest service ever!! I really hope I saw and got his name correct because he needs to be recognized for his hard work, and his good deed!! Overall the best experience in coming back to a Cracker Barrel in 6 years!! The Park City store is amazing and has amazing food and service!!

John Hudspeth

Loved the new fried chicken! It's amazing! Staff is always friendly and nice! I wish I could go there everyday! Go there for a great experience every time!

Monte H

Nice place. Clean and nice. The service and food is great. My Dad always wants to go here when I come to visit him. Always good service, and food is good.

Scott Randolph

No matter the time of day or time occasion, Cracker Barrel is always worth the visit. Extremely friendly staff and amazing food! Not to mention their store, but they have so many items for sale as well. Items from your childhood even!

Sharon Hilton

We were seated quickly, Christine our server was fantastic. Once we placed our order, it was no time when our food arrive. It was great. One had the fried chicken and I had the meat loaf. The only negative for me was the brown gravy on the mashed potatoes. While sitting there the Manager came thru asking how we were doing. She was helping in the kitchen then next time I saw her she was checking people out on one of the register. I didn't get her name but my Dad was impressed with her stepping up and helping wherever it was needed. The restaurant is a little loud for me.

Kyle Bear98

Who doesn't like this place? I mean really! They have great service. Down home comfort food. A shop to walk around in with items that I haven't seen anywhere else. They are amazing

Cipriana K.

Amazing food! Great service! We definitely recommend this Cracker Barrel it was everything we expected we came from California we only have 1 in the state and it's nothing compared to this location.

Neftali Acosta

Kristina was our waitress and she was awesome!. The food was great, best breakfast so far here in Kansas. The atmosphere was pretty cool especially with the decor on the ceiling & walls!


Kristina was awesome as our waitress!! The food was great and came quick. This place is pretty cool with all the decor, especially in the gift shop. Best breakfast so far in Kansas!

Sally Rockford

Approx 1130, very busy. Short line to get seated. Waitress was at our table within a reasonable time to take our order. My husband knew what he wanted. I had my 2 options chosen, I just had one question for the waitress so I could tell her what I wanted. When she got to our table, I had my finger on my first option. Her words to us were "if you aren't ready to order, I have another table I have to get to." I asked my question, we hurried up and ordered. My husband said we should have left. I told him we still can. We left. I told hostess she should just cancel our order. She wanted to stop me, I really didn't care.

Carolyn Ferguson

We stayed overnight in an RV in the back lot. The manager was super nice in allowing us to stay. We ordered some food for takeout the next morning and continued on our way. Nice stop! The RV spaces are not level so we took a spot along the back row which worked fine since we are in a small RV.

Heather P.

I don't get this place and people's love for it. The few times I have been to a Cracker Barrel the food just tastes bad. I had French toast this do you mess that up? I don't know, but it had a very weird taste and I couldn't finish it. Nothing tastes fresh or of high quality. I ordered a fruit cup and it came with like 4 pieces of fruit in it. It's annoying when you walk in and it's a maze to get through the gift shop, just to put your name in with the hostess. Then the lady in the gift shop is pushing King Size Hershey candy bars in the middle of the chaos, with samples. And trying to sell anything that is the color pink to my 6 year old. I'll choose to starve the next road trip through over stopping here.

Air Wick Dee

It was fathers day so it was busy as to be expected. However, we were seated in a timely manner, service was prompt and friendly. Orders were all correct. Food was good but it's better there, again hurried kitchen so I get it. Overall good experience an most importantly my Dad loved it all.

Ed Hill

Service was adequate but I'm sorry to say that the food was fairly terrible. I ordered the Southern Style Chicken Dinner with mashed potatoes and a side salad. The chicken was extremely salty, was very dried out as if it had been under heat lamps for hours, and was way over-breaded. There was honestly more breading than meat at the point it was served. My mashed potatoes were dry as well, not very hot, and were served in a small bowl, so there was minimal gravy on top.

Barry Crawford

It's a cracker barrel, it's like all the rest. But, like most chain places, the staff makes it or breaks it. Ours was great. Prompt service, accommodating when I changed drink orders. Food was good and delivered quick. Most importantly, I never ran out of water, lemonade nor tea.

Madeline Ontiberos

Food and service was very good ! We will be back !

Braydon Bell

Meal was good, service was so,so. I wont complain because the waitresses did a bang up job. Good for a quick bit or a sit down moment to rest your mind. Give it try, and if you make it out without buying candy you are good or you didn't get enough to eat.

Jim Kenny

We love going here stag are friendly and helpful, food is always great and exceptional value

Angelina N. Romano

as this place was so busy for mother's day, we were told we would have an hour wait and decided cracker barrel was worth the wait, we used the bathrooms, which were very clean, we heard our name get called only a five minute wait!! we were so pleased with the QUICK time in.. service was excellent and food was great. our server was amazing -- very up to par, thank you!!!

G L.

Always love coming here for a good country hometown meal. Love the store. Staff are nice and friendly.

Alberto Villalobos

Lots of variety. It's a home style meal no matter what you order. All made from scratch. Would definitely recommend to everyone. Nice clean environment servers are really respectful and quick to serve. Anything you can think of they have from fish,steak,shrimp,chicken ,turkey,ham they have it all

Cydney Adger

Great time. There was no wait time and we were seated immediately. The servers were attentive but not stifling. The food was amazing.

Monte Harris

Nice place. Great customer service. And food is good. This Cracker Barrel is pretty good. My Dad likes to go here when I'm in town. I have tried their breakfasts, lunches, and dinners here, they are all good. Food is always hot and fresh.

Jolene Unruh

Great place to go. The general store is entertaining for while you wait or afterward, and the food is good. Our grandsons enjoyed playing the peg games at the table and then went and played a game of checkers after they ate while the adults visited.

D. Thompson

Wonderful staff! Fast service. Good tasting food. Gift shop staff attentive and polite. Only complaint refill drinks faster. Don’t like to wait and go thirsty while eating.

Nicole S

GREAT food, Everytime. Friendly and fast service.. Love going here.. you get to choose dinner or breakfast, or a little of both!! And can't beat the prices for the quality

Ruth Vineyard

Food was good tasting & value.

Lars B.

Well, it's a first for everything. I have never had a positive experience a Cracker Barrel...until today. From the moment we walked in the employees were friendly and courteous. We were seated quickly and the waitress came to our table with a smile on her face. This has not been my experience at other CBs. The food is typical of this kind of place. It is not great or terrible, it just good. Service was fast and friendly. See above. Price is around $8 to $12 per person. I might return to this place if they continue have good service.

Lexi Wohler

Love love love their chicken and dumplings! Even my one year old loves to eat here too! Friendly staff! There is also a lot of nick nacks that I tend to pick up here as well.

Chloe J.

We had a group of almost 20 and everything came out fast and was cleaned up efficiently. Servers were nice and refilled drinks quick too. No problems with any meals!!

David Grantham

What can you say? Cracker barrel is a great restaurant, that has wonderful memorabilia and memories nailed to the walls with a fun gift store.

Kim W.

I ate the best meal I have ever eaten in a Cracker Barrel, their roast beef dinner. They made real homemade gravy, not that packaged stuff. The meat was tender and tasted so good. Our server was so kind. She noticed I was struggling with laryngitis and brought extra honey for my throat. So thoughtful. As always the Apple dumplings were superb!

Vickie Nevins

Helpful friendly staff. Ran in for a couple of items I had seen and bought from an earlier visit at another location. Was having trouble locating and the young lady was very helpful and pleasant. Of course they were extremely busy, it was Sunday morning but they were well staffed. Didn't have to wait very long. Although the cashier was very automated. He could have inserted some pleasantries. Maybe he needs to rotate positions so as to not sound like "insert your card, pay for it, move on, nothing to see here, go away" other wise all was good. Restroom was clean. Everyone else was smiling and happily helping customers.

e m.

Head the best breakfast and service in all my years going to Cracker Barrel. Hash brown casserole was cooked to Perfection chicken fried chicken the same. Could not have asked for a better experience the six of us.

Klent H.

I had not stopped in at Cracker Barrel in Park City for a while but my schedule allowed me to stop by today for a late breakfast. I considered the Mom and Pop place down the street but thought Cracker Barrel would be a treat since it had been so long since I tried it. I was seated quickly and with myself, there were only 15 other patrons and plenty of waitstaff. However, I sat for 10 minutes without anyone taking my drink order or even acknowledging I was there. I was considering leaving when a waitress finally stopped by my table and signaled a different waitress asking if she had seen me. With apologies, my waitress took my order and brought me a nice cup of hot coffee. I enjoyed my coffee and took in the wall hangings and decor as I awaited breakfast. The food arrived in a reasonable amount of time. The portions were generous and were plated well. I was really looking forward to the grits and biscuits and gravy that came with my eggs and bacon. Unoftunantly, the food was lukewarm. So much so that anyone looking at the gravy and grits would know something was wrong. I did not have time to send the food back so I ate it, but was very disappointed. Lukewarm grits and gravy reminded me of the food I received in the military, not what I expected from a respectable restaurant chain. Next time I will go to the Mom and Pop resturant down the street.

Vicky G.

I stopped at Cracker Barrel for some southern food but what I got was fast food. Ordered a vegetable plate, I got 3 small bowls, one was sticky, one was under cooked and the last one had a big chunk of baked potato skin partially mashed with lukewarm gravy. I guess that's why it wasn't busy. You want home cooking, you better go home because you wont find it at Cracker Barrel any more.

Antonio R.

Good food it is more country style. Be prepared for a wait no matter the time of day.

Deb Dowler

I've always loved Cracker barrel. Yesterday we were there about 11 am. A short wait 15 min. then was seated. The noise level was unbelievable. Finally got to order. Was about 20 min wait on food after about a 10 min wait before getting to order. Husbands food was fried, okra, shrimp, fries, Mac n cheese. The fried food was all fried till it was shriveled up, the shrimp was little pieces of rubbery meat inside the crust. Okra was tough. My chicken fry was extra chrispy but nothing like his. Mentioned it to waitress that his food was way over done, she said nothing. Got up and paid, told the checker the food was over cooked. She said sorry about that. Very unpleasant experience. That place has changed from how it used to be. Be along time before going back.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

995 East 61st St N, Wichita, KS 67219
(316) 744-8080