Auntie C's Restaurant

American, Fast Food, Breakfast, Brunch, Coffee, Tea

425 East 61st St N Suite 1B, Park City
(316) 744-7244



Reviews for Auntie C's Restaurant

I was very underwhelmed by this place. Everything seemed prepackaged. Canned corn, instant potatoes, etc. Meatloaf was ok probably came in frozen. Nothing was bad but nothing was good either.

What I love about this restaurant is the local home town vibe of the patrons and staff. The decor is retro cowboy/Western and full of neat little remnants of an age long past. All the food is homemade comfort food and is super good. Please eat a piece of pie when you're there!

We've always enjoyed this place and ate here several times years ago. Today was our second trip since we moved away 7 years ago. After a mishap with our order, missing one plate and the rest of our order coming out cold they remade the cold plates, brought us each cinnamon rolls, and paid for our meal. They really went above and beyond to make up for it! The cinnamon rolls were delicious, we'll be adding them to our list of favorites for our next visit!

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Monday 6:00 am - 2:00 pm
Tuesday 6:00 am - 2:00 pm
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Breakfast From The Griddle

Cowboy Breakfast Bowl (Bacon)$7.99
Served with toast or biscuit. Two eggs, bacon, cottage fries, tomato, onion and cheese.
Cowgirl Breakfast Bowl (Diced Chicken)$7.99
Served with toast or biscuit. Two eggs, cottage fries, broccoli, almonds, diced chicken breast, onions and hollandaise sauce.
Three pancakes.
Short Stack$5.09
Two pancakes.
One Pancake$2.79
Just one pancake.
French Toast$4.69
French toast sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Specialty Salads

Fried Shrimp Salad$8.49
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