Chicken Restaurants near Covington

Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken Chicken • $
602 Scott St, Covington

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Strips 5 Pieces - Meal
Pieces of Chicken
Pepsi Products
Potato Wedges

“I decided to head to Kentucky for a little drive. Picked up dinner and headed home. We got an 8 piece meal with macaroni salad. I ordered the original recipe, but when we got home, it was crispy. I don't care for the coating of the crispy, but the chicken itself was good. I haven't had the macaroni salad in a long time, but it seemed like it was missing something. Maybe they changed the recipe. The pasta itself was good.

Parking: Tons of parking.“

2.9 Average38 Reviews
Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken Chicken • $
3719 Winston Ave, Covington

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2 Chicken Strips Meal w Green Beans & Coleslaw
Chicken Strip Meal
Fried Chicken

“They are always nice & when I am running through the drive through late to feed my teens they always make sure my biscuits, wedges & tenders are fresh. I may have to wait a few minutes but I would much prefer a restaurant tell me that then to say they are out of something or serve me cold fries/food. The staff there is great & I know when I get home my teens & I are going to have a wonderful meal & the best part is I won't have any dishes to do after either because they always throw in the 3 plates & utensils I need as well! The only thing they could do to make it perfect would be to throw in 3 cups of ice with the gallon of sweet tea! ???

Kid-friendliness: It's a small restaurant but normally it isn't busy inside so if your littles need to run around let them but if you sit by the window they will love watching all the cars, trucks go by.

Wheelchair accessibility: ADA compliant“

2.5 Average47 Reviews
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Chicken • $
502 Main St, Covington

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Extra Crispy Chicken Strips with Fries
8 Piece Chicken Grease Bags
Popeyes Strawberry Biscuits
Spicy Chicken Sandwich
Two Regular Thighs
Red Beans and Rice
Signature Chicken

“I ordered online. I think the person taking orders was new. I went to the drive thru, and he instructed me to go in for door dash. I said I had a mobile order, not door dash. It took several minutes for them to ask me to pull forward, that they found my order.The order screen was black, so nothing was visible for people to order from.My order was correct and was fresh. I tried the shrimp for the first time. I liked them, just a tad spicy for my taste. A good amount of gravy on my potatoes. The only thing I didn't like was the dry biscuit.

Wheelchair accessibility: I would not come here with a wheelchair. The parking lot is a bit difficult, and the doorway is not easily navigated.“

1.6 Poor121 Reviews
Charlie Biggs Chicken Chicken • $
4147 Madison Pike, Covington

“The BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE around!! I always get my yoo-hoo shook just right before leaving!!“

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The Eagle OTR Chicken • $$
1342 Vine St, Cincinnati

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Fried Chicken Turnip Greens Macaroni Cheese and Spoonbread
Hot Honey Dine in: Yes Outdoor seating: Yes Takeout: Yes
Horseradish Mashed Potatoes with Herbed Chicken Gravy
Fried Chicken Sandwich
Southern Chopped Half
The Eagle Family Meal
Macaroni and Cheese
Fried Chicken blt
Brown Sugar Bacon
Grilled Cheese

“I've been to The Eagle a few times and always was satisfied. But this time, I tried new things and they were all amazing. The food was great, well priced for the area, and served quickly. And, to top it all off, we were given an extra sandwich that was mistakenly made! Just the cherry on top!“

4.3 Superb324 Reviews
Revolution Rotisserie Chicken • $
6063 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati

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Lightning Fried Chicken Sandwich
Rotisserie Chicken - Half Bird
Lightning Chicken Sandwich
Half Bird – a La Carte
Boneless Chicken Wings
Chicken and Waffles
Poutine Tater Tots
Pimento Cheese
Pimento Burger
Mac N' Cheese

“The Staff let's you know that you are in for an Amazing Foodgasm. #TopTier My New favorite place❤️“

4.2 Good139 Reviews
Hitching Post Kellogg - World's Best Fried Chicken Chicken • $
4535 Kellogg Ave, Cincinnati

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4 Piece Mashed Potatoes with Chicken Gravy and Coleslaw
2 Piece Chicken Dinner
Fried Chicken Dinner
Blackberry Cobbler
Deep Fried Corn
Chicken Tenders
Macaroni Salad
Cole Slaw

“I hadn't had your chicken in quite sometime, so I decided to drop by tonight. The chicken and sides were on point as always but man oh man was that pineapple upside down cake delicious! If I knew you would have it again tomorrow I'd probable make another trip.“

4.4 Superb83 Reviews
Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers Chicken • $
8020 Burlington Pike, Florence

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Chicken Fingers with Fries Bread and Sauce
The 3 Finger Combo - 3 Chicken Fingers
The Caniac Combo - 6 Chicken Fingers
Chicken Fingers the Box Combo
Chicken Fingers and Fries
Crinkle-Cut Fries
Chicken Sandwich
Sandwich Combo
Coke Products
Cane's Sauce

“Food was delicious, I asked for extra sauce at the drive-thru window, It was wrapped around the building, when I got to the window I got two sauces,I did order a lot of chicken and I was told I only got two sauces with the amount of chicken that I ordered I informed them that I asked if the window for extra sauce and that I would pay for it she acted irritated but did get me four sauces and charged me which is fine. Timely service for the amount of people in mind good food.“

4.1 Good127 Reviews
Tweedys Chicken • $
2750 Park Avenue, Norwood

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Spicy Chicken Sandwich and Onion Rings
Tweedy Fries and Chicken Sandwich
OMG Bacon Ranch Chicken Sandwich
dbl Cheeseburger and Loaded Fries
Tweedy Big OMG Chicken Sandwich
OMG Spicy Chicken Sandwich
Chicken Tender Basket
Double Bacon Burger
Tweedy's Big Burger
Bacon Ranch Cheese

“10/10 great service and a great burger! First time going there and he helped me out with any questions I had and recommendations!“

4.5 Superb48 Reviews
CityBird Tenders OTR Chicken • $
1344 Vine St, Cincinnati

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Chicken Strips and Fries
Lemon Thyme Sandwich
City Bird Sandwich
Chicken Sammich
Spicy Sandwich
Parmesan Fries
Garlic Fries
Extra Sauce
Tender Meal
City Sauce

“The spicy chicken sandwich is either 10/10 spicy or 2/10 spicy. (Ps I like it when it’s 10/10 spicy) Hard to tell but over all best fried chicken/chicken sandwich in cincy!!!great fries and fabulous delivery times, great sauces, lemon thyme ranch is amazing!! I’ve only done delivery but I eat here at least twice a week. They are open late as well which is so appreciated.“

4.2 Good60 Reviews