Fast Food Restaurants near Inez

Dairy Queen Grill & Chill Fast Food • $
122 Board Walk, Inez
4.5 Superb4 Reviews


Subway Sandwich Shop • $
304 Main St Suite 100, Inez

Customers` Favorites

4.2 Good5 Reviews


KFC Chicken • $
2018 W Main St, Inez

“The food is good, I'm a diabetic , can't eat the potatoes or the biscuit, 4.29 for a chicken leg, 4.99 for a breast . cost to much for me, guess I never eat at KFC anymore.Dietary restrictions: I'm single, I've spent as much as 500 a month on the fast food in Martin County. never no more, things are to high to buy.“

3.5 Good11 Reviews
Taco Bell Fast Food • $
2018 W Main St, Inez
3.4 Good5 Reviews
McDonald's Fast Food • $
7900 KY-645, Inez

Customers` Favorites

Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese
3.1 Average29 Reviews
Papa Johns Pizza Pizza Delivery • $
Route 40 Blacklog Rd, Inez
2.5 Average8 Reviews


Subway Sandwich Shop • $
1441 Riverfront Road Suite 100, Lovely

“I guess you could say I am bias because my son works here but nah, the food bar is always fresh and I have never had a problem with my sandwich being made right no matter who made it. They keep it tidy and clean so I don't have any complaints there. It isn't just me who approves of this Subway but also the regular inspectors. This is the best one in the county! I agree!!“

5 Superb1 Reviews


Subway Sandwich Shop • $
New, KY-3, Debord
5 Superb1 Reviews
Dairy Queen Fast Food • $
326 US-52, Kermit

Customers` Favorites

Triple Chocolate Brownie
Hot Fudge

“I really love the food and deserts that they serve at this particular DQ. They have great ice cream, and there burgers and chicken are usually hot and fresh. The restaurant is new, so everything in it is nice and shiny. They even have an outdoor area where you can eat if you want.My only real complaint would be the crazy high prices of everything. They are even higher than the DQ and Kermit, WV. Other than the prices, this is a good little restaurant.Parking: Pretty big parking lot, and you can pull right up to one of the doors if you want or need to.Kid-friendliness: The workers are mostly teenagers, so kids seem to relate to them pretty well.Wheelchair accessibility: This establishment is very wheelchair accessible.“

4 Good13 Reviews
Warfield Dairy Bar Fast Food • $
68 Riverfront Road, Warfield

Customers` Favorites

Butterfinger Pie

“I love the people Sarah and Sam are the two best, they provide great service. The food goodVegetarian options: Veggie pizza and moreKid-friendliness: Everyone nice and brings their kids to get ice cream or dinnerParking: Parking sucks it's a small lotWheelchair accessibility: It's not hard to get inside or out if your in a wheel chair people will help them also“

3.6 Good20 Reviews