Tuk Tuk Sri Lankan Bites - PERMANENTLY CLOSED

574 N Limestone, Lexington


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They a very good job preparing the food. Everything was fresh & healthy. Everyone who worked was friendly & very helpful. This was my 1st time eating Sri Lankan food. The seasoning wasn't my cup of tea . But everything did preparing the food was top notch.

Good food. I found this food truck at the Arcadia brewery on a Friday night during the Lexington Craft Beer Festival. Having no idea of Sri Lankan flavors, I was very curious to try it out. I was looking for a quick bite and got the Meatballs. The lady behind the counter was really nice. She promptly gave me a heads up that it will be a few minutes as they have a huge back order to catch up. I quite liked the honesty. The Meatballs came up soon and I totally loved them. For $4.50,...read full review

Yum what did I just bite into???? Yep that is a bit of heaven right there Crispy Lentil Fritters with a moist inside and a hot sweet dipping sauce that makes you wanna sass your mamma and then there is the Meatball curry skewer!!oh lah lah I had to fight David Hicks to get my bite of this one Holy Moly you all have to come running for this one Check thier facebook page for locations and days! http://www.tuktuklex.com/

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