Waffle House in Lexington

Waffle House - 2740 Richmond Rd

Rating: 4.2

2740 Richmond Rd, Lexington KY 40517
(859) 266-4919

My food is always correct, season well, and delicious. All Star breakfast is favorite. Their eggs are always so fresh so I have to order them all the time. They have good sausage also.

Waffle House - 3601 A Walden Dr

Rating: 4.2

3601 A Walden Dr, Lexington KY 40517
(859) 272-3454

I have never had a bad experience with any waffle house

Waffle House - 859 S Broadway

Rating: 4

859 S Broadway, Lexington KY 40504
(859) 225-8795

Very friendly staff and facility was very clean. The food that I got was also good.

Waffle House - 2340 Buena Vista Rd

Rating: 4

2340 Buena Vista Rd, Lexington KY 40505
(859) 293-5802

I was exhausted, had just checked in a nearby hotel. Went to waffle house and was served very quickly, food was perfect.

Waffle House - 1012 Georgetown Rd

Rating: 4

1012 Georgetown Rd, Lexington KY 40511
(859) 259-1099

I've never had a bad experience at this waffle house. They're always kind, efficient, and they work really well together as a team. Hearing them say "great job everybody!" After a rush always makes me happy.

Waffle House - 2203 N Broadway

Rating: 3.9

2203 N Broadway, Lexington KY 40505
(859) 293-2990

Very energetic service great food fast service. It's one of the best waffle houses i've ever had

Waffle House - 3040 Lakecrest Cir

Rating: 3.8

3040 Lakecrest Cir, Lexington KY 40513
(859) 224-1431

Beaumont waffle House has the best breakfast in the area.

Waffle House - 1134 Winchester Rd

Rating: 3.5

1134 Winchester Rd, Lexington KY 40505
(859) 494-7675

Great waitstaff! Super polite and fun to interact with! Good food (which came out quickly and accurately) and atmosphere. This waffle house is amazing to be at during the night/early morning.

Waffle House - 1912 Plaudit Pl

Rating: 3.5

1912 Plaudit Pl, Lexington KY 40509
(859) 543-1966

Excellent service! Warm and welcoming. Those Ladies are the best.

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Waffle House

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