Huelsman Bar & Grill


1100 Ash St, Louisville
(502) 634-8090



Reviews for Huelsman Bar & Grill

You every crave an iced cold beer out of a cooler? You ever want to play bowling video games? Do you ever want to hang out in a bar that contains no music? Do you like peanut butter crackers? Iâ??m not being sarcastic this is a GREAT place to go every Tuesday in my book.

It's cash only, they serve beer out of an igloo cooler, there'a a stereo with a cassette deck in the back, they have pickles in a bag, the men's room has a big trough to wiz in, they have whiskey, they have a tv if you want to watch jeopardy. Depending on what you want out of life it could be the best bar ever but you'll probably hate it.

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