Scarlet's Bakery

741 E Oak St, Louisville
(502) 290-7112

Recent Reviews

Brenda Cahill

Great coffee but dissapointing muffins, so dry. It's a place I'd like to support so I'd definitely give it another try.

Amy Brooks Baker

Ordered a custom cake for a special occasion. Not only was it beautiful but it tasted amazing as well. Staff was super helpful and made sure I got exactly what I had pictured in my mind. We will be back!

WiLliam Welles

Purchased 3 different pastries. Cinnamon Roll, Scones, & Muffins. All just seemed to have a low quality taste. I respect an appreciate what they are doing but they need to step their game up on taste an quality.

Angie Stevenson

Love this place oh the sweets

Lanette Ciresi

Good, but a bit pricey

Megan Taylor Watts

I went to Scarlet’s Bakery this morning with a group and had a lovely time. The scone I had was delicious and so was the chai. The service was quick and very friendly. I’ll definitely be back!

Kate Blanchard

Amazing baked goods and sandwiches. Their chicken pesto sandwich is super yummy. All their sweet treats are to die for! Plus they are connected to a local nonprofit so you're supporting a great cause when you eat here

Margie Alva

Very delicious treats, everything was fresh and service was great.

Olivia Fentress

Everything that Scarlet’s Bakery makes is absolutely SO delicious. Not to mention- they have an amazing story and philosophy. They make Some of the best desserts I’ve ever had! I recently had them cater the desserts for my wedding and WOW- it is all everyone can talk about. It was a huge hit. Corresponding with Mikayla was so easy- she is so sweet and is extremely organized and on top of things! She set up the most wonderful tasting for us, responded to emails super quickly, and made the whole process so easy for us! They also delivered to our venue which we really appreciated! Thank you so much to Scarlet’s Bakery for making our big day so amazing.

Emily H.

How can you eat at Scarlet's and *not* be happy? I mean, you have the sweet baked goods, the delicious smell of coffee, the delicious sandwiches. Plus the whole space is bright and friendly. It gets so much right. I got to visit on Friday when I happened to be in Shelby Park in need of some sustenance. So I decided to get a chicken salad sandwich on croissant, with coffee and ginger honey beehive cookie. Love the croissant! It was flaky, buttery, perfect. The chicken salad was also top notch, full of flavor with a lot of texture. I also very much enjoyed the cookie, which was a great balance of ginger and honey. If you're in the neighborhood -- and considering how Shelby Park is all the buzz right now, you likely will be -- you should DEFINITELY give Scarlet's a try.

Anna K.

Door was still still closed at 8am on Saturday, had to wait for someone to open it. They apparently have one single savory breakfast option - an egg and cheese with bacon or sausage, on a pressed rolled - but it's not actually listed anywhere on their wall menu for some reason, so just ask. They have a sign that they're known for their cinnamon rolls so I got one of those, despite it looking incredibly not appetizing, like a mound of dirty snow. I should've just trusted my gut on that, it was easily one of the worst "cinnamon rolls" I've ever tasted, a piece of dry dough smothered and I mean SMOTHERED in a poorly made cream cheese FROSTING, not icing. There was hardly any cinnamon sugar inside, and after digging through half of it I finally found a pocket of it in one corner. Maybe it would have been better heated up but this was not an option that was offered. We also got coffee which was just okay, but where else are ya gonna go around here at that time? ‍ The white chocolate raspberry blondie was pretty good, and the sandwich was okay, even though I asked for it on a croissant but got it on a pressed English muffin thing. I would personally not return if I'm ever back in Louisville but I can understand why they're still in business considering there isn't really much other competition nearby open as early.

Max Sharp

Awesome place.. great food and service

Ali B.

First visit, to go food experience: I had cinnamon roll and breakfast sandwich. The cinnamon roll was already packaged in a plastic container, I ate two bites and tossed it. For one, it wasn't made today, that is for sure, if you eat any bakery, you would know. Secondly, it didn't taste like a cinnamon roll. The dough also didn't taste normal. For the breakfast sandwich which I elected to leave the meat out, still the same charge, but the egg was pre-made like frozen as there was no taste to the eggs. Other than that the place looked cozy and cute and decent customer service. I may have visited in the wrong day or tried the wrong options. Cheers

Rachel Pickerill

Cute place. Awesome service and a great BLT for lunch!

Patricia M.

Scarlet's handled our wedding cake last month and were absolutely wonderful to work with. Their cake practically melts in your mouth but their professionalism was top notch and they allowed us to taste SO many flavors during our consultation. I can't wait to go back for our anniversary cake (I doubt I'll wait that long to order one!).

Caitlin H.

I had a delicious latte and picked up cupcakes and cookies for a hostess gift. Love the mission, which I didn't know about until later.

David Crow

Great cakes and sweets, love the mission.

Linda Wood

I’ve been going to Scarlet’s in St. Matthews. Today I picked up a raspberry scone and a cinnamon roll, imagine my disappointment when my raspberry scone had no raspberries! There actually was one raspberry on the side, but none inside. I broke it apart, which was easy because it was really crumbly, no raspberries! Not even a hint of raspberry preserves! I love their macaroons but I won’t be getting any other baked goods there. I don’t mind paying the prices but I want my monies worth. Who doesn’t?

Michele F

Needed a quick cup of coffee, so stopped in. Coffee was fine. The shop itself is cute, clean, and bright. Close to bus stop also a plus.

Michele F

Needed a quick cup of coffee, so stopped in. Coffee was fine. The shop itself is cute, clean, and bright. Close to bus stop also a plus.

Tracy Unger

Coffee was great and the Scarlett Roll was excellent....not too much frosting and lots of fruit inside.

Vivian P.

The coffee is good, a bit more creamy and smooth than most coffee places I've been to. The design of the shop is very refreshing and clean. There's a lot of baked goods that are packaged nicely. Coffee: 3/5 Service: 3/5 Atmosphere: 4/5 I spent $4.75 on a caramel latte (16 oz) which is pretty average in comparison to other coffee places.

Tara Zigler

I apologize for posting this publicly. I researched to find a contact.

Susan McKellep

Amazing baked goods, and an amazing mission. The shop is clean and bright, the desserts are divine, and everyone is kind, friendly, helpful. Again, for me, convenience is the "icing on the cake" (haha).

Haley Davis

A great cause and always such friendly service and delicious pastries and sandwiches!! I’m glad to see Scarlets doing well.


Visited the location on Fairfax. Stopped in to get something to carry me over till dinner but I ended up with a sack of goodies. The cinnamon roll is everything you're read about it, plus some! Also got a chocolate chip cookie, which is pretty large, & it was delicious. Haven't eaten the brownie yet nor the red velvet cake slice.

Barbara Gregory

Have gotten absolutely wonderful, delicious cakes always for Thanksgiving

Lisa A.

I love the idea behind this and we're very excited when the opened in our neighborhood. My husband got a scone and I got a cinnamon cupcake. They looked great but I have never tasted anything so stale and my husband said his scone was very dry. Looks like a big no for us for Scarlet's.

Abbi P.

We stopped into Scarlet's after seeing an Instagram post about their cinnamon rolls. The cashier was very kind and recommended different restaurants for dinner. My cinnamon roll was a bit dry. This surprised me because my friend demolished her cinnamon roll and had left over icing. Maybe I received a faulty roll? May never know.

Brittany Longmire

This is such a cute place! Cozy and wonderful. The Mocha latte was delicious and hot and perfectly sweet. We ordered the chicken salad sandwich which was to die for. Perfectly spiced and not overly done on the Mayo. The grilled cheese was grilled to perfection and cheese melted like butter I'm the sun. We also ordered the breakfast sandwich with bacon. It was grilled well but lacking a little bit on the bacon but it was still a great sandwich over all. Definitely a place to come and check out!

Mike Woods

The cinnamon roll was large, dry, and doughy. Day old, stone cold in the center. The frosting had a touch of lemon and was good. Espresso was good. SAVOR-2 out of 5

Mike W.

The cinnamon roll was large, dry, and doughy. Day old, stone cold in the center. The frosting had a touch of lemon and was good. Espresso was good. SAVOR-2 out of 5

Tracy H.

Such a cute store, local gem! My GF Chocolate chip muffin was tasty! My latte was good as well. My only bummer was parking and flow at counter. There's like no where to wait if you're ordering to go. Otherwise 5 stars! Friendly staff, menu had descent variety, oh and y'all need to make a gf version of that cinnamon roll!!!

Matthew Y.

I wanted to like this place I've heard many good things about it, however I wasn't a fan. My cinnamon roll was not baked all the way through and was very doughy, and had very little cinnamon. The scone I tried was very dry and not much flavor compared to others of similar flavors. Not terrible but not great either.

Kelly O.

I'm actually reviewing their new location in St. Matthews. I've been wanting to support this bakery for a while and with their more convenient location utts made it a lot easier. I ended up getting their maple bacon scone and WOW! Phenomenal. I'm looking forward to returning for more.

Erin Freano Warren

Love their mission and their food! Wonderful cakes!!

Ellen Sloan

Friendly service. Generous to rhe community. Delicious treats that are beautifully created and displayed. Melt in your mouth raspberry blonde brownies. Home bakery atmosphere. Will go back.

Amanda Miller Williams

Welcome to St.Matthews. The coffee is absolutely amazing, bakery items delicious and employees friendliest in town. Oh and they have super yummy smelling candles.

Christy Brown Ring

We finally got to stop by today. I’ve been wanting to for a long time now. We love this ministry and know God will continue to bless it. Tasty desserts and very friendly staff.

Anton Brown

I love their baked goods especially the cinnamon rolls! Its always nice and clean!