Chuck E. Cheese's

11324 Boardwalk Dr, Baton Rouge
(225) 273-2490

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Josh C.

Clean. Love the new play pass system

Maia Dominguez

We went to chucky cheese not long ago. Parked the vehicle. Walked around to unbuckle my daughter. I look down and there is a NEEDLE AND SPOON right by her door. Had I not been there she probably would have picked it up wondering what it was. I told management. TWO HOURS later we walk out and THEY’RE STILL THERE.

Peggy Sedlock

Took my nephew there, and he had a blast! Staff was very friendly and the pizza was good. The only thing, they need to make sure they have the prizes stocked with what's on display...had a very unhappy 2 year old.

Keni Shears

This location suuuccckkkeeedddd! The staff was not helpful w my grandson's 1st birthday party, the ticket dispensers didn't have any tickets in em... When asked if Chuck E could come out & entertain our group, very rudely was told by another staff member that she was off & walked away. We won't be attending this location ever again ... Seigen location is the absolute best, I've heard! Kudos 2 the staff that did help us out 2 make my grandson's 1st B-day memorable.

Antoinette Lebeuf

Great service and the employee's made me smile the whole entire time thanks a lot, my kids enjoyed themselves most of all...

Keidra Scott

My child had fun but as usual a few of the games were down and only 2 ticket machines were working out of 6. They had a great variety of game options I just wasn't pleased with all the broken machines.

Melva Louis

My nephew loved it. He's 4. This location needs some TLC and a giant hug.

Akyra Johnson

Awesome every time I go my son loves it . The prices are reasonable

Taylor Pacheco

Great place to bring kids, pretty quiet during the week, can get crowded on weekends but still enjoyable

Chelle McKarma

Pizza was very good, that’s about the best thing I can say about this experience. Tables were sticky, drink station and most toys were gross. No sanitizer or anything available. Cashier seemed tired and wasn’t helpful or friendly. Had over 1000 tickets, but all the toys were OUT... even though my kid could see the options, the girl said they’re all locked up and for that reason she could not give my kid the toys he wanted. Then what was left was dumb candy, and that was outrageously marked at 60 tickets for one flippin tootsie roll... REALLY.? I’ll probably try the other Chuck E Cheese in BR next time. Hopefully they’re cleaner and friendlier.

canhtam nguyen

Had my son's bday party here. They had a blast and it was definitely worth the cost. Wish they had more staff to accommodate how busy it was, but they did a great job with those who were there. Always convenient and made the party go pretty smooth. Enjoy it plenty and kids were passed out by the time we got home.

Chase Worthington

Chucky Cheese is one good place to take children to keep them entertained. It can be a fun atmosphere for adults as well. The pizza is not bad at all there are even pizzas made specifically for adults! A fairly cheap place to bring your kids to have a good time.

Casey Vicory

I was very impressed by how clean and nice it was. Would definitely return again. My kids had a great time

Princess Ebony

Service was slow, some of the servers had bad attitudes and were not friendly. We had to ask for plates and cups that should've been given. There were multiple parties but they should have been more prepared, friendly and organized.

Sandra Christophe

Your thing is. Great it act up a little bit but still 👍 👍 great.

Wendy Moss

Restraunt on Sherwood forest blvd. in Batonrouge ,was not even open 15 min. Past opening time. We were not even offered clean plates for the salad bar, not to mention the lettuce was not even put onto the bar until we asked. There was one server, her attitude was just non chalaunt....Terrible dining experience....

Brandie-Cora Soileau

Scheduled a birthday party from 12:30 until 2:00 and was asked to leave at 1:30 so they could prepare for the next party.i guess they thought I that I was going to pay for them to have 30 minutes to clean up and set up? Not on my time and money!!! I don't think so! Just very unpleasant staff!!

Tarsha Station

I like seeing my grandkids have fun at Chuck E. Cheese's plus they have some tasty pizza.

Jake Belgard

Kids had a blast, pizza was fresh. Place needs some updating and the characters need some TLC. Staff was very friendly but prizes were limited. A huge let down for excited kiddos.

Kimberly Oden

Great place to have a birthday party.

Chuck E. Cheese's

11324 Boardwalk Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70816