Chuck E. Cheese

11324 Boardwalk Dr, Baton Rouge
(225) 273-2491

Recent Reviews

Angela Shoson

I can't say whether this place is still fun if it's crowded but we went together when it was pretty much empty and the employees were nice, the food was good, everything was clean and the games were fun.

Jonathan and Jessica Withrow

Y'all Considering the whole covid 19 situation they went well beyond so make sure that he had a nice time I could not have asked for a better party host they were cleaning behind the kids the whole entire time they really made it special for him and I appreciate that so much!

Five night at Freddy and friends

This fun place and I wish toys r us can be the same

rodriguez family

Great place..great service..

Jackie Roundtree Bradley

We had a blast & good food too!

Crisetta Roby

It's a fun place for kid's

Brittany Hulbert

Best place to take your kids for fun and parties. I have 3 parties there every year.

Britany Hulbert

Best place to take your kids for fun and parties. I have 3 parties there every year.

griselda Chavez

This place is the worst. We have to wait 50 minutes to get the food. In the front was just a lady working while 4 we're by here side doing nothing. We and the rest of the line waiting to be served. They were more interested in their conversation than to the customers.

Don Riley

High prices. Food is over seasoned employees are irresponsible, rude and unprofessional

Chris Hebert

The employees act as though you are an aggravation not a customer. The games only work about half of the time. They advertise cold beer and never have any.

Karen Trejo

If you are from out of town, avoid this place! This has been the WORST Chuck E. Cheese i have ever been too. I have never ever disliked any Chuck E. Cheese until I came here. Horrible service. Since I had never been to a Chuck E. Cheese that use cards instead of tokens I was looking around for where to get a card I asked employee and he was like “oh you get them at the front”, as he was walking up to the register: I waited and he went off to do other things then I asked him again, and he said that he is not the one who does them, we have to wait for the other employee who is busy. If I would of known I would have waited. I waited alittle and the other employee completely ignored me and it was taking too long, I decided to leave. It’s a small crowded place as well . Sketchy area. Don’t come here.

Cody Jones

Kids always have a great time, obviously. But it's hard to look past the long wait times for food, broken or poorly maintained machines (especially ticket counters), and somehow always broken beer tap (every time for over a year now).

Teyla Nicole

I love the fact that they made her day a very special one. Thanks to the manager Rick who went above and beyond to fix the mistakes that where made!

Amanda Ferguson Switzer

The staff at this location is not very friendly at all! Very disappointing!

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