Hayride Scandal

5110 Corporate Blvd Suite B, Baton Rouge
(225) 400-9677

Recent Reviews

Sarah Schneider

High quality hand crafted drinks in a cozy 1920s atmosphere


This is one classy place. Comfortable, theme decor. Best Mixologists in Baton Rouge. Their own cocktail menu with drinks you cannot get elsewhere. With a wide variety of liquor, they can make your fav cocktail too. Friendly, cozy atmosphere make this a great place to get together with friends or celebrate special occasions. And a great sound system with their own style of music that I always enjoy. I love their theme nights and recommend getting their notifications.

Arianna G

I sat at their bar tonight for no less than 15 minutes without acknowledgement from any of the 3 bartenders that were behind the bar. There was a group of guys to my left that were helped. There was a group of ladies to my right that were helped. One even returned from the bathroom and had her drink made and I still was not even spoken to. Another guy approached the bar, was greeted and his drink was made, and still, not a word from anyone behind the bar. One bartender even asked the lady if the water that was sitting between us was hers. She said no and instead of asking me if it was mine he just poured it out and continued his conversation with her. I waited another 5 minutes and still nothing. I was not on the phone and my phone was sitting on the bar so there was no reason for no one to not acknowledge me. I left after that. Terrible and absolutely unacceptable customer service.

Jerry Morris

This is one classy place. Comfortable, theme decor. Best Mixologists in Baton Rouge. Their own cocktail menu with drinks you cannot get elsewhere. With a wide variety of liquor, they can make your fav cocktail too. Friendly, cozy atmosphere make this a great place to get together with friends or celebrate special occasions. And a great sound system with their own style of music that I always enjoy. I love their theme nights and recommend getting their notifications.

James M.

To be fair, I usually hit this place after work right when they open, so I am very promptly served, consistently make happy hour, and always get a great comfy seat. If you go later, your experience may be a little different... I have tried various cocktails here and have always enjoyed them: something for every palate, to be sure. They have classics, obscure, and innovative! The bartenders are happy to help and suggest drinks that would suit you. The ambience is pretty cool and different from the norm. It's a little bit hipster, but I like it. If you're out in BR, looking for a good cocktail, I recommend stopping in. If you are a fan of cocktails of any ilk, you won't be disappointed.

Richard Luong

This is a beautiful bar, it was our first time here and Daniel took wonderful care of us! We'll be back here every single time we're in Baton Rouge!

kevin neale

Just go and you will find out.

Jenni C.

Such a neat little bar!! The drink menu is unique and expansive. Check out their happy hour menu, you won't be disappointed! I love that they use fresh herbs, etc in their drinks. You could spend all night just looking at all the artwork and neat themed items here. Def feels like a speakeasy! Cannot wait to come back!

Lenore Seal

I don’t even live in Baton Rouge but come here often for work. Still I try to stop in this place because it’s AMAZING. Cocktails are amazing. Ambience is incredible.

J'Michael Francois

Great date night spot... very impressive atmosphere and the drinks are good too.

Michelle Wright

Great place for great drinks. Landin is the most awesome guy there. Stop in and check this place out!

Carl Burrhus

Atmosphere was great and so we're the bartenders. Drinks were well made as well! Will definitely be back. Landon and Bryan were the best bartenders.

Eddie P.

I read the many reviews of Hayride Scandal snd has to see it for myself. It was everything I had read and then some. The decor is unlike any other I've seen. Now granted, I don't go to many bars, but this place was awesome. It's like being in your own house, except it is much more elegant. Hayride Scandal is a very comfortable and peaceful bar to socialize. You can actually engage others in conversation without having to shout at each other. They have a great assortment of cocktails and bourbons, etc. I mentioned my favorite drink to the bartender and he had never made one, but volunteered to give it a try. He did a fantastic job. Another customer inquired about my drink and bought one for his wife. He returned and thanked me for the suggestion and applauded the bartender for the awesome drink. I'm looking for an excuse to make the three hour drive for another fun night with my wife at Hayride Scandal. A good mix of people, various ages, nationalities, etc. Everyone should feel comfortable at Hayride Scandal.

Kate L

Doesn't look like much on the outside. Do not let that stop you! This inconspicuous location in a strip mall next to Hooters is AWESOME on the inside. The bar is so cool, the happy hour is a great deal, and the decor is next level. The 1890s to speakeasy theme makes this easily one of the coolest bars to come to. Go NOW!

Linsay Tassin

Our favorite bar in BR. We love the atmosphere and craft cocktails. Finally, a place in Baton Rouge with good music and character

Robert M.

Very cool place. Excellent service. Open late. Right next to Marriott. Old fashioned bar drink made very well.

August T.

The best cocktail bar in baton rouge. Last night I had the suprise and privilege of sitting beside one of the owners. He was chatty, sharing the history of different cocktails. I always like the experiences this bar provides. The venue is interestingly appointed and the staff and customers are always a pleasant encounter. The drinks are reliably great. Not good, great!

Ashley K.

Let me start off by saying this place has no food at all not even snacks. So make sure you wat before coming here. The drinks are strong and nice. There happy hour last from 4 to 7 which is nice. Overall the bar is nice and roomy with plenty of seating. No problem with parking either. Yhe bartenders will fix you a nice strong drink. Just wish they had appetizers atleast.

Nicole D.

We keep coming back to this place to see what new menu items they've added for cocktails etc. No other place locally can you get this type of atmosphere and service. Don't change a thing!!

Regina L.

Good cocktails in an upscale Adams family type atmosphere. Very friendly place. We will return

Patrick McCorry

Great place! Great drinks and cool staff!

William R

This bar has a special place in my heart.

Joseph Lala

Great place. Customer service is a priority. Clientele is friendly.

Foodie H.

Very uncomfortable & unwelcoming vibe for some... My friends and I waited for service to the point where we were just super annoyed and left. Sad because the atmosphere is nice. Not just the type of establishment that one can just walk into and expect to have a good time.

Walter R.

Went in for a work social, not sure what to expect , was blown away . Drinks were great , bartenders super friendly. Totally eclectic vibe but worth the time to find and enjoy. Would recommend to anyone wanting to enjoy a nice clean place without blaring music .

Akilah S.

It's my first time here. It was red bean Monday. The red beans were not so bad. And I ordered die a drink from the happy hour menu. I've been wanting to check this place out for a long time. It had modern western vibe feel to hit. There's vintage movie posters & pictures on the wall.

Ed Mongillo

Cozy, nice vibe inside and the bartender made a great old fashioned.

Courtney T.

This bar is such a cool place. Awesome atmosphere and unique drink menu! This is a great place to go have a drink before a nice dinner.

August Tassin

Excellent cocktails. The staff and the other patrons are all pleasurable company. The music is nice and you can hold a conversation because itvis not painfully loud.

Adrian M.

What is really going on? Drinks are exceedingly bougie. But like for no good reason. Like Edison bulbs everywhere. And fake grass outside in the seating area. I miss lock and key. That place was AWESOME and their whiskey selection was pretty great.

Rocky Moreno

Very cool bar. Fairly priced. Very friendly and good looking staff.

April L.

We came here a few years ago when it was Lock and Key, we liked it ok then but Hayride Scandal has totally improved upon the last idea. Like a remix that made a song even better. First, it wasn't overly loud, which for whatever reason seems hard to do in a bar around here. The decor was moody and eclectic. People from all walks of life in there and they all seemed to be enjoying themselves. We sat at the bar and the service was prompt and friendly. The bartenders really know how to mix a good drink. I don't even like bourbon but I tried my husbands old fashioned and actually enjoyed it! And it was with Buffalo Trace so not an extremely pricey brand. I had a Moscow mule off the happy hour menu and it was excellent, and also a Dark and Stormy on the recommendation of the nice guy sitting next to us at the bar. I was happy to see options for food, we tried the toast with goat cheese and it was pretty good, not something I'm going to crave later but a good option for a small bite. They had some really interesting small plates we didn't try because we had reservations for dinner elsewhere. My husband was impressed with the liquor selection, especially the multiple options from Orphan Barrel which we have had a hard time finding just about anywhere. We will be back for sure!

Erin W.

Absolutely loved this place. The drink menu is fantastic and completely original. The decor is beautiful, and the space is warm and welcoming. Daniel, the bartender, was very courteous and friendly. I enjoyed talking with him. If you work in the service industry, you should definitely ask a bartender about the special key that you may be eligible for.

The low carb Cocktail guy

Great atmosphere, and very knowledgeable bartenders. We found our new favorite place.

Jami J.

I am in from out of town. This place is the coolest. Dark scandalous and voodoo. Between the red coffin chairs to the old movie posters... I'm obsessed. The drifts are craft and seem to change (some of the suggestions are no longer on the menu) I would def recommend this bar bc it's a tad bit classier and different than you regular college town bar.

Norma G. Cantu

I appreciate the amount of money spent on the inside of the location compared to the outside. Great surprise! I'll be coming back soon. The drink menu was fun! Hopefully the food menu can get some variety

Scott Cornelius

Great atmosphere and one of the top places in Baton Rouge for cocktails. There are lots of comfortable places to sit and converse while you sip your tasty drink.

Evan Wilson

Tried a White Russian, an Old Fashioned, and a Cranberry & Vodka. All were great!

Zachary Rodriguez

One of my favorites. Cocktails always top notch and the atmosphere is fun AF.

Kylie S.

From the outside you'd never know this place existed. It's very cool inside and the drinks were great!!