King's Wok

7970 Jefferson Hwy C, Baton Rouge
(225) 924-2205

Recent Reviews

Blake Walters

Best Chinese food for the best price around East Baton Rouge area. Friendly family run establishment.

Frank H.

Love the serving sizes!! Always fresh and maybe the best Chinese in Baton Rouge. We go about once a week and the staff is ALWAYS nice and the food consistently fabulous. Oh and the prices are really fair as well! I hope you all can enjoy them!

Hannah H.

Love this place. Not sure about the accuracy of prices on their menu tho. Lunch combo says $5.75 but when I get it it's an bout $8.50. Didn't think taxes was that high here. Absolutely delicious tho


Got the beef lo Mein, fried chicken wings and spring rolls. The food was bland and the lo mein was overcooked.

Sunny Rae

Got the beef lo Mein, fried chicken wings and spring rolls. The food was bland and the lo mein was overcooked.

G G.

This is not commanders palace. I'm not expecting gourmet. But this place is the best of strip mall Chinese and that's why i gave it 5 stars. Fresh and tasty. The food looks the same as every other place like this but it tastes different. I went back for seconds and i usually don't like places like this. Taste like the good Chinese i ate as a child. It's clean and the people are friendly. Oh and the shrimp in the fried rice are deveined!

Hair Tamers Studio

I love this place!!! The food is always fresh and piping hot and ready.They have saved me a lot of days when I work late to feed my family. And the people are very nice and professional. My favorite dish is Garlic shrimp with white rice. And my son loves the Sesame chicken. The egg rolls are the lol.

WIlliam Hardy

Fast and friendly servuce. Got the sesame chicken and loved it.

PhuVinh Nguyen

Good Chinese restaurant

Douglas Allen

Quick and easy. Great food.

Paullet B.

Had an urge to have Shrimp and broccoli for lunch.. This hit the spot. Very delicious .if only they cooked my broccoli a little more (as I asked them to) but good price, good food.

Brian Mooney

Excellent tradional Chinese Takeout.... A few notches higher than China One or China Wok! Highly recommend!


Food was good. Place was clean.

Mike Fulton

Awesome food and service, best Chinese in BR


Food was good. Place was clean.

Treys Entrees

Served piping hot, but the lo mein and fried rice were a bit bland.

Bobbie Favaron

It's definitely rated as a five star!!!

Trey's Entrees

Served piping hot, but the lo mein and fried rice were a bit bland.

Michelyve Petit

Tried the chicken lo mein. (Cheat day) wasn’t worth it tbh. I’ve had better. Also had the wings that were fried too hard. Price point is good, but you get what you pay for.

Brandon Smith

Lowkey one of my new favorite places. Good quality and affordable entrees.

Kenny Desselle

I'm not sure you can get anymore food for a lunch special at this price. Always received high quality food with prompt service.

Samira Soleimani

Super delicious!

Salt Kings

Best Chinese food around, been a repeat customer since the first time I ate there

Sarah S.

Best chinese in Baton Rouge! I drive 20 min just for it! Everything is always hot and tastes fresh! Definitely the best lo mein hands down, their noodles are thinner and completely different than other places in BR that I have tried. Prices are great and the food is even better!

Nicole M.

This is my favorite Chinese takeout place in Baton Rouge! I drive all the way across town to get their dumplings. This place is Chinese takeout and not a restaurant but that's exactly why I love it. The portions are great the price is reasonable and the food is yummy. They are fast efficient and friendly. When I want Chinese this is the only place I will go!

Barbara Crosley

I am a frequent customer and enjoy their food. Always top quality. I buy for take out.

Veronica Nelson-Hebert

Chicken or Shrimp with Garlic sauce is very good

Lauren M.

Best Chinese food in Baton Rouge! The owners are super nice and run a great business. The broccoli and garlic sauce is a must but the lo mein and vegetable fried rice is some of the best!

Tim Schroeder

Food is great. Great place for take out.

Grrdv Ggfgghdj

Honestly they are very nice here and the Food is something that you would come to expect from anywhere you would wanna eat

Todd Gianfala

Been eating here for a loooong time. Watched the girls grow up from playing under the counter top to taking orders and answering the phones. It is our goto Asian....Funny story, several years ago they must have gone on vaca or something and closed for an extended period of time. The wife and I were panic stricken at the thought of having to find a new inexpensive Asian place that was as good. Fortunately they returned and all went back to normal... The food is consistently good. These are good, hard working people, with a good product. Can't ask for more than that. This restaurant is worth 6 stars, in my opinion.


All the food is really good. Always go back.


All the food is really good. Always go back.

Trisha B.

Kings Wok has been my go-to place for Chinese food for years. They have an insane lunch special where you can get an entree, fried rice, and soup for $5.50! This seriously makes 3 meals for me. I typically call in my order for pick-up and they can have it ready in as little as 10 minutes. Service is always super friendly and fast. Food always tastes fresh. And portion sizes are unbeatable. I would pick Kings Wok over any other Chinese joint any day.

Larry H.

All things considered, pretty good ! Restroom filthy. This concerns me. Dirty restroom, dirty kitchen??

gratefulgwyn .

Great food including quality/quantity, price and people.

Christina Brown

I've been eating at the family-owned King's Wok since I was a kid and they're still one of my favorite American-Chinese restaurants. I've tried several restaurants across the city and only a couple are on par with this place. Admittedly, I haven't tried a huge variety of dishes on their menu, but everything I've had is good so far. My go-to is usually the shrimp with mixed vegetables or shrimp with garlic sauce, but I can attest to their pther garlic sauce dishes, lobster sauce, lo mein, and fried rice all being delicious. Among apps, the chicken teriyaki sticks and egg rolls are probably my favorite. The crab rangoon is okay. Give them a try! I bet you won't be disappointed.

Phillipa York


George G.

Good food needed more non deep fried items sea food ok sushi was good.

Alaina K.

My favorite take out place in the whole city! I've never once been disappointed with a meal from here. The food always tastes fresh and leaves me full- plus I almost always have leftovers :D My go-to pick is the sesame chicken with white rice. The chicken is always savory-sweet and crunchy, and the rice is (again!) always fresh tasting. Did I mention the unbeatable prices also? You can get a pretty hardy and delicious meal for just over $5. This place is pretty unbeatable and I'll keep coming back until I move away!