Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

11413 Reulet Ave, Baton Rouge
(225) 272-0785

Recent Reviews

ffarria #love

Hot and delicious ???, and fast service.

Myles Legg

Great food as always

Phi Nguyen

They yelled at me for asking about a coupon and got my order wrong. Typical experience

Joshua Seaverson

Friendly customer service. Food is pretty good.

James N.

Well I'll be damned.. I just moved here from Tennessee. I get it, new place people don't have the same customs and courtesies so I'll leave the thank yous and welcomes out. I've been here several times as it's 2 minutes from my house. The first couple of times they got my order wrong I though, "maybe it's just the crew working, maybe they didn't hear me right".. but alas.. I just got back and yet again... they got my order wrong. Ordering here is like picking something out with a blindfold, it doesn't matter what you chose it'll always be a mystery on what you get.

Abram D.

Never buy a chicken sandwich from this location. It was hard. Not sure if it was old are they're dropping frozen chicken patties but it was so terrible I tossed it in the trash after one bite. I wish I taken a photo of it. Never again.

Janice Harris

They are always very friendly and they have the best chicken it's never old looking are oily always taste fresh they keep the cooking oil clean it's always hot i love them i pass by one to go to them ♥️

Charles Champagne

Clean, good food, but sometimes small pieces.

Josh C

Food is good, as always. Customer service is lackluster, as always. Long wait and was given the wrong sides.

Kathleen Gie

It was alright with flavor, but without my coupon I wouldn't buy what I buy because it's too expensive

Tiffany Richard

Food was fresh, service was phenomenal.. the only downside was the wait

Sean Rowan

The spicy sandwich is all that. Get a biscuit with it and you have a good day.

Kayla Authement

I just stoped at this Popeyes and I had the very best experience. I just want to say thank y’all and I will definitely stop here again.

Debra Teplitz

Try the chicken sandwich. They are excellent and totally hit the spot.

Kevin Dominique

Chicken was old and more wings than anything.out of a 9 piece mix 4 little as wings.i wouldn't serve anybody those little bitty wings

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