Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

11413 Reulet Ave, Baton Rouge
(225) 272-0785

Recent Reviews

Debra Teplitz

Try the chicken sandwich. They are excellent and totally hit the spot.

Maddie Martin

Great customer service. The lady that took my order was very pleasant. Good food.

sharon rivers

There food is always hot an fresh

Joe Shelton

They have a product giving them national attention and you would think they'd hire some people with respect and class. The Sherwood location is absolutely terrible and a poor representation of the black community. They don't deserve the one star.

Shaun Orgeron

Service could use some work but chicken was delicious

Angelina McKinzie

Love the food but service is slow

Mariah Molina

We love Pooeyes. However, this location is lacking in customer service. Will not return to this location.

LaQuisha Sibley

Horrible.. I paid for Wild Honey Mustard Wings, had to wait 5 minutes and when she gave me my food it didnt have the Wild Honey Mustard Sauce.. So i went in and asked for the sauce the girl told me they didn't have any.. They should have told me that when i was ordering.. U took my money.. Give me what im payin for.. If u dont have it let people know. ..

David G

For this location, 5


The customer service is beyond HORRIBLE. The experience was so abhorrent, I had to report staff to the Corporate Office. If I had known that I was going to encounter such horrible service, I would have saved myself the trouble and cook from home. I would not have paid for such below-standard service.

Teresa Beckett

I am a big fan of Popeyes. This particular location is worst I've ever had. Horrible attitude staff, almost no AC, food took 12 minutes to be served. Chicken tenders dried out. Manager doesn't give a flip.

Bryan Canella

I gave it 4 stars because the chicken is awesome and the service is awesome, but whoever engineered the drive thru needs to be slapped twice. Don't even think about going through the drive thru unless you drive a smart car or you've just really been looking for an opportunity to curb all of your wheels.

imsoulfully chic

Horrible experience the other day... Staff was very unprofessional and rude. Manager was the ring leader. Food order was incorrect....had to pull around....after sitting 20min....walked inside...the staff said they forgot all about it... Won't be going back to this location.

Jamie Cutrer

Same as most . However they were nice and wished me a great day . So thank you ð??


I just came from there she had the stankiest attitude ever she hollred at me â??WHAT ELSE DO U WANT MAMâ? I would never ever go to that Popeyes ever again

imsoulfully chic

Horrible experience the other day... Staff was very unprofessional and rude. Manager was the ring leader. Food order was incorrect....had to pull around....after sitting 20min....walked inside...the staff said they forgot all about it... Won't be going back to this location.

N Shuford

This place by far has the best service of any Popeye's I've ever been to. The manager was so nice. The back staff was patient and didn't get frustrated when customers started pouring in. I order food for my staff often. This will be a regular place for us!

Odessa Renner

I have ordered many times from this popeyes location and usually have some issue (it's on my way home from work and the issues are usually little ones like forgotten sauces or no utensils) but today's takes the cake. I tried to order 4 thighs and 4 breasts, offered to pay extra for what I needed. I was told "there ain't no button on the machine for no extra " and that it was "against company policy" to make substitutions. Drove 2 miles to the next closest Popeyes on Florida Blvd and purchased exactly what I needed. Whoever owns this franchise may need to let employees know that it isn't against company policy to sell chicken at a chicken restaurant as well as train them how to use the register.

Omega Perry

I love the chicken here I love the sides it's always pretty much hot and fresh most of the time they always have a good attitude and if you fill out the survey on the back of the receipt you get a free two piece with a biscuit you can't beat that

Cassie Cuti

Foods good becuase its Popeyes but a smile goes a long way.

Kim T.

Told us to make a right from drive-thru and wait, except turning right would be the wrong way. Asked for ketchup, honey, and hot sauce and didn't get any. Also got no utensils for the gravy or napkins. Finally got our food by walking in--and by then the food was cold. Worst Popeyes ever.

Cedric Crockett

Waited About 30 Minutes To Get My Surf And Turf Meal Just For Them To Forget My Fries....Smh....They Got To Do Better....

anetra king

Always fresh line was wrapped around the drive but it just attest to it always being hot and fresh

Paul Tyler,D.C.

Crispy, spicy chicken. Love it

Kourt Franklin

Good service, food was good,but chicken was warm and not hot

Adam Simoneaux

I have had many negative experiences at this location. The food is great; I love the Popeye's menu. However I have had to wait over 20 minutes on more than one occasion. They are either inefficient or have some staffing problems. I hope they can work it out, because I love Popeye's and they are the closest to me.

G Man

The worse location ever. Workers could careless about customers or value their time. My 90+ year grandmother moves with more pep than the workers at this location!

Greg L.

The worse location ever. Workers could careless about customers or value their time. My 90+ year grandmother moves with more pep than the workers at this location!

Aaron M.

Hhhmmmm. Dinning room closes at 930 the door says. 910 it's locked and can't get in. Stand there and employees won't even look at me. Drive through super busy. I'm staying at the hotel next door and just wanted a decent dinner after a long day of work. Don't post hours open if you don't honor them. I used to eat at Popeyes a lot being as I travel for work. Never again. Thanks. This place is as bad as all the reviews

Dominique Harris

I dont know how a popeye in Louisiana can not have flavor

Johnny Red

Nice and clean hot food and fast

Sonny P.

I wish that there was a way of giving NEGATIVE stars! I love Popeyes; just not at this location. On my first visit, I stopped because it was close to the highway. The location is the only positive aspect of this place. I stopped at 6:15pm (drive thru) and ordered a 2 piece (mild/dark) dinner with French fries and no drink. I was given 2 wings and cold French fries. I had a 2 hour drive ahead of me, so I parked and went inside to have my order corrected. I waited at what I thought was a line, but later saw that it was crew members and friends playing. When my "excuse me" was acknowledged, I explained the order and the MANAGER said "how do I know that you just left or even got that here, our food is hot". Yes, they are quick to argue and slow to listen. I told her yes Mamn, I apologized and left. I have no room for arguments. my job brought me through Baton Rouge again on Jan.4th. This time it was at 11am. Yes, I love Popeyes and thought that maybe if I stopped, I would get a more mature set of employees. I ordered the 3 piece special (drive thru) mild chicken and biscuit. I was charged $5.38 (close to that) I wasn't given a receipt only the food ticket. I gave her my debit card and stopped in the parking lot to make sure that my food was correct and this time it was! While stopped, I checked my debit card balance (I needed gas) and saw the charge: It should have been $3.99 plus tax. Well, I went back into the store and pointed the error out to the manager. She immediately asked for my receipt and I told her that I wasn't given one, but I had my electronic debit from my account to show. She took my ticket and saw the crew members and shouted to her the situation and said that I said that I wasn't given a receipt. Of course, the girl working the drive thru was ready to argue and argue she did give me the receipt, she never not give a receipt. I then told the manager never mind and she said let me call my manager. Still saying its alright and never mind, she comes from behind the counter and call a manager and explains it all over again, all while other customers were waiting for service. I could not have been more embarrassed. While she was on the phone, I asked for the receipt, apologized for inconveniencing them and left, NEVER to return again! Again, this Popeyes is in a great location, but I would FIRE all of the employees (managers and crew members) and start anew, hiring ALL NEW employees and having them take ETHICS and INTERIGHY classes. I do love Popeyes. Dr. Tina

Donnie D.

Worst Popeyes I have ever been to. I ordered chicken tenders and fries. My chicken tenders were hard and were difficult to eat. The first 5 french fries I picked up each had a hair on them (not an exaggeration). I gave up on looking for french fries without a hair on them. Disgusting! Do not eat at this popeyes. Not worth your money.

Maranda Feurtado

If I could give zero stars, I would. This place was absolutely disgusting, and the staff was no better. Trash everywhere and sticky tables. Asked the lady in the lobby if she could get someone to change the tea because it was sour and had tea grounds floating around in it. She said if you got a problem with the tea walk over there and tell them yourself. (The rest of the drinks on the fountain tasted like they were using suage water.) Then she walked to the back of the counter and said them people over there all got a problem with the tea and the rest of the drinks and started laughing. Horrible customer service. Very dirty place.

David Lindig

I often come here for lunch and the staff have always been friendly. The food is consistently fresh and hot. In and out efficiently.

Ronald C.

This is one weird Popeyes location. On my last visit, I was informed of a long wait for a particular food, so I changed my order to something quicker. Imagine my surprise when I was still asked to pull into the other parking lot to wait. Imagine my shock when tons of other cars were advised to do the same. Imagine my confusion when I saw the drive thru worker constantly leaning out the window with a giant metal tray pressing it down into the concrete. Weird. Is this some ploy to "fix" the drive thru wait times? Needless to say, after what I consider to be far too long a wait for fast food, the worker came out with tons and tons of bags for all the waiting cars. My order was handed to me (and of course it was missing some of the things I'd requested.) Too late- she's already gone back inside. The food was ok- pretty typical Popeyes fare, I guess. But the chicken specifically was pretty dang boring. Nope. I highly doubt I'll be back to this location.

Karen M.

Staying at the Super 8, from Houston area, decided to grab a bite, well we were ignored. Employees were standing around doing nothing. I'm not one to use the race card but I couldn't help but feel like they did not want to wait on us. I am a waitress in a family restaurant in Houston and I can say I never make people feel that way. These young folks need a history lesson and some good old fashion manners. If I owed this establishment they would lo be fired!!!

Benjamin Harrison

Awesome food good service. Tables need to be cleaned.

Tannatha Pallen

Food good. Service lousy, gave me coleslaw instead of the mash potatoes like I ordered. No honey or cocktail sauce. Very Very rude. On a road trip could not go back and complain.


I love Popeye's chicken. It is the best; but I mostly go there for their apple pies; which they never have ready. I want apples NOW!!! But I usually have to wait 8-20 minutes to get 2 apple pies. Why are they so good and beckon out to me ð??£ð??£ð??£