Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

1725 W Prien Lake Rd, Lake Charles
(337) 474-7380

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Carmen Sevier-Sullivan

Same bartender for years Joe! calm atmosphere for lunch early dinner. Jackie was fast and friendly. Try the Bellini drinks non and alcoholic. Always get the dipping sauces and I like to change my meals up from the menu which the always try to accommodate.

Vallerie Brister

Jayden was incredible! He's attentive, but not overbearing. The food was incredible. We've had a couple of mediocre experiences here, but he made this visit very memorable! Everything was hot and fresh. The apple sangrias are also delightful. My husband dislikes alcohol and he drank 3.


The food was not up t standard as it usually is. The pasta was in a clump together. Was not even hot. I will go back again t see if it still like I went but then if it hasn't changed I won't go back for awhile

Lauren W McConnachie

Food and drinks came exactly as ordered and our server was very friendly. Everything took SOOOO LONG! From being greeted, to our drinks, to our food and closing the check. We spent an unbelievable amount of time waiting on the server. It was obvious he was very busy and he was probably a/the closer. What was more frustrating was that there were tons of other servers around us cleaning their sections and doing their sidework. No one bothered to help him in any way and we watched many servers focused on going home (which of course I understand wanting to leave asap). This doesn't mean a server who's already cut from the floor can't take 2 minutes to help a team member who's clearly weeded while guests wait and wait and wait.

Christopher Faul

We went on a Wednesday night around 7:30. We had a party of 7 and had to wait about 25-30 minutes to be seated. We were seated and immediately asked what we wanted to drink. When they brought the drinks, we were asked about appetizers. Placed the order. Took maybe 10 minutes. Entrees were out rather quickly. Food was great, service was great, and atmosphere was great! Our server's name was Angela. Couldn't have asked for a better server. It was my daughter and her friend's birthday. The dessert was still frozen, so they put it in a take-home box. I would definitely recommend going there if you just want to get out of the house and enjoy something different. We will be going back soon!

Carter Perry

I was sat and had our waitress came to see us but didn’t greet us and just asked what we wanted to drink, after that she didn’t hand each individual there drink and instead just put them in the middle and threw some straws down, following that we didn’t see her for another 20 minutes! That is unacceptable and when we did see her she just brought us our soup with only broth and left. By the time we saw her again it was over an hour, we asked for the check and we got a manager, the manager was nice and told us that we didn’t need to pay for our food but overall with my experience tonight if I could give it a zero star I would.

shane johnson

I always like to eat here, usually got those of Italy. This time I really enjoyed the grilled chicken breast over the asiago cheese stuffed tortellinis, that will be my new favorite for sure.Always have such friendly waiters.


Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. Will never eat here again. I hate giving bad reviews. I do. I never do it. But this place really had my ears steaming. It was one thing after another. First of all we was “greeted”, then didn’t get pur breadsticks till right before the food came out; didn’t get refills the entire time despite putting the cups at the end of the table, the people behind us getting constant refills, and me staring at the waitress waiting for her to see me; didn’t get more breadsticks when we asked for more; didn’t get our second salad till we was leaving; watched our waitress sit and talk to other staff and play around (I thought this was suppose to be more of a fancy type restaurant with adults working; and to top it all off, I am one to ask about things because I understand they can be forgotten, but she didn’t even come to our table but two maybe three times the whole hour we was there, and each one of those times when I went to ask for something like a refill that she apparently couldn’t see, or to ask where our food was she wouldn’t stick around long enough for me to even say anything. We didn’t even get asked about the grated cheese… maybe I wouldn’t be so irate about this if the table behind us wasn’t getting 90% better service from her then us, and if I didn’t see her messing around while on the job. Sorry not sorry. If I remembered her name I would tell you but I didn’t see her badge since she never stuck around. The food was alright though, despite our breadsticks being a little hard. But I’ve never had bad service at OG till at this one. It wasn’t even busy.

Adam Foodie

We gave Olive Garden another shot today after to many disappointing visits, but we said, hey its been a year so let's see. Well the only reason it gets 2 stars is because of the service. The food is like before. Taste FROZEN. Stuffed Ravioli comes better out of the Wal-Mart frozen section. Bread was hard. No TEA. Pasta is dry and chicken was horrible. If imported Shrimp and Frozen food is your thing, this is the place for you. Fresh, seasoned and tasteful food is not on the menu here!!

Sandra Wiles

Great Food, Service a little slow when busy.. Good atmosphere.. Convenient location..

Christopher Smith

Food was great, awesome service, I mean it's Olive Garden!, what more needs to be said !!!Dining at its best.

Mike Brant

Took the family of 7 to celebrate my daughter's birthday. Called ahead to get on the list . Was told to be there within 45 mins. Perfect ... Show up and was told by the hostess we don't do that here. Was disappointed then they put my name on the list . Had to wait another 30 mins . But once we sat down at the table . Everything went good . The waitress McKinsey was awesome . She had several tables at one time but she always came back to check on us . She took all of our orders and got every one of them correct. The only thing I had to ask for was salt and pepper . We eat out at least once a week and the past 6 months the service has been not so great . So to actually get great service was amazing . And the food was good too...

Brittany Patton

Not very happy with this olive garden. The food took a length time to get out to us. Most of the food was warm not hot. The main course of the meal seems like it had been sitting under a heat lamp too long. I have never been to an olive garden with such poor service.

Tia A.

Was very delicious. It very well may be more delicious for the "nostalgia" of being Olive Garden, lol. Who cares, you're at the amazing place of breadsticks n most delicious soup on the planet (as far as being commercialized goes)!?? Even for still having a limited menu, they didn't take away the Heavy Hitters, and for that, I am super grateful.

Michael Martin

Excellent food and service. Looking forward to going back

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