125 Broad St, Lake Charles
(337) 405-7636

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The workers were very nice and made sure that my order was correct. I enjoy going to that location.Food: 5/5

Josh Stuart

They have realy stepped up the game. They have great burgersFood: 5/5

John Smith

You need to take the sign down which claims the dining room is open if it isn’t open. You can see how that’s misleading right? I drive by often. Guess I’ll change the review once I notice it’s down.

John Johnson

What can I say, it's Wendy's. If you like that sort of thing.-Nothing specialI went there because a coworker wanted to eat there and it was close to the job. I'd rather eat a sandwich from a gas station! ?Vegetarian options: Hell, get a salad or a potato

John Hymel

Understaffed and got the order wrong. Had people there but only one person working. And she did a great job.

Angela O'Donnell

After over charging me for sauce then not wanting to give me the correct amount charged for we got the the room the nuggets were like rubber and my chicken burger was spicy? I don't ordor spicy I ordored a large meal and an extra large fry to go with the nuggets and the packages arw two diffrent sizes tea tastes weird. Refund pl3ase? This was not worth the trip there and back

Rhino Horny

Typical of Wendy's restaurants I've been to in other places. Some of the eployees don't understand the concept of customer service. Since the pandemic, the don't cares aren't even trying to get the jobs anymore.

Misty L

I've never had a good experience here, but due to the recent holiday, it was the only thing open that day. The food was not fresh, fries were cold, and the staff is always rude. If I had anything positive to say, it'd be that they were quick, but my rebuttal is that it's easy to be quick when the food is pre-made and cold.

Angelina LeJeune (Angelina LeJeune)

If I could give this a zero I would the woman. In front of me had the same problems I did. The guy taking orders could not do his job correctly at ALL. I repeated my order 5 times, no lie. I didn't get my cup for all drinks, including lids and straws. I had to ask for our frosty's. Our table was sticky. We moved over and the other one was sticky too. There was no toilet paper in the handicap bathroom, which is definitely a violation of ADA requirements. The line was out to the street when we got there and was still that way when we left. In fact, the truck we would have been in line with was just getting to the window. Keep in mind that we had ordered and ate already. I would not recommend this location.

Roger Shellenbarger

Needed a quick light lunch after a medical test, food was prepared quick and was tasty, drive thru cashier was polite and nice. Good visit.

Ben Frost

Wendy's now has the best fries out of all the fash food joints! Love their burgers!!!

Jerry Chilson

Went to the drive thru and ordered a #8 nothing special and was told i had to pull into the lot. after a total of 21min i finly got my food the burger was just warm and the fries were cold... was told they had to wait on the sauce. I tried calling the manager and no answer left a message and no call back

Mary Doucet

They doused the sandwich in mayo and dumped eggshell into it.

Susan W

UNBELIEVABLE. Went there today to get my child a nugget kid’s meal. Drive all the way home to south lake charles and my 5-year-old opens the bag much to his disappointment. “They didn’t give me any nuggets!!” That’s right. Two things of fries and zero nuggets. $5 for a happy meal now and we can’t be bothered to make sure all components are there?? You want $15/hr??? Will NEVER return. None of the Wendy’s in this city seem to be able to get their S together.

Donald Miller

Wendy’s hasn’t changed much in the quality of food. What I don’t like is that you can’t dine in. At any locations that I have been to. If this doesn’t change soon I’ll bring my business elsewhere.

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