Cafe Du Monde French Market

800 Decatur St, New Orleans
(504) 525-4544

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Dylan Greer

I love the beignets! Don’t get me wrong, the food is good, but this place is packed! Be prepared to wait and make sure you bring cash because it’s cash only. We stayed in a hotel close by and I did notice the best times to go were morning and late evening/night. The food is good and the experience is worth it if you’re visiting, but be prepared for a tourist trap.

michelle bruce

this place was awesome! it has a line to wait in to be seated or a separate line to wait in to get takeout and drinks. the takeout line looked really long but they move everyone through pretty fast. the beinget's were SO delicious. there was a jazz band playing while we waiting to set the true NOLA atmosphere. it's even more beautiful to take your food to go and sit by the river. all around we will be back!

Stephanie T.

I came here on a Sunday around 6pm. The takeout order line wasn't bad and I was able to get a table inside right away. The server came quickly after we sat down and asked what we wanted to order. We ordered an order of beignets. The beignets were fresh and full of sugar. Prepare for sugar to be all over the place. These are the best beignets in New Orleans! No matter how long the line, I would definitely wait for these beignets. I've came here before and was really surprised by how short the line was. I've had to wait in long lines here before. This establishment is cash only so bring cash!

Leah J.

Cafe Du Monde was high on my list of places to go while visiting New Orleans. As soon as we arrived, we noticed two separate lines and was unsure of which line to stand in but we then realized one line was for "to-go" orders and the other line was for "dining in" orders. Since we wanted to dine in, we stood in the appropriate line. Unfortunately, the waiters don't assist customers to tables so we literally had to stand and wait for people to get up and leave in order to find seating. It's first come, first served. Once we found a table, it was still pretty messy from the previous customers so we flagged down a waiter but unfortunately was told that it wasn't her table to clean so we had to wait another few minutes for another waiter to come and clean off the table. Beignets are served 3 per order so we ordered two orders. They came out pretty quickly and tasted AMAZING! The beignets were served warm and covered with an abundance of powdered sugar. Surprisingly, the inside of the beignet was very light and pillowy soft and it wasn't super sweet, which I loved. Thankfully, the area where we sat was pretty much outside so the powdered sugar was able to blow away because it was everywhere lol. Definitely a must try while in New Orleans!!!! The beignet was everything I thought it would be and more!

Timothy B.

Cafe Du Monde is a New Orleans historical MUST TRY. If you go and never stop by you've done a disservice to your trip lol. I love the cash only atmosphere but while keeping the culture of the are still yet alive.

Geoff H.

Stop for a beignet and a cup of coffee. We went here the last two days. There are 2 ways to enjoy. The first day we got them as to go in a bag. If you do, shake the bag before you take one so you get all the powdered sugar on them. The next day we sat at a table and was served. It was very nice to take a break, sit and eat a treat. The service was good but it was a little more pricey (before tip) then the take out. Don't forget the shake the bag!

Brian A.

Such a classic place to get fresh beignets but boy is the service absolutely terrible. The staff could give two sh%ts about serving you. The beignets were good and served warm and the chicory coffee delicious but next time I'd go to another more modern and cleaner place that serve beignets that are just as good. Don't waste your time here.

Joe M.

So, we visit New Orleans and one has to try Cafe Du Monde for their delicious beignets and coffee, right? So, we did, coffee was good the beignets were good too but we did notice some had cold edges, I thought it was normal considering how busy the place was. After a couple of hours I was tasting those beignets again and not in a good way. Fast forward a couple of days and we do a Cajun Encounter Cemetery Tour, that's when the tour guide informed everyone in the bus that Cafe Du Monde had been sold 4 years ago and the only original thing is the signage and the building. Different owners, different recipe. They're making money off tourist like us that don't know better. There's one original Cafe Du Monde and it's located near the New Orleans Museum of Art. Now you know.

Bridget C.

Go late, no lines and a beautiful way to see the night in New Orleans. We actually find these to be less delicious than cafe beignets but obviously a must do while In the city.

Luis D.

Beignet's are so tasty that I ate them before taking a photo. This location has a great atmosphere with musical artists playing on the sidewalk. The staff is great and attentive. Not taking credit cards is my biggest gripe. It is unfortunate for those folks who never carry cash.

Amanda D.

I was nervous coming here because of all the hype, but to me it is all true. Came around 3, we were in luck and there was no line! Cash only, for those like me and never actually carry actual money. We got a small order of beignets. They came out hot, outside had a great crunch and the inside was super soft. Such a great treat. Can't wait to visit New Orleans again, this will be my first stop!

Jane M.

I dont know what the hype about this place is about but I fell for it and was disappointed. This place is open 24*7 serving beignets and coffee and I went there one evening. There is always a huge line and they take cash only so be prepared. I ordered their chicory coffee and beignets. The coffee was delicious and their beignets were okay. Nothing to write about. Infact they had so much powder sugar dusted on them I could barely taste the beignets. I also thing the beignets we got were from an older batch since they dint taste fresh and were a little chewy rather than being soft and fluffy. I have had better beignets else where and will skip this place the next time I am in town.

Michael B.

This place is worth going to if nothing else for the name and experience. The beignets are surgery, somehow light and filling, they come in a set of three and reasonably priced. They probably aren't the best beignets in New Orleans but you won't be disappointed. IT IS CASH ONLY You can either wait in the line or sit at a table and have a server. They have so many tables that this isn't going to be extremely fast. The tables are covered by a roof and no walls. This patio area has a Disney world cafe vibe with from how many people are in there or the color pattern. Don't be shocked if there's a wait even if you get there early. The coffee is chicory which some people like more and some less. They also make iced coffee, which is great for the heat.


Obviously a tourist trap but truth be told, the coffee was excellent and super hot. The beignets they're famous for, well, it's just good old fried dough with plenty of powdered sugar. Definitely worth a visit but then you can check it off your bucket list.

Steve F

We stopped in for beignets and coffee and it did not disappoint! The beignets were awesome and a “must do” for all visitors. It can get crowded but they clean off tables quickly and have speedy service.

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