Pythian Market

234 Loyola Ave, New Orleans
(504) 481-9599

Recent Reviews

Seante R.

14 Parishes - So flavorful and delicious. Fresh and filling. Pricing is moderate and you get so much food. Black owned! I am so pleased and I will definitely be back.

Rachel B.

I ordered out from the Market during a visit to New Orleans. I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt since this is during Covid and most places are still closed down so the options were VERY limited. There were a handful of places to chose from and each of their menus were limited as well. We ordered a mix of what was available and got to share as a group. The great thing about how they have it set up is that you can put it on all one order rather than separate orders for each stand. 14 Parishes was by far our favorite. It was lots of really fresh and authentic Jamaica food! We especially loved the Jerk chicken and plantains. La Cocinita was good but a bit bland and very very dry. The empanadas were good but the tacos were so dry they desperately needed some sauce or anything to help it out. Eat Well was also underwhelming. The Pho was really solid but the stuffed chicken wings were just gross. I was eating with a fairly adventurous group and we all did not enjoy them. The flavors just weren't right and it just felt like you were eating a chicken wing with guts in the middle.I'd love to give the market a second shot once they're back open and I can get a true experience! I'll be sure to update my review when I do.

Olivia C.

I've ordered from here multiple times and the delivery process was quick and easy! They even delivered a bottle of champagne! I've also attended a few trivia nights and happy hours here before everything shut down and they were so fun. The bartenders were friendly and poured generously! Great atmosphere and can't wait to have more trivia nights there as soon as it opens up again. The history of the building is super cool as well.

Becky N.

I love food halls because i never know what to eat and they present a variety of food to choose from. Out of the three halls ive been to in nola (others being Auction House and St. Roch), i think Pythia Market would be my favorite. They atmosphere is very chill and casual. I think they have the best options of food to choose from. Absolutely LOVED the wild mushroom pie from Meribo Pizza. I try to opt for vegetarian options and the Wild Mushroom pizza was perfect. Came out hot with freshly grated Parmesan on top. My boyfriend loved his croissant from Frencheeze Truck. We both enjoyed our poke bowls from Kais. Will be back in the future.

Tara Busch

Amazing selection, clean, and good prices! Great local music as well.

Ntzaki Potter

Pythian Market is amazing. I've become a regular for delivery orders during this crazy COVID-19 situation we're all living through, and everything I've ordered has been spot on, from meals to a few household items I couldn't find elsewhere. The delivery people and the couple of folks I've spoken to over the phone have all been great.

Sandra A.

I love this place. So many options, and if you're into healthy eating like me, you'll want to eat here constantly. The food is top quality, there is tons of seating, with lots of restaurants offering make your own this and make your own that. I would eat here everyday if I could

Lexi Sullivan

Came through last week for a small gathering with family to celebrate my graduation. Food was amazing. Every single side was good. I normally hate brussel sprouts and couldn’t get enough. The love is in the food and I will definitely be back! Thank you!

Susie A.

First of all, I don't know how I haven't already done a review proclaiming my love for the Pythian Market. It's so convenient and just great-there is something for everyone and the bartenders are awesome! It's the perfect location to grab something before Saints games, Luna Fete and a million other things! The frozen Paloma is the best thing ever! I saw on Instagram that they were doing fun jazz fest foods, so I had to order! My crawfish enchiladas are cooking as we speak! I'm not sure if he works for Pythian or a delivery service, but Billy was outstanding!!! He was right on time and so nice! I also discovered that they offer vegetarian(!) spring noodles and a family size Vietnamese-(for 2, 4 or 6) . They also have beer and wine! Now if they could just sell that frozen Paloma!!!! I'll be back for one as soon as I can, Pythian Market!!

Rachel H.

Awesome place to order in from during this time! You can order from any of the vendors and even their market! They have family meal deals for families of different sizes and they offer free delivery. We ordered the Willie maes family meal and it came with 12 pieces of fried chicken, 3 sides and a corn bread. It was amazing! We had the Mac and cheese, sweet potatoes, and fried okra. I recommend it all, especially the fried okra! For all of this food it was only $35! The food was delicious and we had leftovers which was awesome. The fried chicken is the best fried chicken in the city. We also ordered a dozen eggs and 4 potatoes. It's awesome that you can order food and get groceries at the same time. The order online form is very easy to use and the delivery process was seamless. I recommend ordering from Pythian Market soon!

Emily L.

A "new-old" option for dining in New Orleans - cafeteria style with different options, kind of like a food court. I'm not going to review a specific restaurant, just the setting itself. The parking around the market is very, very hard. So, bike, take public transportation, or walk! The space itself offers options for family style seating and dinning, to more intimate settings for a date lunch or coffee meeting. There is a bar inside with a few TV options. I wish there was more grocery type offerings and some fresh produce - but I don't think that's what they're going for.

Codie Nicole B.

I really wish I would've realized what this place was sooner! It was right, right next to our hotel! (Holiday inn) This place is super cute and has a huge lay out of 10+ restaurants! Lots of tables to sit at, mostly high tops. The restaurants are all just separate stalls hence having so many restaurants. Pizza,soul food, chicken & waffles, Venezuelan food, middle eastern food, coffees, breakfast sandwiches, pokè, Caribbean food, Vietnamese food, and cocktails and beers!

Jennifer Smith

There are about 5 to 6 different places to choose from here and 1 bar. The bar do have happy hour times (sorry I can't remember exact timeframe). To me the food is over priced at all of the chains.

Nathanael Lierly

Bright cheery and with a wide selection of food and beverages this spot was great for our large group. Seating accommodated us all together and allowed group discussion.


Cute food hall with a variety of different vendors. A handful of vendors had vegan options listed on menu. There is also a bar with alcohol and tons of tables/chairs.

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