Slim Goodies Diner

3322 Magazine St, New Orleans
(504) 891-3447

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Creighton Miller

Great place for breakfast or brunch. The food is fun and unique and works really well. (Though maybe reconsider using Jewish in the name of a dish containing shellfish, hm?)I'm afraid I found the food to be seasoned a bit on the tourist (aka bland) side of things, so do be sure to ask for hot sauce.


We enjoyed a lovely breakfast including waffles, pancakes, biscuits, bacon, eggs and really good coffee. Service was efficient and welcoming and prices were reasonable. Would definitely eat here again. Pay for parking right out in front at the machine.


The ambiance was really cool, 60’s diner kind of feeling. Our server,Lauren, was all we could hope for, fun, friendly, and yet still professional. The icing on the cake was the food. We had kitchen sink fries my friend ordered biscuit sandwich. All was high quality and a taste explosion. We will be back on every NOLA trip!!!

The Biscuit Butterer

This place was recommended to us by our AirBnB host as it was locally owned and within walking distance. We were there when they opened, seated and served within 15 minutes. There were Polaroids all over the walls of smiling faces of regular customers, and first timers. My husband ordered a typical big breakfast, and I had the banana pancakes with sausage. They were cooked in butter with crispy edges and soft pockets of fresh banana. It was heaven on a plate. If you looking for that typical diner menu with a casual neighborhood feel, this is your place! 5 stars all the way!

Taia S.

The food here was absolutely delicious. The service was prompt and friendly. Will be back next time in town

Fern N.

The atmosphere is nice and the food was ok but it took about an hour for it to get to us, we even thought about leaving. Not the place to go if you're in a hurry.


The most inclusive, delicious breakfast place in town. Can't recommend this one highly enough. Food quality great, service fantastic and friendly. Wonderful!

Fatima Z.

1st time I came here the food was great. But the service was sloooowww. This is my second time coming and the water cup is dirty and so is the silverware. They keep the milk in a container of ice instead of a refrigerator? Weird. The milk is not as cold as it should be. I got the stack-o-pancakes which were burnt. And the bacon was cold. I also got a side of hashbrowns. Burnt and gross. The service is super slow and there's barley anyone in here. My server is too busy at the bar talking. I needed a refill about 20 minutes ago and I'm still waiting for the check. never again. And it's CASH ONLY!


Stumbled upon this great value diner with lovely atmosphere and staff while taking a stroll on Magazine Street. They have awesome GF pancakes!


Stumbled upon this great value diner with lovely atmosphere and staff while taking a stroll on Magazine Street. They have awesome GF pancakes!

Caroline R.

What's understood doesn't have to be spoken. Slim Goodies is the best affordable, hits the spot breakfast place in the city. You get a ton of food, it tastes so good, and it's classic breakfast meals with a twist that you'd never think of yourself. Gotta get here early, as there is always a wait. But every minute it worth it.

Lauren O.

We won't be back. We waited about 35 mins for the meals to arrive. When they did arrive, it was flavorless, no salt in anything. Had to put ketchup on my eggs and hash browns just to get some flavor. Didn't even finish half my plate. Moved on to a pancake hoping at least that would be good, it was not. It was eggy and rubbery. My other 2 guests said the same about their dishes. Definitely will go for a different breakfast spot next time.

Tori L.

Very fast and really great food! Seasoned so well! The only downfall is that there is rarely any space .. tables are really close together but overall great food!

Monte Bertrand

This was an incredible brunch experience.First, let me prepare you. It's busy. Like "we have good food and everyone loves us" busy not "we're giving away hundred dollar bills" busy that some New Orleans brunch places have. Maybe 30 minutes.Slim Goodies beats all those other places by a mile. My dish was a combination of crawfish ettoufee while my buddy had chili on his. Both had a hash brown bed and a choice of eggs.Simple, incredibly tasty and delicious. Definitely get there.

Helene S.

Lucky to be able to score an outside patio table in the garden for a Sunday brunch with family and friends. Vegan? Vegetarian? Omnivore? Great place with so many options. Our group got the Guatemalan, the Tex Mex Slammer with biscuits and tortillas, the Creole Slammer and a Philly cheesesteak. The slammers are so delicious. Served on a base of hash browns, each slammer is topped with a variety of breakfast favorites. The Creole slammer has a couple of any way you like them cooked eggs smothered on crawfish étouffée served with a couple of biscuits to soak up the juices. The Tex Mex has a layer of vegetarian black beans and cheese topped with a couple of sunny side up eggs, avocados, plantains, salsa and sour cream with a couple of tortillas. I substituted biscuits instead. Add a chai tea latte or an iced coffee for a perfect Sunday brunch on the patio under an orange umbrella. Thanks to Kris for the fantastic service during Sunday brunch to celebrate a special milestone with family and friends.

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