CFC Fried Chicken

42 Rodney French Blvd, New Bedford
(774) 202-5668

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asad afzaal

Clean place good stuff as well as decent food compare to other CFC’s in the area

Raven Raven

Good food but noticed over the years the servings getting smaller and smaller .. fries used to be heaping under the chicken, macaroni salad use to be full to the top of the container.. now you barely get fries and containers are half full... When you can fit three pieces of chicken and fries in a 20 piece nugget box you know you getting cheated from how it use to be... Economy is getting more expensive charging more money for less product... Sad world we live in...

Jon Oliver

Super disrespectfulThe food made me sickkI didn’t even get what I ordered mind you paid forAll of its just nasty literally wouldn’t spend another penny in that place

Stacie Brindle

Gyro over rice... Sooooo good! Staff is great, and polite! Food is wonderful, and pocket friendly..

Emily B.

Great chicken, whoever the chef is on Monday nights is great. Service makes you feel rushed though, could definitely be friendlier at register

Jarrad Lavoie

I love this place. Their food is sooo good. I'm not just saying that, their food is delicious. I choose these guys over KFC all day, any day. The fried chicken is delicious, the grilled chicken is delicious, the wings are bomb. Their cheese fries are my favorite cuz the fries alone are perfect, and then with the melted cheese, it's perfect. They got sandwiches, sides like mozzarella sticks and onion rings. They got it all. I luv Popeye's and I still would take CFC over them too. I recommend it to anyone who wants some good chicken and isn't on a diet. The one in the North end on the Ave is honestly just as good too.

Bryan Lawrence

Service was great. This is more about the food. It was hot and quickly made,so that wasn't the issue either. But when your name has chicken in it. You can't serve those tiny patties on that huge bun. I'd say getting bigger chicken,but if not get a bun that fits. See the thing is me and my coworker are doing the chicken sandwich challenge. And sadly to say their's is the worst. That was our 7th different place,both sit down and fast food. Instead of the patty get some real chicken,batter it up and get in the race!! Service/Cleanliness were both 5 stars

Nazia Tasnim

Discovered this halal CFC recently. They have chicken fey and grilled chicken in halal. My most favourite is tres leches cake. Will be definitely going for it.

Anders Rathmussin

Not since I roasted one of my recalcitrant rams have I tasted such amazing food. The salty savory goodness of their deep fried chicken carcasses is incredible. I savored each bite as I chewed the meat off the bone. They even had an option for pureed Irish souls, which some call potatoes.

Cam Gatsby

I had the worst steak and cheese from there I feel like puking. It was like cat food idk how this place is still up and running.

Cam Fortes

Nastiest steak and cheese, there steak is like cat food

Nabil Siddiqi

I love the service provided by Helen. She is always willing to help you with your order.

Alex Lugo

Today is christmas eve, i went there just to use the bathroom and thought I'd give it a try. Not sure what the cashier's name is, but god bless her. She looked out for me when she saw i was distraught and served me the best drumsticks and cheesecake I've ever had! Other than the food being awesome, the cashier has a heart of gold. Please stop by and give them a try!

Cortney P

Know I should not complain cause it’s a cheap place but my bread smells really strange and forgot my other soda.

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