North Garden

42 Myron St, West Springfield
(413) 732-0338

Recent Reviews

Stephanie Attoumo

I hate to say that the mall has better Chinese food but it does. Very bland. Won't order here again.

Ariel Gignac

Im VERY picky when it comes to Chinese food but this secret gem didn't disappoint!! Hands down the BEST I've ever had. Its in a spot where you wouldn't even know it was there I barely even saw it but I'm SO happy I did. The owners are very nice and its definitely a spot worth checking out!

Steven Appleby

The Food here is very good. The atmosphere needs renovations.

Marie McAuliffe

Used to be so much better food tastes like they use alot of clam sauce even in the beef and broccoli chicken fingers are sub par rice is good though I always ask for bean sprouts and extra onion in the rice.

Sofia Osmani

Great service, extremely friendly! Very good quality food, it’s fresh and the best Chinese food I’ve had.


What a great little hole in the wall restaurant. The food was HOT and extremely good! This will definitely be a place we return to every time we are in West Springfield!

Johanna M.

This used to be a regular for me until a year or so ago when the quality took a nosedive. But being desperate for Chinese within delivery range, I tried again this week. Very pleased to discover the quality is back. The food was fresh and excellent. More than pleased. Well done.

Kenneth Andras

Still some of the best chinese food in the area.Especially the pan fried noodles and general tso's.

Ron King

They are a bit ahead of the curve here but the only reason they don't max out with me is because my Crispy Beef was not crispy.Still I might return.

Jennifer Sibilly

Excellent takeout portions, Hunan style items are crunchy with balanced flavors of meat/vegetables/sauce. General Tso chicken is the same - good texture to the fried chicken, not drowning in sauce, distinct flavors are there. Try the fried squid appetizer, it’s a big carton of calamari to rival any Italian restaurant or steakhouse.

Juan Fernandez

Food done promptly collectively n perfectly

Jennifer S.

North Garden takeout has been excellent for years. Containers are packed to the brim with your food, no complaints about portion size. Anything marked "Hunan" is fried crispy-style while not overpowered by batter or grease. There is always a General Tso dinner in my bag, chicken pieces are high quality with plenty of sauce.

Johnna Fay

Delicious food. Always hot. Much better than others in the local area. My family used to eat here 10-20 years ago and it's still delicious today! Would recommend to a friend. Beef lo mein, beef teriyaki, walnut shrimp... it's all good!

Timothy Ryan

Stopped in for take out.. They got my very simple order wrong. Understandable, but what they did serve wasn't very good at all. Extremely poor quality meat. I feel sick.

Robert R Parker

Very good place to eat

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