Papa Johns Pizza

13860 Georgia Ave, Aspen Hill
(301) 603-0730

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Oliver Pankiewicz

Second time in a row the pizza has come an hour late and cold. Even warned up, it doesn't taste the same as other Papa John's. They skimp on the cheese or something. Avoid if you can

monte gordon

Pizza came with no seal no insulated box and ice cold. Tried to call store and press option for manager and phone just hangs up. No way to contact store directly. A $15 pizza costs $25 to the door and it comes cold and unsealed with no recourse during the evening of the order. Need to call corporate who says "somebody will contact you in 48 hours, that doesn't work. Customer service is dying in America. driver spoke no English so there was no way to communicate.

Asha Asha

The pizza was hard hardly no cheese very little topping, The bread sticks were horrible dry and no dipping sauce very bad experience

Chris L.

If I could give this place 0 stars I would. I waited well over 30 minutes inside to pay for my pizza that was ALREADY made. However, the cashier was MIA... apparently "in the bathroom." I'm assuming he/she had some atomic diarrhea because I ended getting tired of waiting and left. Papa John's, just a bit of advice- if you're going to have employees who are going to have faucet @ss, maybe you should tell them to stay home.


All of the costumers are fat so they’re hard to push over and when I do they become hard and throw oil at me

Chris Dietze

I don’t like to be one to complain but others should know. I ordered a pizza 40 minutes ago for carry out, still waiting by the way. 25 minutes after the order the “tracker” said it was ready. I go into the place and they say it needs 10 more minutes. What’s the deal with this place? Why use a tracker if you’re just going to lie. I understand being busy but don’t forward it in the process if it isn’t ready, is that so hard?

jennifer r.

I have had two awful experiences with this Papa Johns and I have been a loyal customer of the Papa Johns brand for 20+ years but this location raises some serious questions about the company based on the poor customer service at all levels. I had an issue with my order over 2 weeks ago, contacted corporate and was offered an apology with a commitment to make it right. I ordered again from this location only to have another horrible experience but I was not alone - there was a whole lobby of frustrated customers - complaints ranged from missing orders, incorrect orders, excessive wait times beyond what was communicated over the phone only to arrive and realize they had not even started orders, to the location turning off their phone so you cannot even get through to speak with a manager. Avoid this location at all costs - if this is the public facing experience it makes me wonder how seriously they take safety and cleanliness when it comes to the quality and freshness of food ingredients. Corporate should really consider shutting down this location even if temporarily to offer management training and be sure all staff within the store are providing customer service that is on par with what the Papa Johns brand tells customers they are committed to providing.

Citizen Watch

if i could give this place 0 stars i would. The management especially Mr. V is very unprofessional and not a good manager at all. This place used to be good, but in the last year this place has gone downhill quick. Ordered online and it said 24-30 minutes. Arrived at the store, paid and stood around for about 10 minutes. Asked the manager how long for the order he said we are a little behind and it would be 45 minutes to an hour. Cancelled my order, drove 7 miles to another location and got my order ,drove back the 7 miles all within 25 minutes.Tons of unhappy customers waiting and manager"V" did not give a "F" . The Colonel needs to revamp and rid himself of this management team. I will never go this location ever again.

Stephen Baker

I bought a large pepperoni and meatballs pizza on Sunday evening, 9/18, and found that the crust side was dark brown and tasted like cardboard. This was my first visit to a Papa Johns Pizza in over a year. It might take me a year to give them another chance.

Theodore Dowling

Pizza took 1 hour and 40 minutes to be delivered and arrived cold.

Jemima Argueta

I ordered a carryout order through the phone. My order was a large pizza/ jalapeños, pineapple, pepperoni. I said I was gonna pay cash at first, but then after the order was placed a man called me saying I had to pay with card because they didn’t have any drivers so they were gonna send a DoorDash driver. During the call I asked if they could send me a DoorDash confirmation to which he replied saying “yes, they’ll send you a message”. Apparently the pizza was gonna take about 35 min but I never heard a knock so after an hour and a half, I checked and my pizza was there, it was closed with their sticker but when I opened it, it was missing a slice. They tried to make it seem like the pizza was complete, but it was noticeable that a slice was taken before closed. I called again but the store was close by 11. This is so unbelievable, and disgusting. I have no reason to lie or go back to this store. Please be careful with ordering at this store located at Aspen Hill. Date was Thursday June 23rd around 11:30 pm.

Kumar Ghosh

Went for a quick lunch last week. Ordered a large pizza. Loved the guy in the front. Young guy named Keith with a smile treated me like a CUSTOMER, which is very uncommon nowadays. It's hard to find cashiers smile and treat you with such energy. Food becomes better depending upon service. Keep it up Keith.

Frxcken C.

It Was hard to chew and the cheese wasn't, cheesy, almost like it was reheated in the microwave. This was the New York style. It could be because i ordered late at night but that shouldn't lower the quality of the pizza. All papa johns aren't the same and this one wasnt disappointed me.

James K.

I want to get what I paid for. AGAIN the third time I pay For an extra garlic sauce. I dont get it. Also with their pepperoncinis it's a .55 cent charge for more. I requested for two. Two times when I've done this they will give an aluminum foil sack with about 6-8 total extra. The last 3 orders they give me just 2 extra....not sure if this is normal but paying a dollar for two extra pepperoncini's has no value. Add the non extra garlic sauce which I paid for disappoints me. Whoever the manager or owner of this branch is please train your employees to get things right. If I received extra peoperonicni's before then I appreciate that service but at least give me all items u paid for especially the extra garlic sauce. Ok onto the pizza. The's undercooked. Taken out of the oven way too early. Onions are still raw. Oh man what a disappointing order......

Tsegamariam Aregawi

Honestly if I had a choice, I would give it a 0. Their customer service is HORRIBLE. When I tried to order the man made me pay 2 TIMES, then said delivery would take 30 minutes. Then 1 hour when I called for a follow up they got my order wrong then when I got my pizza garlic sauce was spilled ALL OVER. NEVER GO HERE!

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