De Kleine Duivel

3602 Hickory Ave, Baltimore

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heriberto baez

Visited the place in 2019, while on assignment at Fort Belvoir. Definitely a delight to enjoy and flavor the best selection of Belgian beers in the Baltimore area. Recommend anyone who likes good Belgian ales to visit this place.

Nathan M

A truly incredible variety of Belgian beers, and the bartenders are great at providing recommendations. The hall itself is dimly lit and rough around the edges, but that's exactly why it's so charming.

Cassandra H.

I haven't been to De Kleine Duivel in a year or so since moving out of the area. However, it's a great bar, and I want to address the issues in the review from Thembi.

1. "It looks like an events hall." That's probably because it has super high ceilings, which I think are awesome. Helps prevent it from smelling nasty which, let's face it, all other bars do. Also, DKD frequently IS turned into an event hall of sorts. A projection screen is lowered and people watch soccer, the Tour de France, even movies. Or there's dancing. Or the place is absolutely packed and they need all that floor space for the people who are standing.

2. "They only have 8 beers on tap." How many different beers can you drink in a night? What's on tap changes, and they have over 200 beers, total. (See other reviews for confirmation of this.)

3. "[I]n the past I've ended up with a 16oz beer I didn't like." If you tell the bartender what beer you DO like, the bartender will match you with a Belgian beer that tastes pretty much the same. The bartenders really are amazing.

One other thing that's come up in other reviews is the lack of food service. You can have any restaurant in the area deliver to DKD, or you can bring your own food in. Kind of sweet considering you usually can't get a wide range of food at a bar.

In short, this place has amazing beers, knowledgable bartenders, and a chill, European atmosphere. Of course, if you're looking for a meat market and Bud Light, you'll have to go elsewhere.

Tip: Your best bet for finding a parking spot quickly is Falls Road. Next try 37th and whatever the street is between DKD and 37th (see pic).  It's Baltimore. Parking here is better and safer than it is in areas like Fed Hill, at least.

Nic I

Great place to have a beer and listen to jazz! They play most Tuesdays it has a layer crowd so come around 9:30pm. Huge beer selection and food service.

Deborah Gaskill

Great selection of Beligian beers. It's a great place to hang and catch up with friends.

Tomáš Drgoň

Great vibe and I need 25 chars to post this so here they are and more

Matt Simms

We love the Tuesday night Jazz!

Ana Caroline Paiva Gandara

Amazing beer list. But no food.

Erin Villareal

I really enjoy hanging out at this place and the selection of beers is always top notch. The staff are friendly, the ambiance perfect, and it's just a wonderful place to sit and talk with friends or even read.

Rachel Patishnock

De Kleine Duivel is a hidden gem in Baltimore for European beer drinkers. Vast variety of all kinds of beer it'll make your head spin! Shout out to the bar tender, Kevin. He's super friendly and knowledgeable about DKD selections.

Sue H.

What a fun evening - the Snowtacular! Jazzy, swing music played by 4 talented musicians. And in the background, silent movies - Christmas-themed, of course - play in the background. Lovely. And the beer is good, too!!

Jessie Gordon

This place was nice & quiet and had a cozy, intimate feel. We really enjoyed our time here. Also there was this amazing cat self portrait.

T B.

The only all-Belgian beer bar I have seen in the middle-Atlantic region. Very relaxed. No food but pretzels, but you can bring whatever food you want. The beer selection is second to none. And they serve the beer in the appropriate glassware, which is necessary for the complete Belgian experience. Music selection has been my only issue with the place - in which case I sit away from the speakers. Kevin, the bartender, is a nice guy who knows what is available and has always suggested something to suit my taste from the broad range of tap and bottled/canned offerings. 8 tap beers, some of which are seasonal, seems pretty amazing to me since each keg comes from Belgium.

Jessie G.

This place was nice & quiet and had a cozy, intimate feel. We really enjoyed our time here. Also there was this amazing cat self portrait. We got some tasty seasonal cranberry brews & ciders on draft and a Chardonnay.

Thembi S.

This spot is off the main avenue so most of the time parking anywhere nearby is an issue. It shares a building with Bluebird and some whiskey themed bar in the basement. Both of those other places have very nice decor, so I am at a loss for why De Kleine Duivel looks like an events hall. It's really dark in there, and it doesn't appear much was put into the interior there. The tables sport dark tablecloths and there are matching curtains that make the large space feel cramped. The bathrooms are nice and clean, but there is no mirror in the ladies room. The bar area itself is ok, still dark, but very long. The draft beers are written on 2 chalkboards, spaced apart so people sitting on either side of the bar can see. Unfortunately there are only about 8 beers on tap. Running along the back wall behind the bar is a row of short refrigerators, housing the vast majority of the offerings in cans and bottles. This is the problematic part for me. I like to try my beer before I commit to it. Some beer descriptions are misleading and in the past I've ended up with a 16oz beer I didn't like. The canned and bottled offerings are pricier than the draft options, which is normal, but the canned and bottled offerings waaay outnumber to draft beers. I think they should reverse it, put more beers on draft so patrons don't have to take a shot on a beer they may or may not like, yet still have to pay for. Just my 2 cents. Also, perhaps invest in an interior designer.

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