Kogi Underground

14722 Baltimore Ave, Laurel
(301) 725-2222

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Gabriel Hernandez

Everything went great with da fam frfr. This jawnt slept on frfr. This food had me slump for my slimes ca$hday. Really good food and service.

Jason V.

We had a reservation for Kogi and were seated once our whole party was here. The food was honestly not the best. They had no rice when we were there and we waited 45 minutes for our bowl of rice. The portions of meat were really small and we had a party of 7 so the waiter had to keep coming back and asking for more. I don't think I got my moneys worth of AYCE that day. They did have different sides like dumplings but it was only one order per table. They had lettuce wraps, garlic, and jalapeños which was also a nice addition. Not much to say because not much happened that day, slow service, had no rice, small portions for our very large table.

Kevin T.

My friends and I visited here for dinner based on the good reviews. Unfortunately this is the worst place ever I've visited for Korean BBQ place around DMV area, even this place can't be called "Korean BBQ" without any of the actual Korean signature side dishes at all, like Kimchi, gochujang, or ssamjang. This place is all you can eat with 1.5 hours time limit, but we could get our orders once per like 10 minutes (even the amount of meats per available order were not enough for three men) and our server never asked first for what we need. We tried to call our server, but he never gave an attention to us. Also other servers didn't care about other tables where they don't serve. They just gathered together and talked each other, and didn't care the customers and it seemed like they don't wanna work. Of course, one of our side dish orders were never served, because they didn't care and pay attention to the customer. WILL NEVER VISIT HERE AGAIN, and NEVER RECOMMEND HERE TO OTHERS.

Christy Y.

I come here all the time with my friends. The prices are fair, the meats are delicious. I love the flavor of the spicy pork belly especially. The side dishes are good and I like it better than other kbbq places. However, the service is mediocre. I believe they are currently short staffed right now, so I try to be understanding and generally most of the servers are decent. But there is one waiter who always forgets what we order and is very slow compared to others. Our drinks didn't come out until our second round of meats, and he never remembers what we order. Why hold a booklet and pen if you're not going to write our order down? Whenever I have this guy as my server, it kind of ruins our experience. Another time, our waiter came once and just never came back and we had to ask another server to help us. I'll definitely still come here as I like the food but until they hire more staff, sometimes it can be a little frustrating if your server isn't competent.

Paula Oriaku

It was my first time and I loved it. The food was good and my server, Sam A., was even better. Sam is patient, kind, and attentive and made my experience memorable.

Josh y.

Very good meat. I forgot to take a picture because I was way too hungry but I highly recommend this place. It's all you can eat and if you live in college park it is closer than Iron Age.

Brooke Parker

Prices are fair, the customer service is great and the food is excellent. They have a wide variety of food choices when it comes to meats and flavors. Appetizers and drinks also have a wide variety. They do serve alcohol. Highly recommend this place if you're looking for a more relaxed environment.

R S.

As a omnivore I identify more on the carnivore side of my identity, which is why I was excited to sit down and roast some meat. I went on a Tuesday morning right before lunch ..I watched a few YouTube videos to be sure I knew what I was doing and what to expect. I ordered the A lunch whjch came with seafood. "Seafood means two shrimp if you order shrimp. The bulgogi I ordered is the reason why I'm giving this poor rating. They have the option of Hawaiian bulgogi or regular bulgogi. I ordered regular bulgogi-I don't like sweet meat. I like my meat savory. When I cooked it and bit into it I realized they served me bulgogi that clearly taste like it had been soaked in pineapple juice. When I mentioned to the waitress that the meat was sweet.. she said ... 'it must be pineapple in there.' Now if I had a pineapple allergy I would have been in a bad way. Restaurant 101.. you have to bring what a person orders because people have allergies and that could be a huge issue.


Do not dare to call 'Korean' !! First ! Long Grain rice in a Korean Restaurant?? Really? There is nothing wrong about long grain rice but never never long grain rice is eaten or served in Korean restaurant .. this is just like you go to Indian restaurant expecting to have some nan , You get a tortilla instead. This is because they want save money long grain rice twice lower than short grain rice. Also the rice was not even warm. I bet rice was warmed up in microwave and no one bothered to cover to heat up covering the rice because it was way too dry! Second No Kimchi?? Seriously? I understand some other Korean restaurants serve whole bunch of side dishes and I know that the restaurant owner have no idea how to make all those but at least..something can't miss is Kimchi!! Meat quality was ok but not the best , Samkyopsal pork belly was no kept fresh and it was changing its color ( picture ) which if is eaten will give you diarrhea. So far if you want call Asian Bbq or something is fine but do not call 'Korean' because no short grain rice and kimchi .. basic and essential of Korean food!

Tanisha H.

I tried Korean bbq for the first time a few weeks ago here. I've been back 5 times since than, I love this place. Everyone I bring also love it. My favorite is the Spicy pork belly, bulgogi beef and pork, egg so delicious. I tried another Korean bbq spot and it was good but I like Kogi best, the meat taste better. Steamed EggSpicy Pork BellyBeef Bulgogi

Rochelle C.

It's almost a all you can eat buffet where you cook the meat yourself it was not bad and is a fun experience. The staff was helpful and friendly.

Wendy Gao

Honestly, this place has the worst KBBQ I've ever experienced. I highly recommend driving a little bit further and spending a little bit more to get legit KBBQ at Iron Age, it will be 10x better than this.No idea how this place has good reviews because it was terrible. We came on a Friday night when this place should've been packed, but there were only a few diners. The bonchon sides that were offered sucked, the pickled radish tasted bad and the potato salad was too sour (it shouldn't be sour!) No lettuce for wrapping the meat was offered and the rice was terrible and more like long grain rice than the Korean style of rice. They offer sides such dumplings and egg rolls, but they were super cheap and gave one piece per person, these were small two inch dumplings and egg rolls too. The meats were very small portions and everything was super bland. OH this place was NOT clean either- the floor was sticky, oily, and dirty.Cheap KBBQ so I guess it's what you paying for, but honestly not even worth it. Iron Age is slightly more but the experience is like a night and day difference. I would not come back here again and actually regret eating here.

Monica Z.

Okay first of all! John was an awesome server! He was so tentative and nice, checking up on us and asking if we needed anything. The food is decent for the price. BUT, there is always a but. What we really had a problem with was the attitude of the female host. As of raising covid concerns with delta and possible lambda going around, she sat us right next 2 tables of customers. We asked to sit far away as the crowd. She said the entire row far from the door is closed off. That is okay we asked for the left corner table that has one empty table in-between another group of customers. She proceeded to set up the table right next to the table someone who was already eating?? Is this even allowed as of the safety guidelines? What happened to social distancing? When we requested the table to be moved to that specific spot. She had the audacity to throw all the bonchons on the table with force. Then proceeded to asked us why we have such specific request, and then even asked us are we vaccinated after we voiced covid concerns. Can you even ask these kind of questions? We are vaccinated than you very much! That does not entitle her to confront us with these kind of questioning. Let alone having the vaccine does not 100% prevent covid. Maybe we should not have gone out to eat since we are more scared of the covid situation, but downright being rude as a host is so unacceptable. Do not recommend if you wanna stay safe with the current situation since they do not follow the covid guidelines for sitting all customers without the proper social distancing.

Rae Huggins

If you love Korean BBQ, you will thoroughly enjoy this establishment. Great tasting meats AND it’s all you can eat!! Also reasonably priced. I will definitely be back soon!!

Isabell K.

I love the side dishes here. My personal favorites were the spicy rice cakes and steamed egg! My favorite meats were the beef brisket and spicy pork bulgogi. The meats cook a little bit slow in my opinion, but it's not a huge inconvenience. The meats are all tasty and they give you 3 sauces (a sweet one, sesame oil salt one, and some sort red oil sauce). They all go really well with the meats so try them out! There are also two different menus and we found the one without the seafood was good enough for us

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