Kogi Underground

14722 Baltimore Ave, Laurel
(301) 725-2222

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m rivera

It’s okay. Not sure if that it was a Tuesday evening or they were short staffed. It’s not as nice as Iron Age or other all you can eat Korean bbq. I wouldn’t recommend coming here after 8pm because even though they weren’t a lot of people the servers were busy. They were cleaning the restaurant and closing up and we had to flag down another server to get the utensils to flip the meat. I don’t like the limitations of getting two sides and three meats at a time. Other bbq place allows you to order all the sides at once. I don’t think I would return back. It’s an okay place, but not worth the drive when there are other better bbq restaurants.

leslielemus est 2011 - 2015

Love there food the only thing they don’t have soup like K pot , but they have this drink coconut mojito to die for, and they have the pineapple meat,

darmain urey

I'm from Atlanta where there's kbbq on every corner, but kogi underground is a contender!!!1st time here and the meat quality and sides are amazing. Rice cakes are a perfect soft yet crunchy consistency!! I had Donnie as my waiter and he is PHENOMENAL!!! hope you see this kid, you'll go far in life ?


This place used to be good. Now there is only one menu and the portions are very small in compare what used to be. Kpot will be opening soon and most likely, I'll start going there instead of here. Very disappointing.


I love Kogi! Food is great and the staff and owners are terrific! My family enjoys going here all the time! My go to drink is the plum soju. Love the atmosphere and my daughter and I love singing along to the kpop videos.

Ashley Blade

Yea. So save your money and go elsewhere. This WAS our go-to spot, but the quality and service has SERIOUSLY declined.Steamed egg….we had to make it ourselves. NEVER in my KBB experience have I ever had to do this. At this point, it’s an insult to offer it to your customers. Take it off the menu.Usually, you receive a fresh bowl of rice. My waiter took my bowl to the back, refilled it, and brought it back. SMH.The dumplings. Surprisingly good, if you like microwaved dumplings swimming in sauce. I liked having choices, but I guess that’s no longer an option here, either.Lastly…..don’t expect refills. Make sure you drink S L O W L Y bc times are obviously hard for this place.Synopsis…..you’re better off going to your local H-Mart and buying your own supplies and cooking this at home. You also control your refills, so that’s a plus.

Jailen Bailey

To call this Korean BBQ is sort of a stretch. This restaurant functions like a Korean BBQ restaurant in the sense that you cook your own food and such.However, there were very few side dishes. They had rice cakes (which were nice), but no kimchi, a lack of vegetables, no soup options, it was all pretty much just meat.On the topic of meat, it was okay, nothing to brag or make a fuss about. We had Beef Bulgogi, The Kogi Steak, Garlic Chicken, Pork Belly, and Mussels. None of which were bad or anything, but nothing to come to this specific restaurant for.On the topic of the service, it was...okay. Our waiter took about 20 minutes to get our second round out, never brought refills of water (even though we asked), also forgot to bring extra rice when asked, and was generally kind of slow. However, he was nice and pretty easy going, so that was a plus.Overall, this just feels like an imitation style Korean BBQ that missed out on a lot of the details that makes a very solid Korean BBQ. It was just kind of, meh. My wife and I will probably not return to this one specifically.


This place has to much tasteless, cold and small portions which you will be on a timer to eat (but not to worry you will probably only last 45 mins in there because the food is tasteless and will get burnt) that you will burn at their grill at the table, plus don't let me forget watered down acholic and non-alcohol drinks to cost that much. The service from the staff was off putting at first but you will just figure out later that the waiter is just ready to go home so at least if you don't mind mediocre service this might be your spot. Also, the atmosphere is very dark and could use better cleaning techniques. Bottom line is I would recommend this place for anyone trying to have a good or bad time. All thumbs and stars down

Vee Campbell

Kogi has become our default K-Grille spot. Primarily for the unbreaded calamari. Sitting squarely in the Town Crnter, it can get a little rambunctious. But the food is fresh. The veggies are hardy. The nonalcoholic drinks are large and everything has been tasty. There is NO take away and the Management asks that you only order what you will eat. But if you are starting to feel full (but not quite- that’s me), just order a half portion. Also, it helps to have an experienced waiter here. We’ve seen a couple of the new waiters get a little frazzled by the pace of the place and the level of demand from patrons. We never need the higher meat tier. We always order veggies without onions. Try wrapping your grilled meats in a radish sliver. Go to’s include the garlic calamari and garlic chicken

Cat M.

I'm not sure what's happening, but this is the 3rd time we've left hungry. Service has never been an issue and oir servers have always been great! Went last night with hubby and 2yo. Everything tasted off. Kimchi was horrible, side dishes tasted gamey and the meats were not good (both flavor and quality). I'm not expecting top top tier stuff for the price, but I expect the food to be palatable. The first two times, we chalked it up to maybe lack of trained staff or maybe even an issue with ingredient sourcing issues...but 3 times?!?! Nope. I'm that pregnant-hungry and my husband is a sturdy guy - we only had 3 meats before we called it. Beef bulgogi and brisket were meh. We drew the line at the Hawaiian beef-couldnt even eat it. We just knocked enough down so we wouldn't be charged extra. $77 and 45 minutes or so later, we left hungry and ate at home. We won't be back for a while, if at all.

Diana N.

Please just make the extra drive to either Rockville or ellicot city. Food was ok. Very limited menu for both options. Two eggs per table at a time. Even though there was the four of us. Seating only allows up to 1.5 hours. Waiter notified us on a slow night where there was literally only 8 tables that we had 5 minutes to eat up. While other tables have been sitting there before us and didn't even leave yet. I can understand because of Covid regulations. But if you're asking our table we have 5 mins, you should notify and have everyone else leave too. Overall, food was not that amazing for me to come back and to be the only table to be rushed out of an establishment. And also to be told they charge a few for ONE plate we did not get a chance to eat since we had 5 minutes to leave. We came as a group to eat and enjoy. We had a good time but it was a buzz kill for me as soon as she hit us with the 5 minute mark.

Laura Brown

Avoid this place! Terrible service, our server was high and hiding out while the other server was actually working. The quality of meat is cheap, no sesame oil, no kimchi (no real side dishes in traditional bbq settings), and no grill changes. Honestly, spend the money elsewhere that will provide you a better experience.

Kathryn R.

It's not really a traditional korean bbq. The usual side dishes are rarely available. The food comes out fairly quickly but then the waiters disappear for a while. The meat quality is variable. They could really do better.

Luis R.

Good food, The grill experience was fun, but our grill was not greased enough so out meats stuck to it. We had to sharpen it off which caused it to fall apart. Luckily we doing eat our food while. Service was delayed almost as if to stall taking our additional orders, to save of the food items. Was passively ignored when attempting to get our server's attention. Still had a nice experience and most certainly over ate.

Isaiah O.

Kogi underground is a fine local KBBQ joint. Good prices, good happy hours, and we've always had good interactions with their staff. They don't offer quite as much variety as some other places, but ultimately kogi will not disappoint you.

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