D'Angelo Grilled Sandwiches

275 St John St, Portland
(207) 772-0502

Recent Reviews

Zeff T

The 3 young gentlemen working tonight 12/27/22 were prompt, courteous and friendly. It’s nice to see such young men being so professional in today’s work force. My Chicken Caesar Wrap was delicious.

Jeffrey T.

We love the #9 and the good ol' steak and cheese sandwiches. Delicious sandwiches. Good service. We'll be back!

Paula Voltz

Quick service, pleasant emoyees and yummy #9 pocket...my only negative is the sandwich was first wrapped with aluminum foil making the pita bread very soggy ...Parking: Parking is easy and always available

Darin Brown

Great food, clean and friendly.Food: 5/5

Margaret Davis

Food is GREAT when they make it right. Staff is nice & speedy but again you pay THAT MUCH for a sandwich you would expect it to be made the way you order it. Hit or miss

Jacob Sessions

Sandwiches are great but staff are rude, was questioned at register because I brought in a water bottle that I had already bought, I waited forever to place an order then was told I was doing it incorrectly and it was my fault for the wait.

Fed Up

Employees smoke in the back of the kitchen. Employees rude and wise to paying customers. Will not go back and will turn them into the health inspection dept. at City of Portland Maine.

Jack Moore

Great service and food,I go there often though it's getting a little expensive lately.


I had lunch here. The staff was friendly, the service was efficient, the food was good, and the place was clean. If I were in the area again, I'd come back.

Julie M.

So, I read the other reviews here and I GET IT. Like, this is a chain, and sandwich shops are a dime a dozen, especially in New England. But this is the first time I had been to a D'Angelo's in almost 15 years. When I was in high school/college the sandwich I LIVED FOR was the Classic Veggie (grilled peppers, mushrooms and onions, with melted provolone and american cheese on pita). It was so good I remember it all these years later. Now I am in a city with a D'Angelos! I have to go see if it is as good as I remember! And it was. It really was. Oh how I wish there was a location close to me! Thanks for the trip down memory lane D'Angelos

Bill Coppersmith

The tuna fish sandwich was watery and no taste.I believe it was mixed up for a couple of days then served or frozen and thawed.It use to be very good.I was very disappointed.


Wasn’t super excited to eat here initially. I was in a hurry so I checked it out. Great staff, very clean and great sandwiches. Much better than subway

Burt Archer

I will say the food was good but the lady running it was rude making smart comment to people very rude .

Richard Godet

The foods good. Sandwich maker complains that I threw away empty beer can inside. Saint John st. I'm not going back to that.

Perry Bruce

Overcharged because they don't know how to take an order over the phone and the old lady argued with the customer when i questioned the price of 2- #9 Pockets, 2 sodas and a bag of chips!

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