Bangkok Taste Cuisine

15 Jefferson Ave SE, Grand Rapids
(616) 356-5550

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Cindy M.

We ordered take out. Companion's noodle meal was fine, but they got mine wrong. I had ordered pad thai with scallops. I got fried rice with one scallop chopped up into very tiny bits. It also needed more in the way of spices(which I added at home); quite bland. So the recommendation is: 1) have the order taker repeat your order to you several times to make sure they got it right; 2) don't order anything with scallopS because you will likely get one scallop; 3) pass on the fried rice because it is too bland(unless you prefer bland).

J. Carter

To this day, I have not found a better Curry Fried Rice than is available here. For an extra flavor pop, add some basil to it. Recommend coming for lunch on Tuesday, as that is the best soup day (and a small cup comes with your meal).

Christopher Kellner

Food is 5 out of 5 stars. The massaman curry is extraordinary. Fairly priced. My favorite local place.No parking -1 star. If you're picking up food (all you can do right now, thanks covid) have someone else drop you at the curb and circle the block. I got hit with a $20 ticket during my 1 minute pickup. They won't bring the food out to you :(

Andrew Alex

Only ordered from this restaurant once so it's not a great sample size. I tried the fresh rolls and Pad Thai. Pad Thai lacked flavour and the shrimp fresh rolls were gross and pretty much inedible. Overall disappointed in my meal and wouldn't not recommend.

Frankie Silardi

Loveeee this place! The curry pad tai and drunken noodle are two of my personal favs. The staff there are some of the nicest people you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. Oh, and please try the “rolled ice cream” it slaps

justin raddatz

We gave this place a go as it was rated the best Thai restaurant in town.We ordered a few items, the cost was unusually high, and the food fell very short of our expectations in terms of price, and even more so in terms of "best in GR".May return for the rolled ice cream, but not for any actual Thai cuisine.

Megyn Ellis

Huge fan of the curry pad thai and fresh rolls. Good sized portion. Always my go to when I’m craving Thai!

Jordan B.

Love Thai food, but unfortunately, I cannot recommend this restaurant. 2 out of 3 dishes tried here were utterly drenched in dark soy sauce (see both pictures) and both were stir fry entrees. The dishes lacked any sort of flavor other than the extremely salty umami sensation of soy sauce. Only the noodle dish seemed normal. Not sure what happened, but I've literally never seen a sauce like this before. It was 99% soy sauce and it completely ruined the dish. I had to drain about 2/3 of the sauce before eating or else it would've been inedible. I'm still pretty shocked that this would be an acceptable dish to sell to a paying customer... I really don't want to rate a local restaurant this low during Covid, but in this case, I feel I absolutely have to. Hopefully this was just a fluke/one-off, because the locals definitely deserve better Thai cuisine than this :(

Jannice Jackson

This was my first visit here. I had the 'the is company' and it was really good. I enjoyed it. I'll be back

Rew P.

Delicious. Just what we needed while in town from northern Michigan for a vet visit. Great food great prices and their medium heat was perfect for heat and tasting other flavors.

Akijon Hunea

Finally a place that has a Thai noodle dish that I like! Excellent excellent vegan dishes here. Make sure you specify vegan as there is an option when ordering online. The peanut curry noodles were out of this world. I ordered through door dash and received great service. Highly recommend this place

Kelsey Spoelman

I've been going here since Sonya brought the Bangkok Fried Rice to our class movie day in 10th grade.12yrs later and I've had to move from their Jenison location to the Grand Rapids location and I still eat here with regular frequency. Incredible food and you have to have some of the rolled ice cream. Delish!

A.C. Smith

The flavor is on point! However, the care with which items are prepared for takeout and delivery needs to be improved. Especially the rice noodles, which we’re perfect the first time I ordered, and then subsequently stuck together like a starchy brick every other time.

Joe Novaco

The food here is great and it’s priced very affordably! They have a small covid-safe spot where you can order/pick up your food

Becca Frucci

The food here is always really good! They have a large amount of vegan options as well.

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